Look, I know I just posted The Olympigs yesterday, I mean, you can surely scroll down right now and see them on this page, but I had to post these little dudes.


Totally redonk stubby snout action:



And the grand finale:


Thank you to Peter M. who found these on FunMansion.

*Don’t call me ‘Shirley’.



  1. whoo hooo piggies!!! FIRST!!

  2. Perfect porkers! Thats all there is folks!

  3. Awww, the spotty one is so cute it’s unreal!

  4. i’ve been lurking for a while, but i had to say something now.

    piggies + flowers = *dies of cuteness*

  5. Pink-spotted platitudes of cuteness.

  6. These are the sweetiest little piggies.

    I’m so glad I gave up pork last year! 🙂

  7. omg their bulbous heads

  8. haha. PIGS

  9. No longer will I play duck-duck-goose. From this day forward, it shall be piglet-piglet-daffodil.

  10. little miao says:

    Such fuzzy little piglets – they have the cutest snouts in the world, and they’re so fresh and clean!

    So many piglets, each so cute!! *faints*

  11. very very cute x 5, but mama (if you follow the link) is a bit less so (gah!), although i’m sure she’s perfectly lovely on the inside, with a shining personality!!

  12. No more ham for me. Ever.

  13. Swayt Jaysus! Their cuteness is unspeakable! Unspeakable! Makes you just want to pick them up and snork-snork-snork their bellies.

  14. I wanna nibble on their little nosies! What perfect piggy cuteness! Little butterballs, all!

    Hey, I sent in a picture of a bitty baby goat among the daffodils. Perhaps we need a theme for spring? Cuteness among the daffodils?

  15. Yup, doesn’t get much cuter than a baby pig smelling a flower. *Brain melts*

  16. These pics are *fantastic* – but the one of the piglet snorgling the daffodil is just mind-numbingly cute! (Right up there with the baby bunny snorgling the weed/grass/whatever…)

  17. little miao says:

    mmmmm… baby goats playing with baby piglets among the daffodils would be so cute… I don’t think I’d be able to handle it.

  18. These piggies are redonkulously cute. I love the made up words on here… although part of me cringes, being an English major. 😉

  19. Oooooo, piglet snorgle a daff! Tooooo sweet!

  20. Oooh – their peach-fuzz coats.


  21. RavishingRoberta says:

    That One Sniffing At The Daffodil Is Just To Oinkalisious

  22. “…you can surely scroll down right now and see them…Don’t call me ‘Shirley’.”

    You broke the joke! Oh well. Porcine cuteness makes up for everything.

  23. JessJess says:

    OMG!! *dies* So cute, and the little chubby wrinkles!!!! The last one is just too much!!

  24. Too cute! Oh man, just wanna snorgle them!

  25. *delurking here*
    Ooh! Their dainty little hooves!

  26. PINK piggies!! POLKA DOT piggies!! Would Pooh approve of all this fuss over a Piglet? Or two?

    Jay Fry–me, too, a slave-zombie of proper spelling and such. This is one place you can give it up…!

  27. OMG … I want one … When does this lil piggy go to the market?!?!?

  28. Bacon bits!
    Ear:head, people!

  29. In the words of Charlotte—a certain cute spider who wrote certain cute words in her cute webs about a cute pig named Wilbur: “Terrific!” “Radiant!” “Some pig!!!!” :^)

  30. Oh. My. God. Snorkalicious! I have just died and gone to cute heaven!

  31. if you stare too long, their noses start to look surreal.

  32. OH my gosh i cannot handle the intense cuteness of the one sniffing the flower. He is ABSOLUTELY precious *squeeeeeeeeeels*

  33. oinkarific!

  34. Babe! or rather Babes! It’d be soo cute if they all sang “Jingle Bells” together.

  35. Jay Fry, jaypo, no no no, you’ve got it all wrong! English majority means *you* have the clout to defend the words you make up :-P. I’m an English major also, mostly because I like to take words apart and play with them and put them back together just as much as I like to take computers apart, etc. I make up words all the time!

    As to the pigs, too, too adorable! Snurkle snurkle snurkle go their noses! (Onomatopoeia is the best! :-P)

  36. has no one else noticed that the little piglet in the second picture is ACTUALLY smiling. oh happy days.

  37. decidedly uncute says:

    meg, you’re losing your touch!

  38. langford says:

    I am about to shit my mind with cuteness…

  39. pigglies! so cute and squishy looking. i want to poke their soft little nosies. and squeeze hard

  40. notbacon says:

    so so sooooo ugly.

    creepy too!

  41. so cute

  42. Heehee. What’s our clearance, Clarence?

  43. mmmm,chipolatas.

  44. sorry, couldn’t resist.

  45. The noses are deadly. That is terminal snorgleness right there.

  46. Piggalette says:

    OMG, these pictures sent me into girly-high-pitched-squeal -mode. I was trying to show my husband, and he was like “I have no idea what you just said.” Too F-ing cute for words.

  47. Oh No! They are too too cute! They’re all soft and fuzzy looking. I love the one with the flower too!

  48. OH! Big domed foreheads. Wrinkly stubby little snouts. Little folded ears. Soft fuzz. Short stubby legs. Wee little intelligent eyes. This is Piglet Perfection.

  49. They’re Hamlets!


  50. ElfOwl!!

  51. Alejandro says:

    OMG! So Cute! I can’t wait for them to grow up so I can eat them.

  52. They are just so cute. Snot!

  53. My head just exploded.

  54. charlotte may have had the first web blog!!! and she wrote about piglets too! love that. love it.

  55. Subhangi says:


  56. Is it wrong to want to lick a little piggy snout?

  57. They are really precious!

  58. Beauregard says:

    I think E. Collison hit the nail on the head here… It’s all about the fuzz! JEEEZ these babies are the CUUUUUUTEST! Squeel, oink, Squeel!

  59. the dizzy kids says:

    some pigs look smart, these do.. very cute, great pictures..

  60. Holy Snorgleballs, I think that last pic just did me in.

  61. Yes, jaypo? 🙂

  62. This almost makes me feel bad about last night’s BLT!

    *too cute!*

  63. Snorgle snorgle!
    Too adobrable for words.
    I’m SO GLAD I’m a vegetarian (16 years now).

  64. Delicious!

  65. I think these are mini pigs, guys–so not destined for the pot. No vegetarian worries. . .

  66. “Piggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggy”

    Wow, doesn’t that look pretty on the page??? It’s like a springtime border for piggyphiles…

  67. oh i love the suckling pic! piglets are so sweet. reminds me of Milo and Ottis. ^_^

  68. you know, i was having a TERRIBLE evening (crying, the whole bit), and then i saw this set and instantly cheered up. i laughed out loud. thanks for cuteoverload. 🙂

  69. OMG, I need to call attention to the middle piggy’s tiny underbite in the second photo.

    We should have a rule for tiny underbites.

  70. A Fine Morsel says:

    The stubby snout action is the best!! All the little babies mushed together. And the one sniffing a flower looks like my old math teacher, Mr. Lee!

  71. [notes “Barfing Rainbows” for the Glossary…]

  72. I’m now retrospectively crying over the fetal pig dissection I took part in in freshman biology.

  73. piggily piggily piggily woooooooooo!

  74. mmmmmmm….Riblets, er, I mean Piglets! Sorry, forgot I’m a reformed carnivore for a moment. They’re awfully cute, no basting required!

  75. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have restored my love for pigs.
    : )

  76. good LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I’ll just admit that piglets are my fave, and then tell you that I just came to after passing out from the AWWWWWWW FACTOR.
    Love me some bacon babies!!!

  78. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Thanks to A Thinker for clearing up what I was wondering–I thought they might be mini-pigs. It would be awesome to see a photo of one of these little cuties held in someone’s hand, so we could get an idea of scale!

  79. I smell bacon!!! J/k kidding I will think twice about eating bacon again.

  80. Brak Silverbone: Follow the FunMansion link (beware the popups) and you’ll see a pic of two of these little guys held up in someone’s hand. Scale is everything!


  81. Those look tasty.

  82. adorababy says:

    in love with a baby pig

  83. Cute, I have nothing more to say, but cute!!!! I can’t believe I missed *this* post too, I’m sooo mad at myself right now!

  84. These really are quite cute… But I love REAL piglets even more. These are piglets of a “miniature pig” and I can’t get over how ugly they look as grown-ups…
    Normal piglets have cuter snouts, fewer wrinkles.

  85. Meghann says:

    I think that last picture should be under the “Cute or Sad?” category. So ugly it’s cute!

  86. ilovepiglets says:

    omg that is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life just about!!

  87. Please don’t eat me and my friends anymore!!!

    Newsflash: These little babies WILL be killed and eaten – maybe you SHOULD feel bad about that BLT.

  88. nothing like a fresh ham for christmas

  89. Pam Martin says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!! I love these piggies. I trim potbelly piggies and every now and then I get to see some brand new babies!! Oh, there are the sweetest looking little ones ever! Please call if you need your pet piggy’s hooves trimmed (951) 294-0119 Southern Calif

  90. aww so cute and they will be delicious when they get fatter ^^

  91. vince perez says:

    What beautiful animals! Oh my god, you guys are doing such a service…..I was so down and depressed before I came to this site. THANKYOU! Will come back lots

  92. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    *points to last pic and shouts* PRINCESS DI EYES! *jumps in air while still pointing* PRINCESS DI EYES!

  93. nae-nae says:

    dose r da ccccuuuuuuttttteeessssstttt lil’ piggies iv eva seen!

  94. Ohhhh!! perhaps exists something more cute in the world? I love these piglets!

    realmente un amor (^(00)^)!!