Unclear on the concept

Cat: "Let’s just whisper sweet nothings and cuddle…



Dog: "GALGH!"


Oy vey, Ravishing Roberta! 😉



  1. OMG~ holy slobbering kisses. I can’t deicide if that’s adorable or terrifying! Though I have to say, doesn’t look like the cat minds much…weird.

  2. the dog on the other hand, looks very unhappy/nervous in the first pic.

  3. Wow, I love the 2nd one…cat seems to like having his head chewed on.

  4. This is so edited! A photoshop job, i’m sure. Very cute… But please, the cat looks way too white for the dog. And i’m not being racist, i’m an artist, and i’m allowed to be discriminatory, but that’s obviously a case of editing. HEHE, okay. back to my drugs and alcohol.

    cool site.

  5. Omg the doggy is gonna gobble the kitty up!

  6. you guys r silly says:

    Look at the first pic — the cat is BITING on the dog’s ear!!!
    What a great set of pictures! I love how the 2 of them are best buddies like that!!! (Kitty DOES have a FUNNY look on her face when the dog’s glomping on her head!!!&:o)

  7. I’d have a funny look on my face, too, if I was that close to dog breath!

  8. MaggieBelle says:

    I don’t think this looks photoshopped. I’ve seen cats and dogs play this way before.

  9. f11111111rst p0ssssst!!1!

    totally shopped. what self-respecting dog would chompers a bony old cat head when there’re tender haunches available??

  10. you guys r silly says:

    I agree:
    NOT shopped!!!

  11. first time posting… i don’t think this is photoshopped!! my dog and cat do the exact same thing all the time and love each other dearly. this is too cute!!!

  12. Ah, the classic misunderstanding. She says “cuddle.” He says “grope” (or in this case, “chomp”).

  13. Hey, know what would be cool? If your visitors could send Cute Overload e-cards. That would be cool.

  14. Subhangi says:

    “C’mon. Let’s get naughty. I’ll bite your ear.”
    [bites ear]
    “Now … it’s your turn.”
    “Erm, hon? That’s not my ear.”

  15. I love it when cats and dogs play like this… It is adorable.

    I’ve seen a doggy take a cats entire face in his mouth, not clamping… The cat would just playfully bat at his head until he backed off… Then he would sneak back up to the cat and just put her head back in his mouth. She taunted him too sometimes. It was the cutest thing.

  16. chunkstyle says:

    Noooo!! All photoshop conspiracies must go! If it is cute, then it works for me :>)
    RE: the picture…I was thinking that unseen to us, the viewers, is a giant flea on the back of the cat’s neck. The dog had to swifty gnaw it off in order to save the sweet kitty. The End.

  17. Beauregard says:

    I vote for not photoshopped. My dog and my roomate’s cat used to behave like this all the time. It was quite common to go pet Q and find his head really damp and slobbery.

  18. The look of bliss on that cat’s face is *priceless*. . .

  19. . . .but *obviously* photoshopped. Surely, any *really* cute thing that looks even slightly improbable *must* be. . .

  20. sed Beau:
    >>It was quite common to go pet Q and find his head really damp and slobbery.< <

    CO gives me such joy.

    <3 u all.

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Notice how the dog is holding the cat down so that it couldn’t escape, even if it wanted to. LOL!

  22. you guys r silly says:

    I agree with you, finn. CO is a *precious little haven* in a really screwed-up world.
    Thank you Meg, and all the precious critters, and all the warm, funny, wonderful cute-appreciators!!!

  23. Awww, kitty loves puppy and puppy loves kitty but is acting manly. They wuuuvvee each other!

  24. little miao says:

    Awwww, best buddies! Poor kitty will really have to give him/herself a good bath, though.

  25. Definitely NOT Photoshopped! These are my friend’s critters. When she showed me these pics I told her she had to send them here. Actually, I squealed and said “These are Cute Overload material!” and then told her to send them in, but you know what I’m saying. ;o)

  26. Ok, so NOT photoshopped. My cats and dogs love each other and do things like this all the time. The cat is in no danger except of having a soggy head.

  27. Wet Willy’s galore!!!!

  28. awwwww! This brings back memories of our doberman and her kitten! LOL!

  29. oops, nix the apostrophe…

    –The English major.

  30. Glad to see we’re not the only multiple-animal owners with ugly sheets covering all our furniture. 🙂

  31. the second one is the definition of “cronshe”

  32. it isn’t photoshopped, just overexposed, that’s why the cat (with much lighter fur) looks pasted in while the dog (darker fur) looks more part of the scene…

  33. PERFECTLY captioned – as always!!!

  34. Heh, Meg, another one for the Glossary (is that ever coming out? Do you need me to compile something?)… “Cronshe”

    These 2 pix tell such a beautiful story. It’s like someone peeked in on me and Le Schmoop in our alternate corporeal selves.

  35. hey, they look like they’re having fun. and yeah, definately not PhotoShopped.

  36. What is it with people assuming everything these days is photoshopped!!?!? These pics are authentic! I’ve worked at many vet clinics, had plenty pets of my own, as well as worked at the humane society, and it is NOT UNCOMMON to see this behaviour. They’re good friends, hanging out and playing together like most cohabitating animals do, and they’re doing a good job being cute at it 🙂

  37. Ponygirl says:

    Not photoshopped.. My dog sucks on our cats’ heads all the time. Its too wonderful! Nothing funnier than a cat with dog drool hair.

  38. Theo, we need a glossary, fer shure. I think you’re dying to do it anyhoo so just…well…*do it* I won’t complain!!

  39. Theo! Theo! Theo!

  40. My mom’s german shepherd/chow mix does that to my sister’s Jack Russel all the time. We call it the JR’s lion taming act.

  41. Yes? What?? Huh???

    (OK OK, I’ll see what I can come up with…)

  42. My goodness I needed a good belly laugh this morning! I’m crying I’m laughing so hard….thanks cuteoverload my morning might get better!

  43. A Fine Morsel says:


  44. cat tries to bite his ear so the dog tries to bite his head!!

  45. RavishingRoberta says:

    Dulce And Zarafina Thank You For All Your Comments. They Were Adopted From The Humane Society On The Same Day. Now They Are Sisters Forever.

  46. RavRob, that’s too sweet. I’m gonna die right here n’now.

  47. Ok, I am an artist too, and I see what you are saying about the cats fur being too white. However, I really don’t think this was photoshopped. That would be a lot of work to get it to look as real as it does. I mean, look at the imprint on the sheets. That is hard to photoshop. This is definately authentic. Very cute too! I had to laugh when I scrolled down and saw photo #2!

  48. Yay I love when we get to meet the parents! Ravishing Roberta, they are the cutest! That is a great story too, I bet they really love eachother. I love when pets get adopted, it makes it that much more special. I feel warm and fuzzy now. Thanks! 🙂

  49. you guys r silly says:

    RavishingRoberta : *THANK YOU* for taking these 2 beautiful critters into your home and loving them! (and letting them *chomp* on each other!) I LOVE these pics!!!
    P.S. Please wipe the top of kitty’s sopping wet HEAD off with a *fluffy little towel* & then give her a *big smooch* from ME, ok?

  50. This is too much first thing in the morning! The bottom one made me laugh so much I got tears. The way the cat looks like she’s in total bliss having her head massaged
    by big doggy mouth. friggin adorable.

  51. OMG, how unbelievably CUTE!

  52. Chizzomp!

  53. RavishingRoberta says:

    Rebecca…..My Mail Bounced Back; But Her Papers Say Pit Mix. I Don’t Think She Has Much Pit In Her. In Fact; I Think She Is A Heinz 57.

  54. Haha, I love how it looks like the “cat version” and the “dog version” of the same affection. Like, in the first photo, the cat is saying “Isn’t it so nice to have someone to softly lick behind your ears?” And the dog is like “Oh, you mean like THIS?” hehehehe

  55. love it!

  56. I love these pictures. The cat’s expression in the second one is pure, only-just-tolerant-because-she-really-loves-the-dog exasperation.

  57. Dog: “Ah’m gonna bite your head for you!”

  58. Michelle says:

    I’m also a digital artist, and it doesn’t look photoshopped to me. That color is a real cat color, not caused by overexposure, but by a recessive gene. She’s a tricolor dilute.

    Oh. And Nahwm nawm nahhwm.

  59. Ravishing Roberta … thanks so much! That’s pretty much the conclusion we came to on Cinnamon. Heinz 57 – the best kind! Thanks again for the cute photos – I love these pictures!

  60. The Cat Herder says:

    You know, I have heard of apple headed Siamese cats, but not of apple headed Tortie cats.

    Mmmm. Tasty Tortie ears.

    Double mmmm. Tasty anerable silky dog ears. Nibble nibble.

  61. sooooooo glad I wasn’t drinking milk when the page loaded today……

    it would have been out the nose and on the keys in a flash.
    “classic misunderstanding…” LOLOLOL

  62. BenPanced says:

    “Mmm! Tastes just like chicken!”

  63. show_me_cute_things says:

    OMG this is hilarious. My dogs used to do this to our cat, except our cat was bigger :|. Thus, they just ended up chewing on her ears. Either way, they had fun, and that’s all that matters 🙂

  64. Brak_Silverbone says:

    See? Dogs and cats express their fondness in different ways! *kiss* *CHOMP!!*

  65. the dizzy kids says:

    the cat is be a tri color dilute,lover to ‘lonesome loser ‘ the sadsackbig brown doge

  66. the dizzy kids says:

    be glad them pictures arent scratch and sniff whoosh!! organic

  67. I’ve had first dates like that… unfortunately

  68. That is so cute and hilarious to boot. That doggy could eat that cat in one bite!

  69. Pit mix my butt! She is certainly at least mostly Pit Bull. These pictures are precious! Kitties & dogs play like this all the time, just not *my* kitty and *my* Pit Bull – the cat won’t let the dog near her! lol

    And I vote no for photoshop being responsible for these shots.

  70. RavishingRoberta says:

    Cat Hearder…..What Is This Apple Head Thing? Zarafina Is A Siamese Mix.

  71. RavishingRoberta says:

    X Girl…..There Is No Way This Dog Could Get Anything Over On This Cat. She Lets Her Claws Show Who Is In Control.

  72. I’m too ignorant to tell shopped from not shopped. So ignorance IS bliss.

  73. This is too cute. I’ll be spending alot of time here.

  74. One of my fave things about CO is Meg’s onomatopoeic animalisms. “GALGH!” Love it!

  75. Nose-fur-atu says:

    You couldn’t ask for a better illustration of the difference between cats and dogs.

  76. Oh noes…whoever posted this just got me in trouble! I just woke up at least two housemates (and two snoozing kitties) with a full-on belly laugh!!!

    (still giggling)

  77. stef – ha!!! that’s totally giving me flashbacks of similar experiences *shiver*. sadly it wasn’t nearly this cute!!!!

  78. “GALGH!”

    THIS is what killed me.

  79. part of the unbelievable awesomeness of cuteoverload are the awesome captions…i agree GALGH! killed me too.

  80. GAH! I was gone for a few days, only saw this now…
    LOVE Love love! this is how buddies behave, so kewt!

  81. That is so unvbelievably cute I almost burst.

  82. Cat- Honey, um, my head, yeah, it really hurts right now, I think you can blow in my ear another time…

  83. Anna-lee says:

    thats frign’ funny


  85. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  86. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  87. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  88. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  89. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  90. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    flame, the dogs prolly getting some itchy spots the cat can’t reach

  91. NOT shopped. I have seen this behavior more than once. This pair OBVIOUSLY love each other.


  92. I have a terrier and several cats, they’ve played like that before. I second the maximum snorgle, that is one happy cat-face, despite proximity to dog-breath…they’re both having fun. 😀

  93. The cat is sporting one of those new “dog hats”.

  94. redhotman says:

    Best post on this site.
    Snorgle total

  95. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    Methinks Mr.McDoggypants doesn’t quite get the idea of cuddling/kissingk. O_O;;

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