News Alert! Ferret baseball caps!

Fw069_2Extremely alert reader "Velociraptor" sent in an urgent news bulletin.

At only $4.81USD, You can’t afford NOT to buy one.



  1. cuuute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I want one!

  3. Jan, you JUST got the 1st spot. My computer stopped loading and I had to reload. No hard feelings though!

    I want one of those lil’ caps. I would make my cat wear it!

  4. I’m sorry but I just have two words: Ferret Beret

  5. christine duisin says:

    Meg, you need to make it so that your posts are emailable. The ferret clothes site is, as you point out, urgent information. People need to be able to email the information to others immediately . . . uh-oh . . . brain bubbles . . . arghh!

  6. Arbed — the kind that you buy at the Overload store?

  7. Noooooooo, that wicked band playing at the joint down the street. Just doing a little random promotion. What’s this “Overload” thing you speak of?

  8. hmmmmm…. lost the part of my post about shaking my head and scratching my temple… lol
    And now I must duck.

  9. Tassel hat for the win!

  10. My furries would not put up with them at all, but it would be so cute!

    *Celebrates his first comment!*

  11. Tassel Hat, Tassel Hat! I concur, maymee! Nearly died!

  12. Iolanthe says:

    Tassel hat? You mean a fez? Like the Shriners wear?

    “Fezzes for Ferrets” — that has possibilities.

  13. My sense of humour might be off tonight (mentally recalls nonsensical messages from earlier) but I do have an unrelated question: I just added myself to the Cuteologist map and noticed that there are quite a few “Fearless Leaders”….. Can we be promoted after being a regular ol’ cuteologist for a certain amount of time?

  14. Finally – Ferret Attention!!! We need more ferrety photos – they’re just as cute as hamsters. Aren’t they?!

  15. We used to order stuff from Three Rivers all the time. They have the best selection of cute goodies for fuzzbutts! *sigh* Seeing that site again has got me pining for my eight furry children…I miss my fuzzies…


  16. I think that ferret wearing a bow-tie looks pret-ty damn smart. He’s going on a job interview, right? I’d hire him.

  17. JessJess says:

    Christine Duisin, look on the side of the page, the posts already CAN be emailed to you…

  18. DENITA!
    Where have you been, young lady!? Don’t think I didn’t notice.

  19. As long as the ferret doesn’t wear the baseball cap backwards, I’m all for it.

    But if I’ve insulted any cap backward wearers here, no harm meant – I just haven’t posted here all day and I feel as if I’m under some sort of bizarre obligation. The voices in my head INSIST.

  20. That is *so* my new livejournal icon. And I wish I had a real-life ferret to put that li’l hat on.

  21. The bunny ears!!!
    I mean: ferret! That’s the cutest form of wolve in a sheep’s skin ever!

  22. AuntieMame says:

    First post!!!one!1

    And don’t shoot me, but I think those photos in the link all look Photoshopped.

  23. Woods walker says:

    I wish my landlord would let me have pets so I could have a ferret to dress up.-Woods Walker

  24. Michelle says:

    Mame, I disagree re:photoshopping. I’m quite sure it would be much, much easier to dress/pose/photograph a ferret than to ps those whiskers overlapping the various headgear.

    And maymee: amen to the tassel hat, ftw!

  25. michelle, i have used PS’s “exploding whiskers” filter with none the wisker. i mean, wiser.

    did anyone else feel a stab of deja vu with this:

  26. But. . .but. . .how do they stay on?!

  27. I think those ferrets are going to claw your face off if you don’t buy a hat!

  28. aww mah gaaawwwd! now i have to get a ferret, AND a whole ferret wardrobe! i am a slave to fashion!

  29. the ferrets in the crew-style sweaters are REALLY cracking me up.

  30. Weezil On The Loose says:

    We have the ferret biker jacket. Our little blonde boy looked so cute in it for the 20 nanoseconds he had it on.

  31. Michelle says:

    I’ve never heard of that, finn. Is there a tutuorial somewhere that I can view the results of this superniftykeen filter process? Just in case I ever want to put some whiskers on a picture of my pets wearing silly headgear.

  32. eep! Ferret Sweaters are totally the cutest picture on that link.

  33. lol, such old news. 😉

  34. I have to have one of these! Just one question: how are they attached? Will they stay on even in tight spaces?