Penguin Cozies

The Salt Lake Tribune reported what’s coming down the Fashion Runway for penguins. Namely, tight-fitting wool sweaters in various Spring colors. The sweaters help rehabilitate penguins caught in oil spills by keeping them warm and prevent oil ingestion.


The sweaters not only look fabulous, but improve the survival rate to about 98%.
Thanks for sending in, Tom S. and John J. B.



  1. awwww! precious

  2. Marianne says:

    Ah, this just makes me so happy!

  3. little miao says:

    Wonderful little penguins wearing life-saving sweaters!!

  4. OK, how can we knitters get in on this?

  5. Thats it, I make this officially official, this week, month or maybe entire new category is dedicated on, TA-DA! Knitting and Crocheting!!!!!!!

  6. this is amazing. who would not love this?!

  7. The blue penguin of NZ and Australia – the world’s smallest penguin…wearing shimmering chenille-type sweaters? Cute Overload, you are GOOD.

  8. Heh, it looks like the orange be-sweatered one is taking a bow for being oh so chic:

    ‘Mr. Pengy, who are you wearing?’

    ‘Oh, this is from the new House of Eudyptula spring line. They do great work’

  9. Lick My Pickles says:

    So cute… the one with the orange jumper looks a little drunk to me lol

  10. Do they take donations??! I’d love to knit sweaters for penguins! Poor little guys!

  11. “Come on, Dani, walk like you own it! You do know they’re filming?
    “Well the damn thing ITCHES, Petra!”

  12. Marcus Hartsfield says:

    Ahhhhh!! so cute and sweet that I cried!

  13. They’re just about ready to break into the penguin waiter dance from Mary Poppins!

  14. Lacrossedragon says:

    Thanks for making my day.

  15. Brings a little tear to my eye. *snurfle*

  16. Boos girl says:

    Hey,does this penguin dress make my arms look fat?? They are tooooooo stinkin’ cute!!!!

  17. co addict says:

    PENGUINS!!! ::takes and hugs::

  18. Other Meg says:

    Dear Meg,
    A plethora of knitters want to help save penguins! Is there a pattern to knit penguin sweaters/address to send them to?

    Thanks for the cute!

    Other Meg

  19. They look FABULOUS!!!

  20. KiMbObImBo says:

    That is cute AND sweet that the penguins are being helped.

  21. does that orange one come in a smaller size? it looks a little large on him/her.

  22. Tinderblast says:

    I should mention that according to, the penguin rescuers have MORE than enough sweaters by this point (I’ve heard tallies of up to 15,000, too, but I bet that’s an exaggeration), so they probably don’t need any more…

    But I won’t, because I’m distracted by cute.

  23. The pink and green one is wearing my fave colors… awwww. =)

  24. PAYN-WAYNZZZZZ. Wow. I was inCREDibly grumpy, because I blew through two CDs and two hours before I got all the bugs out of the files I was burning, and got the autostart going and got them working on both MAC and PC, and all that crap.

    Then I said, “Hrmph. I’m going to take my sourpuss little butt over to CuteO, and sulk.” But this photo blew the sulks away. I love you, Meg, and I love you Theo! Don’t ever stop! Going to be cheerful after all tonight!

  25. It’s so nice to see new pics of sweatered penguins! Check these links for the lowdown: (includes linke to pattern)

    I think the Tasmanian Conservation Trust is now selling plush penguins wearing sweaters… I saw some pics of same a few months back.

  26. Bingo! Click here for “Australian Made Dressed Penguins”:

    Proceeds go to maintaining the Phillip Island Nature Park in Aus, complete with its flock of Little Penguins. (

  27. ewwww….cute little penguins. r those puppies clothes lol

  28. Subhangi says:

    OMG – cute AND livesaving penguin sweaters! I’m the happiest girl on earth.

  29. Subhangi says:

    Oops … correction. “Lifesaving”.

  30. sweetnnasty954 says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww…cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute thass da cutest thing that i’ve ever seenn…… will make ppl gooo awwwwwww … my granz can make more of those jumpers…

  31. Woods walker says:

    It seems the penguins are going for something less formal than the tuxedoes they normally wear.-Woods Walker

  32. the sweaters look like wrist bands

  33. Wee little penguins wearing brightly-coloured sweaters. What happy planet does this occur on? I looked, I blinked, I laughed, and I got a very warm and happy little feeling inside. Thanks, CO, for the best thing I’ve seen all week.

  34. God, those pics aren’t cute. Who would EVER put a sweater on a penguin? I have never in my whole life put a sweater on my penguin, and it’s fine. That’s TORTURE.

    Kidding, kidding. Sometimes I have a hard time resisting. Those are a-freaking-dorable. I love the stripes on the green sweater.

  35. Just when I think there’s no love left in this cruel ol’ world…

    Thanks, I needed that.

  36. Abazone, you had me going there. Heh.

  37. [scowls at Abazoe… then starts laughing]

  38. AuntieMame says:

    Someone needs to knit a yellow sweater with a black zigzag stripe around the tummy.

  39. Penguins would make the best Charlie Browns. They have just the right blend of exasperation and clumsiness mixed in with hope. What a great idea!

  40. pennins in sweatuuurrrrrsss! mega cute!

  41. “Today on ‘Penguin Style’, we have Sparky in a lovely green striped top and Puffball wearing a dashing burnt orange number…”

    Oh lordy, just when I thought the tree sweater was cute, now CO lands us this helluva gem! Penguin sweaters: practical and cute!

  42. *roflmao* Its knitting madness… its spreading like wildfire! I swear if I didn’t know better I would think that CO was channeling my late grandmother, she would have been tickeled pink (blue, green, orange…) She was that woman who knit while talking to you, riding the bus, etc and never even looked down to see what she was making, she knew by feel. Then again with age that talent declined slightly and I was the only girl in high school with a beautiful, custom sweater with sleeves of to different lengths! This is hysterical and brings fond memories, thanks!

    Knitted penguins and pups and trees oh my!

  43. Adrienne says:

    i like the falling over penguin. he’s all like…”hey!!!! wait for MEEEEEEE! *oooof*”

  44. do penguins sweat?

  45. you guys r silly says:

    I wonder if your knitting grandmother and MY knitting Aunt Mary were related to each other??? They sound like identical knitting twins!

  46. you guys r silly says:

    Maybe we could knit hundreds of BIGGER Penguin sweaters and take a trek up to where all those Emperor Penguins (March of the Penguins) march — put ’em all in toasty warm sweaters to help them get through the cold winter! (And of course, newborn sized ones to slip on all the sweet little babies…Heck! — EGG-SHAPED cozies to slip on all the incubating eggs!!!)Is anybody with me on this? &:o?

  47. I wish they had little hoodies, too. Can you IMAGINE?! Little pengies with hoods?

  48. you guys r silly says:

    Zelda — Hoodies would be *adorable*!
    Little pointed ski caps (with a pom-pom on the tip of the point) would be wonderful TOO!

  49. Oh yes, or long stocking caps with stripes!

  50. Have I mentioned you guys are scaring me? You have all been assimilated to the way of the yarn… reisist, resist I say… you can fight it!!! *rofl*

  51. you guys r silly says:

    You know what hats would be *the best* Zelda??? Those caps that look like a JESTER’S CAP with bells (or pompoms…)on the end of each point???
    And how about little THUMBLESS mittens to match their wee sweaters and caps!!!???
    Would tiny LEG WARMERS be too much???????

  52. you guys r silly says:

    (It would only take like 5 MINUTES AT MOST to knit or crochet a wee pair of Penguin Leg Warmers!!!)

  53. I wasn’t aware that penguins *had* legs… hence the waddle.

  54. Must…resist…urge…to…knit…

    (Sigh.) It’s hopeless – I’m getting a hamster, and now I’m feeling the Call of the Needles…

    I’ve been brainwashed!

  55. Theo –

    The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone
    And the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone
    And the knee bone’s connected to the…

    and so on.

  56. you guys r silly says:

    OK….so the day we see pictures posted of E. Collison’s future hammie wearing something they knitted for it will be *THE BEST* ever!!!
    A teeny tiny hammie sweater & matching cap (like the pink & blue chihuahas!!!)

  57. And LITTLE BOOTIES!! Wee little thumble mittens and booties and leg warmers! OMG!

  58. OK, now I’m scared.

  59. you guys r silly says:

    *Smart Man*, Theo…

  60. you guys r silly says:

    *YESH!!! BOOTIES!!!*
    Good thinking, Zelda!!!

  61. Yup, I’m an Idea Man (Gal, really). I can’t knit a darn thing, not even (sniff) a cute widdle bootie. I leave that to the talented artsy-craftsy types.

  62. Can we please, please, please see a picture of little penguins in knit hats and booties??? I’m sure there must be one out there somewhere!! I’m dying to see in now!

  63. how do those sweaters prevent oil ingestion?

  64. “OK….so the day we see pictures posted of E. Collison’s future hammie wearing something they knitted for it will be *THE BEST* ever!!!
    A teeny tiny hammie sweater & matching cap (like the pink & blue chihuahas!!!)

    There’s one teeny tiny problem with this – I’ve never knitted, don’t even know how to hold them need-uls.

    My brain is turning to mush from looking at this site! (Just kidding;))

  65. Viv — picture some penguins that got caught in an oil slick. Their natural tendency would be to try & preen the crude out of their feathers… blecccgh.

  66. E.Collison- I’m with you girl! I’ve never in my life knitted, but I want to learn, so I can make some for my guinea pig!!!!

  67. John Tilley says:

    This may be cute, but: I don’t think there are too many oil spills in the Antarctic, and penguins are able to stay warm by keeping their feathers preened. They can’t keep their feathers preened if they are covered with a sweater. This is cruelty to animals in search of a “cute” picture.

  68. John Tiley, go check the links and read about how the Tasmanian Conservation really *did* use sweaters to keep Little Penguins (species name, for real) from sucking up the oil their feathers had absorbed post-spill.

  69. Oops, Tasmanian Conservation Trust. See this page fo more info. –

  70. OMG how brutally, painfully, adorably cute! I saw the ‘fairy’penguins come ashore as a child, and even then was awed by these precious pengies! How much cuter even they are when be-sweatered! But, as a knitter, I look at the sweaters pictured, and those do look more like sleeve-ends cut off and worn cuff as collar, rather than sweaters knitted for the wee-birdies.

  71. John Tilley says:

    OK, My bad;
    They are adorable and very cute. But, if you dress them up in sweaters, please keep them in captivity. Before you release them, remove their sweaters

  72. I loved this picture so much that I had to make it into a t-shirt. You can find it here:*

    (the * is part of the URL)

    Also available as a coffee mug, so you can help keep those penguins warm!

  73. Cathy Miller the Singing Quilter wrote a song about this..

  74. Dancer mania says:

    Awwww penguins in sweaters, how adorable. i love penguins!!!

  75. chloe.... sweety pie says:

    awwwwww tis so cute!!!

    he is included in me homework!!!! gorgeous!!

    clo xx :D:D:D:D

  76. how gawjus!!!:):):)

    i included this adorable pic in my assighnment!!!