Oh, you’re kidding me

Would you please look at lil’ Cornelius’ face and the HAMBURGER "birthday cake.’ It’s the best. The fur around his eyes are like suprised lashes.


Andrée, Phil, Dee and Michel, MERCI INFINEMENT!



  1. msumissa says:

    Wow, that is cute! A dog’s dream

  2. Deckard Canine says:

    It seems oddly appropriate for a dog named Cornelius to be wearing something like a ruff on his neck.

    He must be thinking, “What did you do to that perfectly good burger?”

  3. Courtney says:

    He doesn’t look all that excited about his birthday burger. 🙂


  5. NAAH, dogs can be fed lit candles if medically necessary. my vet says so!

  6. I love how his fetching birthday hat exactly matches the candle. And the incongruity of his happy, happy hat and his mournful face.

  7. harumph. happy birthday to me. whatchoo lookin at?

  8. Another LOL post. That is too, too redonkulous. Who would do that to their pet?!

  9. Theo: Lit candles AND he could totally be strangled by that ruff! OR the hat band! Or, it could slip over his eyes so he couldn’t see and then he might eat the candle by mistake! And pets should NEVER be sat on chairs–he could totally fall off. This is the cruelest, most non-cute thing I’ve ever seen.

    (OK, I’ll stop now).

  10. He’s startled to realize he’s getting older.

    Me too. 😦

  11. Wow, that’s like Blanche from The Golden Girls if she was a shnauzer.

  12. This site (and its fan base, in particular) just keeps getting better. Love this place.

  13. I absolutely love this picture. these dogs have such a sweet personality. how cute!!!!!

  14. TheIdleReceptionist, your comment is funnier than the photo.

  15. Counting.down.to.blow out…
    What a darlin’ puffpuppy. Methinks Cornelius should have 2 cakeburgers.

  16. er, where’s the onion??

    i love the fact the candle matches the hat. twee!

  17. MaggieBelle says:

    Heh. Looks like Cornelius got “lei’d” on his birthday!

    Ok. That wasn’t nearly as funny as the Blanche thing. I’ll just leave now.

  18. bonaircat says:

    Today’s my birthday, too, Cornelius – can we share?!

  19. finn, did you notice–no bun!

  20. good catch, jaypo!
    ice cream cake for dessert!

  21. As long as it’s not chocolate, or that *will* kill him. (If he doesn’t die of mortification first when he learns this photo got out.)

  22. Those lashes are very “Clockwork Orange”… only cute instead of disturbing.

  23. Today is my birthday, so I’m going to pretend he’s my present 😀

  24. He reminds me of my schnauzer Riley!


  25. Theo, you know the real reason to not feed them big candles… they will poop hockey pucks or votives if they are very talented and besides do you know what a pain it is to get wax out of butt fur?!?! *g*

    Actually this guy is very blessed to have caretakers who think so highly of him, maybe a bit extreme for me, but hey to each their own and it SERIOUSLY beats the owners who treat their animals poorly.

  26. Atkins-friendly!

  27. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G Idle…..It Is Sooooo Like Blance. Good Call.

  28. It looks like this dog is about to jump on people any second! Just look at his eyes, they’re so full of contempt.

  29. RavishingRoberta says:

    niecy…..Snauzers Are Great…..Unless They Are The Screaming Bark Kind. L O L…..My Son Has One Of Those. My 16 Year Old Schnoodle Passed A Year And A Half Ago. I Will Send Pictures Of Her Once I Get Moved And Go Through Things.

  30. RR,
    schnoodle? that’s ace.

    fo schnoodle, mah noodle.

  31. Meg, would it be possible to arrange & post an online interview with Snoop Dogg? The crossover potential is massive.

  32. …ooh ooh, and then a week later, maybe Eartha Kitt? Just to balance things out?

  33. Schnoodle: A cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle. Nice little mutts.

  34. He is a well behave pup, another dog would have simply scarfed down the burger, no pose for pictures.

  35. For Courtney, who thinks that he doesn’t seem excited about the burger: you have to wonder what the entertainment is at the party. I’m guessing it’s the Party Chi-Wa-Wa from the Audi Cup, bursting out of a plastic hydrant wearing a bikini of sausage. THAT would call for that kind of expression….


  36. … oh, that stung.

    My 12-year-old Schnauzer I’ve had over half my life died just over a month ago of complications from diabetes.

    I dearly encourage Cornelius’ mommy or daddy to make the hamburger a very special treat, as poor health can come back to haunt them.

  37. RavishingRoberta says:

    Finn A Schnoodle Is A Schnauzer Poodle Mix. http://www.mixedbreedpups.com/schnoodle.htm

  38. Heartless bastards…

  39. look at him!!
    hes totally surprised!

  40. Gee, that’s one well trained dog. Mine wouldn’t have sat still next to a hamburger long enough for us to light the candle.

    Scnauzers, when they aren’t smiling, always look either cross, sad or stately.

  41. He looks like Tammy Faye Bakker! Only way cuter.

  42. Schnauzer! I love me some schnauzers… I have one named Willie!! 🙂

  43. A party I’d like to attend! Happy 2nd Corny!!

  44. Wheres my invetation?

  45. this is officially cute overload… the schnauzer cuteness power is overwhelming!

    more cute schnauzers please!

  46. OK, late entry to the alternate-caption crowd…

    “Do you see? Do you SEE what I am obliged to put up with?”

  47. Theo—A thinker—ROFLMAO!!! At least there’s no onion on that burger.

  48. Actually, he wouldn’t eat it until I put it in a dish on the floor…The “Look” you are seeing is “what are you doing to me !? I can’t touch that ! it can’t be for me !? “

  49. Michel—-LOL! That explains that “look” The expression is priceless. I think this would be a good “caption me” pic :o)

  50. >>belank-a says:

    until i scrolled a little more when i saw “hamburger cake” i thought actual cake shaped like a hamburger

  51. >>belank-a says:

    “Wow, that’s like Blanche from The Golden Girls if she was a shnauzer.”

    omg u watch that too? yeah thats true/ dorothy’d be a great dane and rose would be lets see hats the stupidest dog i’ve ever seen/meet? hmmmm oh i know! shed be my dalmation! he thinks being called “stupid-o” is a compliment! you could call him the nasiestname in baby talk and hed like it!

  52. >>belank-a says:

    “As long as it’s not chocolate, or that *will* kill him. (If he doesn’t die of mortification first when he learns this photo got out.)” thats funny! but it can be carob [i think thats what its caled] it tastes like chocolate and its safe for da pupses 🙂

  53. that is so great! my schnauzer will turn the big “1” in a few days on may 10th and im doing the same thing! I LOVE IT!

  54. Kelly — so, you’re turning 1 on the 10th too?

  55. The Voice of Reason says:

    This breed is so fucking ugly I can’t believe it even rates here at C.O.

  56. oh my gosh that is sooooo cute!

  57. The Voice of Reason, If I didn’t think you were kidding, I’d tell your mum to wash out your mouth with soap !

  58. Michel — when someone has to *tell* you they’re the voice of reason, you can be sure that even they have their doubts.

  59. Theo– LOL !
    I just didn’t expect any “Trolling” in here…
    Takes all kinds…
    Cheers !

  60. cmartin says:

    Ok, I have to say I have a dog that looks just like this and I laughed for about an hour. I was cryin this is the funniest picture I have EVER seen. Its not cruel just very very funny and cute. Good stuff!!!

  61. Did you get your friend from Karina ?
    We’ve met a few of his cousins just by their owners guessing the look matches the breeder..


  62. Thanks for the great Snauzer pic. What a lucky dog to get a healthy treat by caring owners. More Snauzer photos, please.

  63. william congreve says:

    okay heres the situation …the composition of elements in this photo …like the hat and the lei and such are cute …the dog itself, butt-ugly …or should i say ‘tock ugly?