What ARE they talking about?

GlossOK.  Hi.  This is Theo.  I seem to have been promoted.  W00T!!

So, here’s a sad truth:  While I am a geek, what I know about building web pages amounts to diddly x squat / bupkis (***ERROR: Division By Zero).  I’m hoping y’all will bear with me while I monkey around with TypePad’s “Compose a New Post” interface, here.  Anyhoo.

With the assistance of Meg and CuteOverload reader Anna Grace, I’ve compiled a rough table of the more common Cute-Isms that have cropped up in the posts & comments round these here parts.  I also threw in some less-common entries because, what the heck, sometimes you just gotta take liberties.  And it was a slow day at the office, and I was having fun.

Again: I’m not a WWWizard.  However, plenty of other folks here are, so the formatting just might improve quite a bit in the coming days.  But for now, without further ado, here they are, the fabulous entries of the shiny new CuteOverload Glossary! Yay!!!  [waves arms around a la Kermit the Frog as the curtain opens]

(I hope you’ve got a little reading time on your hands)

Please note that there should be a permanent link to the Glossary appearing soon in the left-hand margin, under “MORE! MORE! MORE!



  1. YAY YAY YAY!!!!

  2. So, the format is *ALREADY* upgraded. (Thanks Meg!) The old beta version, though, is here, for those “completists” among you…

  3. YAY for Theo!!! Two gold stars! 😉

  4. Beauregard says:

    Theo! EXCELLENT! I was very happy you used the snail pic for the “ehn” entry. Too perfect.

  5. (now that I’ve actually read it, brilliant). GOOD WORK THEO.

  6. Theo rocks!

  7. Knitting Rabies scares the bejeezus out of me too, don’t worry.

  8. Ooh! We’ve got an *inset photo* now! The popup is a little wonky, tho.

    Again, thanks, Meg!

  9. CanadianSnowPrincess says:

    Can I gets a shout-out for this being my idea? (if it was actually my idea originally)

  10. Smooch smooch
    *air kiss
    to THEO!

  11. Michelle says:

    Nice work Theo. ::gives you a widdle gold star. then runs!::

  12. Hip Hip HOORAY 4 Theo! :o)))))

  13. I.cannot.believe.it.

    you have an entry for “Marmalade Kitties (Tiger Tabbies, Pint Lions)”. include examples, and LEFT OUT Steven Elizabeth!!?

    (yeah, like if never-been-featured-in-CO is an excuse to leave him out)

    /I sent pictures 8-(
    //Steven E. was eating an ice-cream cone in one!

  14. CanadianSnowPrincess — O RLY?
    Except, to verify that, we might just have to do a prior-art search through a roiling sea of Cute O comments… ugh…

  15. Mariser — um, I’ve heard of *Shannon* Elizabeth… but not in the context of this website, either.

    (In case you’re at all serious — I don’t ever see reader submissions. I’m one myself.)

  16. Michelle — it’s *Meg* you’ll have to watch out for, not me.
    [whistles nonchalantly]

  17. CanadianSnowPrincess says:

    WELLLLLLL Theo, we could do that… but in the Yeing Yeing Yeing posts i did ask for a glossary of terms and then you immediately after said ” CanadianSnowPrincess — stay tuned” so you could just say it was my idea and save yourself the trouble :oP

  18. CSP — True, I could… but why did you think I said “stay tuned” rather than, oh fer example, “hey, what a fantastic original idea?”

    [this is all written in a friendly “tone,” FYI]

    Actually, Meg and Anna G. had the idea waaay before either of us, and even had an early dictionary-style draft partway done by the time I submitted my stuff.

  19. CanadianSnowPrincess says:

    A likely story!
    My post still precipitated it being done today, but that’s okay.
    *sigh* I will just go on about my business.
    (in all seriousness it’s not biggie to me…I’m just glad I know what “prosh” means! whether it has something to do with “posh” or not!!!) :o))

  20. Actually, sure, I’ll give you that much. Meg did tell me “I think the timing’s good.”

    (pish prosh)

  21. thanks theo!

  22. So happy, must do something….. *Glossary dance*

  23. Theo! Theo! You da Man!
    If he can’t do it, no one can!

    (I was never a cheerleader by the way!!)

  24. Theo! Theo! You da Man!
    If he can’t do it, no one can!

    (I was never a cheerleader by the way!!)

  25. (gasp!)
    theo!!! you gradurated….

    uh, do you get *extra* kittens?

  26. Waz wong wit da wood “widdle”??? :o(

  27. RavishingRoberta says:

    Congratulations Theo…..I Am Glad My Friend Turned Me On To This Site. In Fact; I Made A Widdle Piddle At Some Of The Cuteness

  28. Jan — ‘sokay, neither was I.

    S — actually we *are* looking into becoming a foster family for cats/kittens, here. Gotta get Spot & Mr. Bounce up-to-date on their shots first.

    Carlisa — see my reply to Michelle, above.

  29. “…shares a northern border with mildly irritating”


  30. Now I know everything!! I enjoy this site so much…thank you for providing me with smile after smile!

  31. Hey Theo…some of the links in the glossary don’t work. Or at least, I can’t get them to. Like Meg, under Fearless Leader. :sniff:

    all in all…great idea!

  32. Tigger — huh. All the links work for me on separate PCs, using both IE and FireFox; what kind of browser & computer are you using?

  33. Kudos to you, Theo!

    Ummm, I know I’m kinda tired and all, but the link for “First Post” doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me. No one else seems to have mentioned it so it must be me, but can someone ‘splain the connection please?

  34. TEHO! TEHO! TEHO! I can’t stop… I may never call you Theo again BUT even if I don’t you are the awesomest!! Love the glossary, super smardescripts. You are one prosh smarty-pants.


  35. Tigger, I have trouble with some of the links, too. They just keep giving me the same glossary page. I’m using Mozilla.

  36. Good job, Theo!

  37. Arbed — just for starters:

    This one’s borderline, since they *might* be saying they’ve never commented before:

    Here’s someone who’s in on the “joke” (note the actual comment position in the list):

    …that’s all I have the patience to dig up. Note that it matters *less* that the comments actually add anything to the post, than HOW FAST it got clicked onto the website. And frequently the cries of “OMG OMG FIRST FIRST FIRST” are wrong, even, ’cause they’ve actually *missed* the top spot… but hey, who’s counting? Now go back & re-read the explanation:

    Now you capisce, right? I’m telling you, it’s enough to make a Cuteologist get downright snarky.

  38. Aha, I think I know what’s going on here.

    Tigger, Jaypo — All of the terms themselves in the Glossary are “bookmarks” (or “anchors”) to themselves. This isn’t exactly the same thing as a HTML link, which generally takes you away to some other page (to illustrate a point, etc.)

    Finn called me on this earlier, too. But it’s intentional. This way, when you click on”Fearless Leader,” for example, the definition goes to the top of your window, and the fully-bookmarked URL appears in your browser’s Address bar. From there, you can easily COPY & PASTE it into an email, a comment, another browser, etc. Like this:

    Click on that, and it takes you right to the Fearless Leader description, so you don’t have to scroll down through the alphabetical list.

    In the words of Microsoft: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Power users, rejoice!

  39. Thanks Theo. Methinks I should have expressed my confusion less confusingly… I was pretty sure all along that “First Post” meant what you say here, but then today the glossary comes out and the definition leads to a cute little “innocent” kitty, and there is no “first post” in the comments. Hence my confusion, or the lack of brain power tonight, if you prefer. Ignore me, I should just get some sleep. 😉

  40. Haha, so humourous, I love it. I lof this site.
    I learned lots of interesting words. =)

  41. Arbed — OH. I get it.
    The “I’m Innocent” kitty is the first CuteOverload post. Like, the first one Meg ever put here.
    That is all.

  42. ooooooooohhhhhhhhh okay – I don’t feel so bad now. Mucho thanks and you still get the kudos – and a little barbecue sauce to dip them in.

  43. this is so wonderful!!!

  44. Theeeeoooooo! why dont you like “widdo”? how is anything too cutesy for CO? lol i lurves widdo!

  45. Theo…. you SOOOO rock!

  46. Theo- Rock on man!!!! And FINALLY! I get a dictionary of all the things that I can say!!!!!

  47. Michele (one “l”) — see my reply to Michelle (two “l”s) somewhere up the comments list.

  48. Theo definitely wears the giant hat of cleverness.

  49. Theo- Second pic, scary! But we get your point.

  50. “YEEP” is certainly a very cute noise indeed, however. Theo has become one with the site.

  51. Meg and everyone who knows the answer to this question-

    What was the very first cute animal picture on this site? I’m curious!

  52. but seriously, let’s ease up off the baby talk – i don’t think enjoying something small and cute has to reduce us to faux infant babbling.

  53. Theo – they work now. Don’t know what was up earlier. 🙂 but yay! I can see them! It wasn’t the links that was necessarily the problem – when I clicked on “Meg Frost” under “fearless leader” I got an error. Same for a few others. 🙂

  54. Mahvelous worrrk, dahlink! [Said in Madeleine Kitty’s voice.]

    *Ahn*… you ‘ave forgot some-seenk, non?

  55. Mr. Theo, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  56. THEO!! This is just about the most fantastic glossary in the wurld! Thoroughly enjoyabubble!

    Missing my favourite term tho: “Nyerrrrrrrrrhe” or “Nyerhe! Nyerhe!” (as in: “Stop eeeeeet!”) Love it, use it, miss it, want it!!


  57. Theo, you are WONDERFUL! 🙂

  58. Mad Hatter, you need to add “snarky” to the list.

    And you realize we’re all lof-bombing you, right! (Lof? Don’t look it up, it’s not there…one more)

    –One of the snarky English majors.

  59. Lof: check
    Anh: check
    Nyerhe: check
    Snarky: um, not really specific to Cute O, is it? Just means a sharp & sarcastic tone.

  60. Theo and Meg you both get some scatting snail snaps for making this a reality!

    *I tip my hat to the both of you*

  61. ariel, in fact also an idle receptionist--and i deserve so much more! says:

    wuv da gwossawy!
    theo, un question —
    est-ce que le schmoop est en actualment LA schmoope?

  62. “barfing rainbows” — hooray!

    and henrietta, hooray!!

    hooray it all!!!

  63. love the dictionary. i was ‘splaining “baroo?” to my boy recently, as i will now say it sometimes (yes i know i’m not a cute puppy, but let me pretend, eh?). anyone have any idea how that started? or did it just spring from the collective unconscious?

    but i do have to add further info on “squee” because yeah i’m a gothy little dorkus:


    there. i’ve represented.



  64. Front Desk Ariel — yes, probably. When I want to get all possessive & stuff, I say “Mon Schmoop.”

    M — OK, I get ya (aren’t we all overexcited fans here?); but as far as *this* glossary, I’m concentrating on the most CuteOverload-specific versions of stuff. Mostly. I’m on the fence as to whether to include our own take on “13375p34k” or not, for example.

  65. Love the idea of adding those words. “Nyerhe!” especially!

    Hey, I was thinking we should add a tiny audio file so peeps can hear pro-nun-sci-ay-shon. What yous thinks?

  66. i luh-hurve the audio idea.

  67. Meg — *audio* bites?? I’d definitely need some help there, and I’ve only got 5GB *total* available on squidgrid. And there’s all those .JPGs & stuff in there already.

    It’s a good idea, though. I know I could rig together a decent audio setup here at the Catcave. Maybe not formal recording-studio quality, but I’m pretty sure I could manage “podcast” quality at least.

  68. By the way & FYI, people… the Glossary is a living document. I’ve already done like 10 updates today, including the 3 “new” words.

  69. We need Megness to do the audio. . .I’m sure she’d be the best.

  70. m33p! gophers (groundhogs?) saying “PWNED!” is the funniest/cutest thing EVAR. or close.

  71. Ponygirl says:

    Excellent list. Though I am confused by the links to all these pictures I seemed to have missed. Where did these pictures come from? I check compulsivly! How could I have missed a sexy chicken and a anerable kitten on “best Evar” flooring? I can’t spend anymore time in my day checking this site! I think they are faked. Thats my story and I am sticking with it.

  72. Ponygirl — a few of the pix are linked from COMMENTS rather than actual CuteOverload posts. Other links are to relavant sites out on the big internet. Still others are my own which I’ve got stored on squidgrid.com for my own nefarious purposes, and yes, some of those are “faked” (which is to say, I’ve got a GIMP and I’m not afraid to use it, when appropriate).

  73. Theo, I believe your definition of “snorgle” is one of the greatest sentences ever conceived.
    Mostly because of the unbelievably cute snorgled bunny pic to back it up.
    And for the use of the phrase “googoo noises”.

    Thank you.

  74. I don’t mean to be a bother, but I still don’t unnerstan “nyerhe”. Is it a word with hard sounds missing, or an onomatopoeia?

  75. Alyson — the latter. It’s a “straining to get un-grasped” sound.

  76. I just made the noise! Oh Glee. Thanks Theo. (Blush, blush. Eyelash bat)

  77. Jeez, nobody has commented yet on what a cute-TAY our Meg is all by herownself!!
    Surely someone out there (besides me, of course)finds her anerably snorglable?

    Oh, wait, I forgot about the Sparkster. Ummm, how big is he again??

    Never mind.

  78. Yay! Theo, you rock.

    -a lurker

  79. yeah, I also think Meg should do the audio! Wish I could host something here…

  80. In fact, I think there should be a C.O. podcast. Really.

    I would *lurve* to do it live, from the soon-to-be pwned by a bunny house, here in PA.

    ( )
    ” “

  81. Andrea L. says:

    I love the glossary 😀

    Perhaps “ear-to-head” ratio should be in there? I giggle every time I think about ear:head ratio

  82. I know this isn’t a C.O. term, but what does W00T! mean? The nerds who frequent this site seem to use it a lot.

  83. Loopy — “W00T” and “YAY” are pretty much interchangeable.

  84. Thanks, Theo. Your glossary is a great addition to C.O.

  85. you guys r silly says:

    Just read the glossary — WHAT A NEAT JOB YOU’VE DONE!!!
    I love all the examples…PLUS! — I am *thrilled* to see that you used one of MY comments as an example!!! (re: Knitting Rabies) How cool! Glad to know that I moved you!!! (or scared you, as it were…)
    *Good Job Dude!* &:o)

  86. YGRS — heh. Quite welcome, and thank *you.*
    Now just put the knitting needles down so we can talk about this…

  87. Diane, thanks for the props! I am sooooo snorglable! and so is Chief Sister Officer.


    But I digress, the audio, I could host, so it doesn’t have to cripple SquidGrid. I think something along the lines of this type of audio:


    Only shorter? Like a Berlitz manual; ‘This is how you pronounce it…’

  88. At E.Collison’s request, here’s a new addition…

  89. Numerous tweaks & touch-ups today, too.

  90. Variations for snorgle = schnurgle, also nurgle.

  91. 46 entries in the Glossary now.

  92. …and NOW, the count stands at 55 entries. FYI.