This just in: Piglympics

Leave it to the Russians to come up with ANOTHER DELICIOUS way to enjoy piglets. The Pig Olympics.

From the full story on BBC: "Each pig, dressed in a numbered bib, was carried squealing into the arena for each event." Hee!


Check this out: about to snorgle a WHOLE LOT of water:


Amazing! Spah-see-bah, Richard, Ellie, and Melissa L.



  1. Awww!! too cute!!!


  3. awwwwh the cute little piggles!

  4. Jan? Honey?
    I slap you.

  5. He wins by a snout!!!

  6. kagomechan21 says:

    now all the little piggie needs is a smear of zinc oxide on the top of his little nose and one of those red lifeguard floatie things

  7. OK, crap, I’m stumped. SOMEwhere in this impossible-to-search blog is another pic of a swimming pig, coupled (oddly enough) with some kind of rodent in a Weight Watchers portion scale. But there’s a pig, did I mention? Swimming? Needs to be linked to.

    Meg? Help? I even remember that this was a post that was mis-categorized, or at least it used to be…

  8. (just to be clear… I’m not blaming Meg for TypePad’s lack of a search feature, I’m just grumpy that I can’t find a link I wanted. Me!!)

  9. go olympigs!

  10. LOL @ Theo…thanks for the slap to bring me to my senses. LOL

  11. Theo. Theo. You might need a slap too.

    All of us! Deep breaths. Deeeep…. breaths… inhale…exhale.

    Okay. PIGLETS! <3

  12. piggeh! piggeh! piggeh!

  13. demonstar says:



  14. “Thump”???
    [wonders how in the heck DS was able to collapse & miss the piggie pool]

  15. That’s so peaceful 🙂 Did you read the story?

  16. little miao says:

    What furry little champion piglets!

  17. #5!!!! Go cute lil’piglett!!!!!

  18. Theo, there’s the two piggies in a pool in the Unusual Animals link…not lookin’ too porky though.

  19. HEHEHEHEHHEHEHEH!!!! PIGGIES!!! This site makes me want to run a zoo just to be around cute little animals all day =D

  20. Three furry swimming piggies!!! This is my favorite picture today.

  21. that’s not cute. Pigs are mean and they bite. Not cute at all.

  22. Jaypo — I did find this one:
    …and it’s close, but it’s not the one I meant. Where’s my swimming piglets, double-posted with a guinea pig in a portion scale?

    Also can be found here:

  23. Come on, afinlarc. There are tons of different kinds of pigs. They aren’t all mean and biting, and like dogs and many other animals, their temperament is determined in part by their upbringing.

    They ARE cute.

  24. [snicker] …yeah, I think afin’s thinking of Pig Bulls.

  25. Theo, the swimming piglets are here:

    The “rodent” on the scale is a chinchilla – check the Ja. 06 archives.

    BTW, I *loooove* these piglets.

  26. Tsk… Meg, you gotta keep up with us, girl.

  27. SUUUUEEEEEY-EEEET. I love the little noises they make!

  28. The second one! OMG!

    What is it about animals swimming or sleeping that is so DAMN CUTE?!

  29. Theo, I just attempted to install Rollyo, a search engine JUST for you to search C.O. content… Can’t get it working yet, tho… I’m certain I will prevail!

  30. Subhangi says:

    EEEEE! Swimming pigglies! Oink! Oink! Glubglubglub.

  31. Lets make a new section- swimming animals!

  32. Yes, me’ve been thinking for some time that CO needs a search feature. Yay Meg!!

    And yay swimming pigs. I sent this in too but looks like I was a little too late (or my emails aren’t being delivered!)

  33. that second pic does me in! I looooooove you piggy!

  34. i’m with faye!
    i’m with faye!
    i’m with faye!

  35. Meg — oooh, a new search option??? Here’s hoping! Happy indexing…

  36. PS — Ariel — LOL.

  37. Aww.. piggyness… love it and they are SOOOO cute too. These incredible animals actually have my awe, they are second in intelligence only to primates (yup, equal to dolphins) contibute LITERALLY all of themselves to mankind for ALL types of uses. I have much respect for any creature who can do so much and ask for so little in return.

    Now I want to go read Charlotte’s Web again… noble little pigs… just lurv them.

  38. Not to be mean, I respect everything pigs do for us as well, but it’s not like they have a choice…humans will have their way regardless, reallu.

  39. Good call, …

  40. RavishingRoberta says:

    Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

  41. DanBenZvi says:

    In lane 5, representing the United States Of Hamerica…

  42. Lighten up Becci.

  43. Whoa, little Number 5 looks like he’s totally in the zone. (and I love how this event was run by a group named the “Sport-Pig Federation.”)

  44. “humans will have their way regardless” … Oh its not that they could protest, I get that… its their biology that astounds me. They are like the duct tape of the animal kingdom, then again the uses people find for duct tape astounds me as well… so…. 🙂

  45. Gary Fixler says:

    Sorry if the link is buried somewhere above, but I just randomly ran into way more porklympics pics, and a video, and thought I’d add it here for posterity.

    I love this pic of the girl, the boy whose head she’s planted her hand on, and their chubby Harry Potter:

  46. Pomster says:

    I have to say I’m going to have to go with number 5. I don’t know he just seems to be a bit more determined. That’s right son. You oink! You oink’em good!

  47. rubber duck says:

    The pig in the second pic is just TOO CUTE!! :O Look at his BIG EARS! and his snout! TOO CUTE! Just too cute!

  48. animalrights says:

    OMG this is just animal abbuse.
    poor pigs forced to wear a silly headband and swim fore their lives.
    OMG…….this is just awfull