Snail flipbook 2

Let’s check in on Snailio Iglesias:

Doo doo doo doo!


Shoo bee do wha! wha!






Sweet job, Leslie J.! And you have a cute blog, too!



  1. Wow, that is one tiny snail.

    What the heck was going on here? “Where will this take me? Oh, round in a spiral. OH, it’s just another snail. . .oh well, off to find something to eat. . .”


  2. snails are great! we saw a lot of the min the rain forrest clinging to leaves and crawling over moss.

  3. BeckyPie says:

    Hmmm I’ve never really found snails all that cute, funny, but kinda slimy. 🙂

  4. I agree Beckypie, a leeetle too slimy!

  5. Awww…the little slimey snaily is so cute. We used to keep them as pets in mayo jar lids when I was little. 🙂

  6. you guys r silly says:

    eeek!!!! In the 3rd picture, he’s *so teeny weeny tiny* that he can’t even hold his little shell up straight!!!
    be careful precious teensy tiny snail!!!

  7. Lookit that “S” car GO!

  8. Yay! These are my pictures. I’m so excited they made them onto the site. Normally i wouldn’t think snails were cute either but this was just a priceless moment!! 🙂 YAY!

  9. snails are absolutely kyooot!
    their little wet antennae!
    their little twirly homes! their meandering!

  10. He’s probably thinking…”wow, what a condo!!!” with that other shell!

  11. Awwww, I like snails. Cute um pie.

  12. kagomechan21 says:

    thanks for making tea come out of my nose, theo. :-p

  13. Now in the third pict–does that look like a pair of eyes peeking out from underneath the big snaily? just below the little guy…

  14. “mommy’s sleeping now go away”

  15. Cute!!!! But people, I’ve been thinking hard about this, there are the tree hyenas for “The Lion King” What are their names?

  16. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. 🙂

    Snails? Blehhhh!

  17. Kat- THANK YOU!! I don’t know why I just started thinking about their names, and Banzai is the one I kept forgeting. Theres the brain, Shenzi, the retard, Ed, but I kept forgeting Banzai!!! Thanks Kat. And the only reason I thought about it was from the “Chihuahua Cozies”!!!!!

  18. Great photo sequence!

  19. kagomechan21 – at least *your* beverage wasn’t carbonated! That sure cleared the ol’ sinuses. Theo, again, you rock.

    I love the little snail people! In damp weather they used to come out here at the apartment, and I got a little obsessive about moving them off the sidewalks after seeing one crawling around with it’s shell half crushed. I’m waaay too tender-hearted for that.

  20. “To all thee snails I’ve Laaaaaaved be-forrre…..eeeehn!!! Late for American Idol!” (slimes down the snail “mountain” and goes off in search of Ryan Seacrest)….. :^ )

  21. Ah-hah! Introducing: SlimeyCute!

  22. Hot snail-on-snail action?

  23. Subhangi says:

    OMIGAWSH!!! That is one TIIIINY guy!!!

  24. Snails are SO cute, especially baby snails!! ^__^ YAY for something thats not furry!

  25. Aw, I love Snailio. We should have a Snailio shirt, which should consist of a picture of him with just the word “SNAILIO” underneath 🙂

  26. this pics of snails is the same as the other one

  27. That’s funny, Hammy! I love the hyenas from Lion King!