Princess Peanut

Princess "Peanut" (long lost cousin of Mr. Winkle?!) graces our presence in her "full regalia". I swear I did not Photoshop the twinkle in her eye. That’s allllll natural, People.


PeanutpittOh, and she has a special fan.Click for a larger image—who is it!?

Lisa, J.Bo and Steve, what a prosh pup she was! Count me as a member of the Peanut Gallery.



  1. awe. brad pitt. and puppy. awe.

  2. what is with the dog tongues? it makes them look hopelessly drunk. this one and the blue-sweatered chihuahua should consider entering the Betty Ford center together

  3. AGAIN with the tongue!
    AGAIN with the prosh!

    Paris Hilton, eat yer heart out.

  4. CatBookMom says:

    I really think I know the place where the hunk and the fluffy little fan were photographed! So cute, and yes, what is it with the tongues???

  5. awww Brad Pitt got to meet that puppy! Not the other way around. i think the puppy has a jaw problem, I saw a pomeranian once with a similar problem

  6. Sunny'sMom says:

    (jaw dropped) uhwhaomg… Brad!!! Precious pup 🙂 Wish I had a pomeranian…

  7. Michele, she did, indeed have a jaw problem– at the time of these photos Miss Peanut was quite aged, rather ill, and had (ahem) NO teeth to speak of.

    Now, how many creatures can maintain such high cuteness levels while being toothless, I ask?

  8. Aw, poor baby girl. Maybe she should be in the “Cute or Sad?” category. She is absolutely precious and looks like a little princess

  9. What a princessa!

  10. Looks like the perfect “dumb blonde” beauty pageant contestant. The tongue only adds to the effect.

  11. Oh hell thats cute… her little outfit matches her tounge.. perfection.

  12. Way too cute for me! *sighs*

  13. Can you see the little pink rhinestone Milk-Bone in her tiara?

  14. Brad Pitt WISHES he were that cute.

  15. omg, QOOOT!

    What is going on in the smaller picture?!? Was B.P. just walking by and asked to hold the puppy? Rad.

  16. Oh my Lawd, I love her. I LOVE HER. Super cute.

  17. the dizzykids says:

    funnyer if dogfood on face and hey wheres the fake eyelashes if you do mod chiwawa as edie sedgwick that was the dizzy kids idea ok

  18. OMG! It’s U.S. Olympic skier Julia Mancuso’s dog!

  19. awwwww!!!!

  20. First post here ever, just to say: Look, it’s Brad and Angelina’s new baby!
    (I thought Theo or someone would beat me to it.)

  21. oh my! she must be mr winkles girlfriend! too sweet!

  22. Ouch. That dog makes Brad Pitt look like, well- a dog. His agent is gonna be pissed.

  23. hee hee adorable puppy and a brad pitt. puppy’s tongue MAKES that pic

  24. such a teensy angel…..i just noticed the pink bone in her tiara, which made me realize it’s an actual ‘doggy tiara’, too terribly delightful!!

  25. If there’s a cuter puppy than a Pom, I don’t know what it is!

  26. Trop, trop charmante!

  27. RavishingRoberta says:

    J. Bo | Apr 19, 2006 at 03:13 PM

    I Can Only Hope To Be So Prescious When Old & Toothless.

  28. RavishingRoberta says:

    I Missed The Bone…..Too Cute

  29. I thought it was Harry Connick Jr…sorry, just watche Will and Grace.

    Cutie dooooggggiieeee!!!

  30. SUPER catch on the bone in her tiara! Good God, People!

  31. Splangleumpious.

  32. Mr. Winkle is THE creepiest looking dog I have ever seen.

    That dog is adorable though.

  33. I wonder if this is the same Peanut that was on What not to wear (er, rather her owner was on WNTW)

  34. The vacant stare and the tongue hanging out – hilarious.

  35. i sell those little doggy tiaras at my store in NZ – get them from the US. cute huh! i am LOVING the little tongue on this dog. so sweet.

  36. Annie, THIS Peanut’s “mom” was certainly NOT the one on “What Not to Wear.” She’s a very stylish individual named Lisa. Just FYI…

  37. Theo—-I looked at that tiara 4x’s before I finally saw the bone on it. You have good eyes!

    Had a Pom for over 16 years. Very devoted little dogs and extra smart. This one is looks super sweet. I miss mine :o(

  38. Pups in costumes with tongues hanging out–is this a new category?

  39. whenever I see this picture I am reminded of Nicole Richie…
    am I going to hell?

  40. Subhangi says:

    No Martiser, I’m going with you – this picture instantly reminded me of Paris Hilton. (Which is unfortunate, coz she can’t hold a candle to this adorable lil’ thing …)

    SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!! [and the tongue – WOZA!]

  41. The picture of perfection and innocence. *LOVE* it.

  42. Beauregard says:

    Ok, first, I love that the twinkle in her eye matches that from her crown.
    Also, LOVE that you mentioned Mr. Winkle. I freaking LOVE Mr. Winkle. And when he was on Sex and the City? Awesome.
    Also, How adorable is this pooch?
    Also, mariser, you have the best comments. I agree that Betty Ford should set up a seperate wing for alcoholic and drug-abusing pets. Surely at least 3/4 of Paris Hilton’s pets could utilize this service.

  43. So prosh she even has a twinkle on her NOSE…

  44. Oh how tasteful, as he’s wearing a Spy Game hat.

  45. Lamb — I wanna see him in a cap that reads:

    HOLY $#!T

  46. A Fine Morsel says:

    Somehow I can’t bring myself to love her. She looks like the Tara Reid of dogs.

  47. the tongues hang out of these dogs b/c they have lost all their teeth b/c their owner think the are so prosh that they are only given soft food. i adopted a small dog who at the age of 2 was given only hotdogs to eat and her teeth were a mess. thank goodness we were able to stabilize them and she didn’t have a catastrophic lose of teeth like these poor babies.

  48. scrunchie? so 90s. Cute tho

  49. AuntieMame says:

    What a pretty pink princess!

    (I coulda done without the pic of that weasel Brad Pitt, tho. Ugh…)

  50. What a hideous dog.

  51. cute puppy luva says:

    that is the cutest little red-head pooch ive ever seen! i love her! MINE! *tucks puppy under shirt and nonchalauntly walks out of room*

  52. I’m not a fan of pink, but the color suits the dog, cute!!!!!!

  53. RavishingRoberta says:

    Shiz…..You Can Not Be Serious? That Is One Totally Pupalicious Creature.

  54. Is that REALLY Brad Pitt? Dogs tongues fall out of their mouths if they don’t have any teeth..

  55. Hey, I know where that pic was taken, just too bad I missed seeing the princess there!!!! well, and the other guy too…

  56. Oh my goodness! Is this Peanut of What Not to Wear fame???