It’s like Brangelina’s family in dog form!

Wow, that’s the second time I’ve mentioned Angelina Jolie in a post. Hmmm.



Sweet camera-phone submission by Kelly K.B.



  1. you guys r silly says:

    weee!!! first!!!

  2. *giggles* It’s the captions that make this site.

  3. Woods walker says:

    That is getting me sleepy and I just got up.-Woods Walker

  4. CO : pop culture :: daily show : news.

    meg, have i told u lately that ur awesome?

  5. what a bunch of dolls!
    what an orderly dogpile!

  6. mmmmmmm…now me really tie-tie…please move over, li’l puppies..zzzzzzzzzz

  7. Superb high-contrast pooches. Wuff.
    Cush dog-bed, too.

  8. Awwww! I want the black one!

  9. Yes, very orderly. It appeals to my OCD. :oD

  10. Haha!

  11. adorababy says:

    dat puppy’s cuuuuuuuuuutte

  12. Ouch — Can’t Deal?
    Ornery, Cantankerous & Dangerous?
    Otters Can’t Dance?
    Ordinary Chocolate Dessert?
    …Oh! Cute Doggies.

  13. (er, that was in response to Jes’ comment)

  14. sunnykat says:


    OCD: obsessive compulsive disorder prolly.

  15. sunnykat says:

    er.. that was to “Theo” not “The–” solly.

    that’s what happens when you don’t preview.

  16. NO. is–
    Otturz CAN Dance.

  17. Cute!!!!!! Dogs!!!! Yey!!!!! But where are their knitted sweaters and hats?

  18. Theo: LOL.

  19. it appeals to my old crochety dachsund.

  20. it appeals to my obstreperous canine dadaism.

    ok, it doesn’t really…but i felt the need to join in.

  21. sweet!

  22. Ooooh, squishy.

  23. Jan Spencer says:

    Awww…little one looks all content to be snorgled by the big one.

  24. Look, I can’t handle this. This level of cuteness does bad things to me. I want a dog SO MUCH and every rational part of me knows I can’t have one (I’m working 40+ hours a week…no way would I do that to a dog) but that, oh.

    I want to snuggle right up with them 🙂 🙂

  25. Subhangi says:

    I want that black, velvety one.

  26. you guys r silly says:

    Kind of like “The 3 Bears” only, they’re NOT…
    Where’s Goldilocks — and I AGREE WITH HAMMY — Where is their knitted apparel???
    (*smooches precious 3 Pooches*!!!)

  27. abazoe, life is short. get a dog.

    they just sleep when you’re gone, anyway. after a 3-day weekend, my dog was SO happy to see us leave for work yesterday morning. 🙂

  28. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so preshe.

    Espec the wee one!

  29. Awwwwwwwwww I want them all! (Specially the black one 😉 hehe =D) <3

  30. Woohoo… cute pups and NO knit wear!… See the power of the pup has overcome the call of the yarn! 🙂

  31. First Post???

    If yes, yeehaw! I love being the first person to post on a picture. YAY!

    Also, the pic is real cute and I can definately see the resemblance. Add one more baby pup and make the momma pregnant and this IS the real Pitt family. I love cute puppies!

    Once again…First Post, First Post, Nananananaana! You can’t beat my speed can ya!?

  32. Everybody — ahem — when even folks who aren’t “in” on the joke, start using the joke anyway, it’s time to… well, to start getting the joke.

    Tip of the virtual hat to Kmann.

  33. Flattery will git you everywhere, Finn!
    XO, Meg

  34. I wonder if they would let me on that dog bed with them? I want to snorgle!

  35. Goldilocks says:

    Someone’s been snorgling in my bed!

  36. The doggies are cute, but must you reference Brangelina at your site too? OH so tired of hearing about them!! And where’s the 2nd child? I only see one! 😉

  37. Abazoe — Feelin’ your pain. I too suffer from Onerous Canine Dearth. Growing up I once had *15* dogs at a time (5 adults and one had 10 puppies). Now I live in a tiny apartment and worry too much about feeding me to take on responsibility for someone else’s dinner. 😦 But as soon as I can manage it, I promised my mom I’ll take the stray she adopted for me last year.

  38. For now they’re Only Canine Dreams… soon, my friends.

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Big dog…

    Medium-size dog…

    Little dog!


    (Yes, GO DOG GO was my favorite book as a child. Why do you ask?) 🙂

    Overjoyed, Captivated, Delighted.

  41. Awww, pup pile!

    Brak, I loved Go Dog, Go! It was my favorite book, too. We need dogs in cars and dogs in hats, Meg!

  42. What a bunch of cuties!! The brown one (an American Pit Bull Terrier) looks so much like my Lola! And the puppy is to die for!

  43. its like theyre in order larg
    e, medium and small

  44. What is the name of the American Bulldog, I had one that I gave away Last year named Dozer that looked just like him So Sweet