Yeing Yeing Yeing [knawing sounds]

mmmmmmmm delectable paw pads…


Thanks for the 2-week-old proshness, "Kneebracehead"!



  1. juggle geese says:

    Look at those eyes!

  2. Oooo… kitten cuteness… the coy look, the tiny ears, the paw pad…. my impossibly bad week has just improved two notches…

  3. This is one of the most adorable kitties ever (snuggle-icious)… besides my own two kitties of course.

  4. Yes!! After so many piggies, finally a kitten! (Replaces my missing fix from the daily kitten. And again with the perfect onomatopoeia.

  5. awe. look at the baby!! that one looks to be a troublemaker.

  6. Looks like Kitty Is Nervous And Chewing The Nails

  7. You’re really good at coming up with ways of spelling out little cute noises. First “enh!” and now this.

    This kitty is amazing. Look at how she seems to be smiling!

  8. Goodness! What a little dearie! I agree, I think it has spirit!

  9. OMG, this kitten is unbearably, soul-squishingly, implodingly cute!!! The smile, the trust, the clean and neat little pinky pads–it’s too much! I can’t do any work now….

  10. Oh no. No way. WAAAAAAYYY too cute. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” –Keats

  11. blue-eyed yellow tabby!

  12. you guys r silly says:

    Meg — I just have to agree: You really DO have a special *knack* for SPELLING out SOUNDS!!! Not everyone can do that, I’ll have you know, missy.
    (Thanks for all the giggles!)

  13. Finally a return to form. Two cute posts today! Keep it up.

  14. “Finally” — the form that I think you’re referring to is actually more free-form here than you might find on other sites. Bask in the variety.

    Besides, *I’m* the pompous one, round these parts. [scowl!]

  15. And of course… lovely M-headed tiger kit. Awwwwwwnh. <3 <3 <3

  16. This is the first thing I see on my computer…and now I’m supposed to work?

  17. chets momma says:

    yeing yeing yeing
    when I hear that sound from my kitty (chet) i know all is right in the world! Plus, he usually knaws right next to my ear, on my pillow! i love that sound! thanks for verbalizing it!


  19. It looks as if he’s giggling behind his paw.

  20. This kitten just HAS to be hiding some evil plans in the basement. No way is he that innocent.

  21. This picture is wonderful… I love this cat!!!!

  22. the dizzy kids says:

    We love this picture! What a lil’ charmer.. ‘me am a cute littol baby yes am’..

  23. Built in pacifier!


  24. aaaaaaaaaah!

  25. I know the mimicing humans here isn’t really overt, but I *swear* there’s a picture of my kid sister in that exact same pose somewhere :-P.




  26. can anyone spell out the sound my cat makes when he purrs and licks his paw at the same time? it’s something like thddddDDDDDDDthdddddDDDDD
    with some snarfy snort noises in there too

  27. A Fine Morsel says:


    I can’t take it!!! Too cute!!!

  28. must… get…
    almost… ahh…

  29. This is so cute that my eyes are welling up. Welling, I said!!

  30. awww, thumbsucking kitty for the win!

  31. Ponygirl says:

    I’m confused. Have most people not thought that the last few days post were cute? Because I have thought this last week’s posts were on par with any other week. All cuteness all the time! We had piggies, deermice, cat-head chomping, Dogs in bunny ears, hitchhiking snails and ferret hats… Thats all good stuff people!

    Oh, and this kitten is to die for! I think she ate the deermouse that owned us with its cutness, thus doubling her natural cuteness! She cleaning up the evidence as we watch.

  32. Subhangi says:

    Is it just me or does that kitty looks like its sucking thumba and giggling?

  33. EEEEEEEEE!!! The kitty-wuzzers is smiling!! Look at the eyes, there is no denying it!

  34. Jan Spencer says:

    LOL I thought Yeing Yeing Yeing was going to be something Chinese or Japanese for some reason! LOL I get it now! Very cute widdle kitty!

  35. EEEE!!! That face!!!!

    P.S. What does Prosh mean?

  36. agh! he’s eating himself! i can’t take it! ::faints::

  37. you guys r silly says:

    Hey — just wondering: Does anyone ELSE’s kitty chew chew chew on their nails and then *SPIT* the nail that they chew off across the floor??? Mine does! She cracks me up when she does that! Plus then later I’m stepping on the sharp nails (shells) that she’s spitting out! (owwie!)

  38. Oooooohhhh…the pink little pads on the teeny spread toes….I just want to nibble them!

  39. Marty,

    ‘prosh’ is cute-speak shorthand for ‘precious’.

    alternate meaning:

    prosh = precious + posh

  40. Michelle says:

    my head just exploded. my fingers are typing this message just out of reflex…

  41. Theo,

    “lovely M-headed tiger kit”

    I’ve read/heard that the M-in-the-forehead is the way a telling a “true” tabby from impostors and wannabes.

    of course, in this kitten’s case, the M could stand for ‘Mighty’


  42. Mariser — I dunno about “true” tabby or not; but yeah, somebody did say that here in one of the post comments. Um, somewhere.

    Mr. Bounce has the forhead “M” too, but he was the only tabby in the litter. His brothers and sisters were *all* mixed up… there was a Siamese mix (with white mittens!), some “standard” black-and-whites, a grey kitty, and of course our own soon-to-be-adopted pint lion.

    So, who knows. This *is* cats we’re talking about here, though, so there were very likely multiple kitty baby daddies. And I do remember one very stand-offish marmalade tom who haunted the old neighborhood.

  43. I’ve also heard the M-in-the-forehead theory.

    I must try to look away…resist mind control…but…blue eyes…wee smile…tiny legs…(head explosion somewhere in West Los Angeles)

  44. Orange kitties are so cute–they usually have the sweetest personalities too!

  45. KITTEH!

    (Once more for emphasis)


  46. CanadianSnowPrincess says:

    Can I please request a glossary of terms? I have no idea what “prosh” means, or “pwned” or anything like that….

  47. Chew chew chew
    It is the thing to do
    Chew chew chew
    Good paws are good for you


  48. Ponygirl – From the comments I see I get the sense that Meg is pleasing most of her peoples most of the time. You and I seem to be in the exemplary “pleased all the time” group this week.

    Can’t win’em all, though, and I guess not everyone thinks snails and pigs are cute. I admit I feel a minor spike of irritation when they bother to say so, cuz Meg works uber-hard to do what she does for us, and I’m very glad she makes and effort to please all sorts of cuteness tastes. She doesn’t *always* *exactly* fit my own, but that’s inevitable, and I tend to just not look at or comment on images that don’t grab me. Life seems to go on without my help :-P.

    But to each their own, and NOT CUTE feedback could be very valuable to her. If, for instance, NOBODY thought an image was cute, she’d probably want to know that! I’m just too much of a wuss to jump on that bandwagon until it’s mostly full, and I’ve never seen that happen here! Meg knows her stuff, and that’s why we keep coming back!

  49. that kitten is just about to giggle…and meg–you really are the best!

  50. Not that I didn’t think the piggies were cute (in fact, cute in a kind of alien way), but cats stole my heart a long time ago, and they’re just the ultimate cute to me.

    Rock on, Meg! All your cuteness are belong to us.

  51. CanadianSnowPrincess — stay tuned.

    (by the way — “pwned” is not a CuteOverload term, really; it’s gamer-speak for “I just soooo kicked your a$$”. It comes from trying to type “owned” too fast in-game, and missing the “o”. Same way “the” usually gets typoed as “teh”.)

  52. “multiple kitty baby daddies”

    Snort! you owe a new keyboard…
    I got a mental image of Kevin Federline (Caterline?) strutting his stuff, being a kitty baby daddy.

  53. Audrey,

    Orange tabbies are the best. sweetest? possibly.

    what I know *based on personal experience* is orange tabbies are some of the dumbest cats. very, very endearing.

  54. Well hey, I just upgraded my keyboard, actually. This new one GLOWS. The old one’s fine, just plain… how bad do you need it?

    Um… take 2. “How important is it to you that your keyboard be replaced?”

  55. “How important is it to you that your keyboard be replaced?”

    not too much, really. is from MPOW. and it was just water…

  56. My Place Of Work… cool, I just learned a new acronym.

  57. yeah…our orange tabby is the sweetest of the three we have…he has never smacked, bitten, hissed, or complained. he eats for comfort because he’s a ‘scaredy-cat’. he is quite dumb, too. he frightens himself, and needs moral support everytime he tries to jump on the counter.

  58. Teho, yr. awsm smrt.

  59. LOL @ the whole keyboard thingie. And Jaypo.

    And Theo, LOL @ your comment on my blog. It did have context. But you’re right. Disappointing.

  60. jaypo!

  61. Dara Hellman says:

    Hey, anyone ever heard that pink-nosed kitties are good and black-nosed kitties are evil (like fruits of the devil?)?

  62. *tara,

    “he frightens himself, and needs moral support everytime he tries to jump on the counter”

    that is a perfect description of Steven Elizabeth…dumber than a box of rocks, sweeter than pie, completely endearing.
    his motto:

    a tiny tinie kitten soul in an 11-pound body (at 9 months!)

  63. Oh,yeing, yeing, yeing – that is such a cute kitty!!! I want to make the perfectly spelled happy chewing sounds when I eat him up he so cayootie!

  64. Dear me…the eyes, the paw, the coy expression…it’s like a Disney kitty made flesh! And you can bet it’d have a cute Disney animal speech impediment and everything.

  65. kitten:

    im so hungry i want to eat my paw

  66. The expression!

  67. So cute! I love the “yeing yeing” but I need to figure out the sound that my cat makes when she munches on her back/hip during intense grooming. It reminds me of a piggie- “Shnrmp shnrmp”

  68. i think a new rule of cuteness should be made…

    Bulbous heads are cute.

  69. Jennifer says:

    This is almost too cute to be real!

  70. you could pretty much just stop adding to the site, after this one. unbelievable cuteness!

  71. Here’s the rest of the family:

  72. Norima — AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
    This one’s awesome too…
    (I grew up with a sealpoint)

  73. I always had a thing for blue eyes. I want it NOW, RIGHT NOW!!! BUT dadddy I want it!!!!

  74. Thanks mariser! I’m gonna try to use prosh in conversation every day for a week so I don’t forget!

  75. If they gave out Nobel prizes for cuteness (and they should), that kitten would win!

  76. BenPanced says:

    “Hee! Wait until they find the ‘surprise’ I left for them in their bed tonight!”

  77. I want it!

  78. Caroline says:

    “i think ill just chew on my foot for a while”

  79. I didn’t know kitties could suck their thumbs!

  80. Lauren C says:

    I literally screamed when I saw this, I think I scared my housemates. That expression is… well, indescribable. I have a huge soft spot for orange tabbies, as the cat I had from when I was 6 to when I was 17 was an orange tabby (female, too, so she was quite special).

    As far as their personalities, she really was the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. My parents and friends agreed on that, too. I sent myself off to boarding school, and every time I’d come home I’d walk into the room where she was invariably napping, when she saw me she’d jump up and run over, purring very, very loudly. It was amazing to have that instant recognition after so many months away from home. I’m not sure about other people’s tabbies, but she was very intelligent, in addition to being an absolute sweetie (she was, in fact, named Sugar).

    Thanks for letting me ramble a little, that girl really was my best friend growing up, so it’s good to spend time thinking of her.



  82. What a sweetie! BTW what’s knawing. didn’t find it in the glossary.

  83. little miao says:

    What a sweet and happy-looking kitten!

    My family’s Siamese loves to knaw off his nails and spit them out – like someone mentioned earlier. He’s very serious about his baths and manicures.

  84. knaw = variant of “gnaw”.

  85. Mini-me? No. We do not knaw kit-ty. No.

  86. I just love this site!
    Hey, Ariel, this is the sound my kitty makes when purring and cleaning:

  87. “yesh, salty. yesh that was good.”

  88. schnarrschnarrschnarrschnarr

  89. This one absolutely kills me…so cute.

  90. RavishingRoberta says:

    Little Miao…..My Sons Schnauzer Would Eat The Toenail Clippings When I Would Clip My Husbands Toes. He Liked Dead Skin Also…..Strange & Disturbing? Most Definately.

  91. I just can’t stand it…I keep looking at this little kitten. I swear, it’s giving me heart palpitations or something…This little one should be the Cuteoverload mascot.

  92. Christina says:

    I just gonna chew my wittle foot because it is SO GOOD…

  93. Kelly Amrod says:

    “Dis little piggy went to market,
    Dis little piggy stayed home,
    Dis little piggy had roast beef….
    mmmmmm, roast beeeeef!”

  94. oh man, thats like….this enh. mmmmm aa good cute kitty.

  95. Teresa Soares says:

    Marvellous morning!

  96. “Knaw” – another great coinage by Meg.

    I don’t have a “yay!” pic like Theo, so w00t!

  97. Ahh so cute! I have a cat like that that would love to play

  98. E.C. — you can use the YAY pic’s URL any time you like. (Someday I’ll get some bunnies on there, honest.)

  99. Christine says:

    The kitten looks so wonderfully mischievous!

  100. I see paw pads, paw up, and small head to body ratio. Triefica?

  101. hmm…

    “Do you bite your paw at me, sir?”

  102. Round — it’s Mercutio Kitty! Nice.


  104. Radhika says:

    Cute overload–you really gone and done it now! This kitten is the cat’s meow. It resembles–strangely enough–my father to some degree.

  105. I swear…this kitteh is the CUTEST thing I have seen in my entire life!!!!!!! I cannot get over it. I think this kitten’s rightful name should definetly be Cuddle McCuddlesworth. I wish I could just reach into the computer so I could snuggle with him all day.