Dive in!



Submitter "Anders" is pretty sure there are eleven kittens!!!11!!



  1. CLUNK….they killed me with their cuteness. 🙂

  2. Hahah, a pile of furballs, I want to sleep on that.

  3. hawklight says:

    Oh my. The fluff.

    It never ends.

    >> poit < <

  5. Total. Kitten. Overload.

    Silky-furred bliss.

  6. are those Siberian kittens? ’cause those blue and white bi-color kitties look just like my Emi when she was a kitten! ^_^ i LOVE FLUFF!!!!

  7. Ha! I barely noticed the little black spot at the top right. Where’s the head?!


  8. Oh, that is just the most wonderful thing ever.

  9. aaaaaaaah!

  10. I *think* there are twelve… there seems to be a body in the middle whose head I can’t locate in the fluff

  11. TKKO’d
    Total Kitten Knock Out.

    I only counted ten, which is great, because I get to look at the photo AGAIN AND AGAIN to find that final kitty.

  12. of course, we could just count legs and divide by four…

  13. RavishingRoberta says:

    :::Snicker::: A Kitty Orgy

  14. kinda reminds me of the scene in Nightmare on Elm Street when that kid got attacked and engulfed by the bed.

    blood pooling on the ceiling of the room below & such.

    cats with sharp ends pointing up.

    i guess what i’m saying is i’m a little creeped out. zur.

  15. OK Finn… we get that you’re more of a Dog Person. You gotta understand tho… that pic up there? HEAVEN. It’s just the way I’m wired.

  16. OH OH OH NO NO!!!! A pile of fluffy, furry gray kitties (my personal fave)–TORTURE! OH, I want to bury my face in them RIGHT NOW. This is heaven!!!


    (ok, got that out of my system. kind of. WANT KITTY!!!)

  18. wow… I didn’t wear glasses and they look like a fluffy floor mat to me!! 😉

  19. Awwwww……kitten pile!

    LT 😀

  20. Oh my goodness. That is anerable to the max.

  21. 12. as mentioned the headless fluffball in the middle! Total kitten overload. I would hate to be the person who cleans up the fur they shed.

  22. Tracibub says:




    Best picture ever. EVER. DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!? EVER!!

    If they could bottle that feeling you get when looking at this picture, no one would ever be depressed again.

    Definitley a ‘barfing rainbows’ moment for me. 🙂

  23. A kaboodle of kittens???

  24. Tracibub says:

    How many kittens will the kitten carpet cover if the kitten carpet is only knitted by kittens?

  25. barfing rainbows? my friend, i am hemorrhaging rainbows out of my eyes. yes, it is painful. and i’m digging it.

    anders – the fabulous boston music promoter?? can it be?

  26. Tracibub: You said it (first comment). A-a-a-a-men.

  27. awe…babies!!!

    can’t you just feel the love?

  28. ‘These kittens go up to 11.’

    ‘Instead of just 10’

    ‘Right. Most kittens just go up to 10. But these…go up to 11. That way, when you need that extra bit of kitten, it’s right there.’

    ‘Well, why don’t you make 10 higher, so you don’t need 11?’

    ‘These kittens…go up to 11.’

  29. Now THAT is a welcome mat. 🙂

  30. Mook — you are a Wordsmith and ewe rawk.

  31. Mike G-Unit!
    absolutely spankin’.

  32. Ooh, just noticed Tracibub’s re-imagined woodchuck chuckle. Also quite excellent!

    And Mike G. – I think my drummer just blew up.

  33. I want to hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

    Please can I have them all, pretty please.

    They look like Maine Coons to me.

  34. I think that one with the wide eyes near the front of the picture is the true head; the rest are decoys to fool Monsterkitty’s predators!

  35. Good one, Mike G.

    Man, it looks like you could just reach out, pet the picture, and feel the furrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  36. Only 11? I counted 12 pairs of ears!

  37. Please buy our Best Bathmat Ever!

    This high quality batmat will not only dry your feet, but will also fill your soul with joy as you squeeze the high-quality 100% fluffy kitten between your toes. Bathmat is also self-heating and self-cleaning. Warning: may cause cuteness poisoning in some individuals.

  38. Oh my god mush mush mush! Snorgle! Kitties! Aaaaah! AAAAAAAAH! **passes out**

  39. Kitten Pool!

    Mommy, mommy, can I dive in!


  40. The only thing wrong with this photo is that it is TOO SMALL. Could someone please tell us if a larger version is available for personal wallpaper (on the computer and possibly on the wall)?

  41. i cant see whats going on?!

  42. Susan — here’s a resource for making GINORMOUS blowups:

  43. Erica E. says:

    *Girlie scream* Kitties!! *girlie scream…. faints*

  44. First post!!! No wait… 44th.

  45. I would greatly like to swim in that kitten puddle…

    *imagining snorgle-age of the pile to my nose*


  46. v1ctorya says:

    The absolutely perfectest photographable eventist ever! A rare formation of felinest cuteicus.

    A flash mob of fuzziness.

    Loves it.

  47. Juan, you’re flirtin’ with disaster, dude…

  48. Is it bad that I understood everything v1ctorya just said?

  49. I can just feel their angel-soft fursies on my nose as I snorgle them in my mind. SO precious. **heart bursts**

  50. BenPanced says:

    I don’t want to be around when Kitty Mom hits the electric can opener…

  51. BenP —

  52. CUDDLE PUDDLE!!!!!

    and juan, good one, dude. heh heh.

  53. I have some more words for the glossary. These are my own terms, developed over 15 years of being “Mommy” to long-haired cats.

    1. Floof. Floof is extremely soft, yummy fluff. These kittens have irresistable floof.

    2. Boo-faced. (Also, Surprise Eyes). The best kittens (and some adult cats, like my wonderful Lulu) are boo-faced and surprise-eyed. Perfectly round eyes that look like someone just said “boo!”

    3. Sqush. To sqush a cat is to squish her with intensity, because her cuteness is simply intolerable. All of these kittens must be squshed immediately!

    By the way; I’ve been pestering Cat Daddy (who is better with the tech than I) to submit pictures of our cats in BOTH boxes and sinks.

  54. little miao says:

    I’ve never seen such fluffy perfection before!

  55. Floof: I’ve seen that used around here. OK.
    Boo-Faced: I do like that, it’s very descriptive, but this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. It’s got potential to be adopted into the Cute O patois; we’ll see.
    Sqush: pls see “snorgle”

  56. RavishingRoberta says:

    Ben…..I Know What You Mean With The Can Opener. Dulce & Zar Both Come Runnin. But Then; They Come Running When I Get Anything Out Of The Fridge. Or I Open A Paper Type Wrapping……….

  57. RavishingRoberta says:

    Theo…..How About Quillies The Picture Was So Cute It Gave Me The Quillies (Goose Bumps)

  58. Quillies: like the Willies, only q’ter? I’ll watch for its adoption into the collective Cute O vocab.

  59. christina r says:

    That looks like the most comfortable blanket

  60. You know… upon close inspection, I’m gonna stand with the folks who think they count 12 kitters. I do believe I see at least 1 extra ear in the upper middle, there.

  61. astrogrrrl says:

    m: I was thinking the same thing (anders = boston music promoter?)

  62. I’m withya there, Theo and Astro. There’s twelve stars in that galaxy.

  63. v1ctorya says:

    lollers @ Theo

    I had just finished reading the dictionary when I saw the photo!

    You wrote the book on writing the book on cuteness.

    These kitties were the inspiration for the book written by every cute fuzzicle out there.

  64. RavishingRoberta says:

    Why Can I Only Count 10? Can Anyone Circle Them?

  65. Yup, dems 11 little bitty kitties! I kin see one hidin’ in the upper right! CM? (Really great shot … ponders how you got them to all stay “bunched” for the photo?)

  66. Oh, why count them? Why count the stars in the sky, or the grains of sand on the beach. The aggregate is more than the sum of it’s parts, and these gorgeous fluff balls have a sublime beauty all their own. I see them perfect en masse, and I feel no need to analyze them further. Siiiigggghhh.

  67. demonluvr says:

    where can i get the wonderful new snorgle-icious blankey for next winter? please oh please tell me!! i need one for those lonely cold nights to keep me warm!
    tee hee hee

  68. A carpet of kittens.
    A cloud of kittens.
    A kalaidoscope of kittens.
    A cornucopia of kittens.
    A cascade of kittens.

  69. Oh ElfOwl, you mean I can stop counting sand now?? I agree, I would much rather bask in the radiance of these little furballs than fritter my time away trying to make “heads or tails” of them!

  70. Aubrey-

    How about a “cavalanche” of kittens. Especially once the can opener starts.

  71. A cluster of kittens.
    A confluence of kittens.
    A crop of kittens.
    A crowd of kittens.
    A congregation of kittens.
    A club of kittens.
    A court of kittens.
    A congress of kittens.
    A constellation of kittens.
    A crap-I-should-really-be-working…

  72. Thinker — remember that one comment, sometime back, about the CuteOverload Dream Office?
    [wistful sigh]

  73. I KNOW!!

  74. i want to know how they stay within that little round border. why is the kitten pile so round? whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?

  75. I’m going to dive into that pile.

  76. msumissa says:

    That is definetly the whole Kit-n-Kaboodle!

  77. Can’t think of any more cat-isms. I’ve gone all catatonic by this linguistic catastrophe.

  78. They’re actually kind of diamond-shaped.

  79. Aubrey: LOL. And, msumissa.

  80. I’m pretty sure there are at least 12.

  81. I’m pretty sure the correct collective noun for kittens is “kindle”. So allow me to say, I wish I could snorgle that kindle.

  82. christopher Frazier says:

    i like to eat leetl’ keetens toes…. run leetl’ keetens run!!!!

  83. It’s the whirling kindle of kittens nebula found only in the Floof Galaxy and visible this time of year in Anders living room. Most people see it only for seconds before they either pass out or their eyes become cloudy or cross-eyed. For this reason, scientists insist that kittens exceeding 2 in a bundle at one time, in any given space, have a delirious effect on the human psyche.


  85. There’s something vaguely reminiscent of a racked up pool table…I mean, did they use some sort of form to gather all the kitten together in a pile?

  86. OK, I’ve counted approx. 50 kittens.
    Now how in the hell did this happen! It’s like they’re all being held there by some mysterious kitten-magnet … note to self: buy kitten magnet.

  87. shellbell says:


  88. I imagine if you put your face in that pile of flooff, you’d either pass out from the tickling or sneezing.

  89. RavishingRoberta says:

    Lezley…..You Are Correct. Here Is A Site Of Animal Collectives

  90. RavishingRoberta says:

    Sorry For The Misspell Leslee

  91. I get more of a hexagon…. Can I leave work now?

  92. Furry pile of mischief just waiting to happen!!!

  93. that is just about the most lovely picture i have ever seen. sigh…..

  94. How Escher-esque.

  95. Snorglisous! It’s a widdle puddle if iddy-biddies!

    I have to get some air, but I can’t take my eyes off the screen!

    I think I might go blind with cuteness!!!!!! EEP!!!

  96. I wish there was a way to change the size of the font on this website because I want to say OMG, in the biggest, boldest possible way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favoritest, favorite of all time: long-haired, fuzzy, warm, soft, fluffy, cuddly, wittle kitty babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a way to end my week.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Now, if I could just dive face first in to the middle of that warm, soft pile of fluffiness………………..

  97. Alyson, you are SOOO right! It’s a *tessellation* of kittens.

  98. Well done, jaypo. Also could be referred to as a Tesselation of Snorgelation.

  99. Joey Klerkx says:

    First thought?
    Meow…. (that has to be the cutest wrestlemania ever…)

    Second thought?
    Me-OW (11 kittens equals 44 paws each equipped with several razorsharp nails which don’t know fully what they should and should-not use on…. cute-pain….)

  100. I think I may be too tall to swan dive into that!

  101. I, too, count a dozen. Does that make it a case of cute? A flat of fur?

    Now, just imagine the whole mess purring. Surely they’d levitate en masse!

  102. WOW, I can hardly breathe!

  103. Oh my! So tiny! So furry! So fluffy! Must..have..KITTEHS! *faint*

  104. Good gravy, is that a kitten mosh pit?

  105. “Quillies: like the Willies, only q’ter? I’ll watch for its adoption into the collective Cute O vocab.”

    Should rightfully be applied to hedgehogs, not felines.

  106. KarKar — that’d be MEWSH pit.

    E.C. — good point(s).

  107. I want to add to the Vocab:
    InfiniScroll – when a blog posting gets so slammed with comments, that the reader finds themself scrolling down for what what seems freaking forever….erm, kinda like this one.

    Seeing as I’ve never encountered another blog with such consistently prolific comments, I feel sure that CuteOverload deserves dibs on coining the term.

  108. I usually hate cats, but this is adorable. I now believe in God.

  109. Carl — this is why I love the “End” key on my keyboard.

  110. cuddle puddle!!!!

  111. Stephen Soymonoff says:

    It’s a Persian Rug 😀

  112. Soooo cute! 🙂

  113. fawn lust says:

    omg, “cuddle puddle,” that’s truly the best!

  114. Anders Larsson says:

    They are cute indeed 😉
    I’d just like to clarify some things. The kittens are not mine, I stumbled across the picture on my daily web walk so I know nothing about it’s origin.

    Also m and astrogrrrl, I am not this Boston music promoter you’re talking about, just your average Swedish guy (there are TONES of people with the name Anders there)

  115. Waitasec says:

    omg, this is the best one! I was rendered speechless (if you don’t count the squees and coos) for a minute at least. Literally! *brain explodes*

  116. OMG, It’s just like work! I work for a pet rescue. Right now we have twenty-one kittens ranging from a couple of days to 8 or 9 weeks.

  117. “How Escher-esque.”

    Yes indeedy.

    I also see a diamond shape here.

  118. Villeline says:

    I count 12 cuties!

  119. a catcophony

  120. Nice rug.

  121. http://x2b.xanga.com/b34a04012033449973772/b33559646.jpg

    I took the picture and used PSP to draw a different color around each kitten as far as I could tell. That’s what I came up with.

  122. Quick—someone tell Anders there are 12 kittens (not 11), before he forgets to feed one…. :^)

  123. How would you like this in a 5,000 pc jigsaw puzzle?

  124. Kitten + Puddle = Kuddle. 😀

  125. Mook’s is the best. Kitten Caboodle.

  126. Gillian — the “red” kitty is actually 2 (unless we’re talking about a pushme-pullyou kitten with ears at both ends??) and I’m pretty sure the lower half of the “yellow” kitty actually belongs to another one (maybe “white”?) Otherwise, well separated.

  127. Erm… actually, “red” might be 1 cat after all. The “ears” at the other end could be hind paws.

    I give up. I just wanna SWIM in ’em.

  128. I’d name it a “Kitten Caboodle”.
    Derived from “kit and caboodle”, defined here:

  129. tablemountaingirl says:

    This is great! I want to hug the whole pile of them!

  130. Binkybink says:

    OMG So many widdle kitties!!1!!! *head explodes*

  131. Aelfwyn …I didn’t know it was a contest 😛 Yeesh.

  132. *sssschhhhnoooorgle*

    me wan’ kit’nz

  133. Christine says:


  134. Theo, I think the main difference between “snorgle” and “sqush” (which latter corresponds to my cousin’s term “squeesh”) is that snorgling involves burying one’s face in the cute, while squshing/squeeshing is just “OMG I want to SQUEEZE you to BITS!”

  135. Please tell me you live near Athens, GA, and that I can come get one…..

  136. OMG! Nuttin’ better’n a big pile O’ Kittenz!! Saweeet! Nap time!

  137. KITTIES!

  138. Pookey_Poo says:

    Is it wrong I want to dive in and rub myself all over with kittens??

  139. ‘K. I’ve heard the same thing told a million different ways, yet no one is stating the obvious.

    It’s a Fur Pile. Plain and simple.

    A virtual Snorgleasborg. Yeah, they must levitate when they all purr.

    Kitten Mosh(MEWSH?!)Pit. HA!

    Persian Rug. LOL!

    Cataphony! ROFL!
    (Not that they’re in increasing order of funniness or anything. Just used different words for the sake of variety…)

    I second, or third, or fourth the bid for InfiniScroll… sheesh…!

  140. oh goody! my kitten mattress has arrived………..

  141. now, wait a minute. I knew I left my toupe somewhere!

  142. “Oh my god, it´s full of stars…” to the tune of “Also sprach Zarathustra”

  143. Kudos to Gustav Kubrick.