Chihuahua Cozies

I thought about putting this photo in the "Caption Me!" because it’s so funny, but opted for a regular post instead. It’s hard to say which pup has the funnier eyes. The tongue wins Best Supporting.


Gracias, Miss Amber.



  1. Beauregard says:

    OH MY GOD. The tongue! OH my god the TONGUE!!! The bug eyes! The teeny tiny sweaters! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  2. They look kinda gangsta! Urban pups = teh cute.

  3. what.the.fark.
    they look like a homeless couple, “from the bowels fo the city”. and the one in blue seems drunk.

    veeedy strange. and Meg, is this knit/crochet week? or a new category being tested out?

  4. Hehehe!!!! New category, knitting, from trees to dogs, people, we know our knitting!!!

  5. ???



  6. Alejandro says:

    Blue sweater – “Oh, dude, I am so wasted. I think I might rolf.” Pink sweater – “OMG. I can’t believe you’re drunk AGAIN.”

  7. oi. That is RETARDED. Funniest thing I have seen in a looooong time. . .

  8. This should definitely go in “Caption Me”. I can just imagine the funny things people would come up with!!!

  9. Aw fer [snort] LOL!!!
    Kinda reminds me of the hyenas in Lion King, a bit.

  10. baw haw haw!

  11. Pink: Aw crap, he is gonna lose it!
    Blue: Does this look cute to you?! Is it gonna be cute when I hurl on it? You humans… with your opposable thumbs dressing us up… yo quero some dignity people!!! Friggin pink monkey dressin’ me up like a damn DOLL… I’m HOT in here, can’t sweat, can only hang my tounge out and pray for a breeze…. demented ass thinking this is cute… I’ll show you cute… pick me up I dare you… I will hose you like a fountain… aghhhhhhh

    What we don’t see is when he blows a gasket and rips it to shreds, red-eyed and psycho… and really people who can blame him?

  12. Beauregard says:

    LOL ,ariser! best comment today.

  13. Pink: Its all his fault were homeless, drinkin’ an’ eatin’ all day, touching himself and all, such a selfish little…

    Blue: Whoa, don’t pin this all on me sister, you were the one that… ummm? Yeah, what did you do again?

  14. Beau — heh, put “M-” together with “,ariser” and you not only get the correct screen name, you’ll also have one kickass caption.

  15. ok, CLEARLY the tongue wins best supporting!

  16. They look demented! Sort of like the hyenas in the Lion King. I can hear Whoopi Goldberg now.

  17. [*epiphany*]
    Is THAT why he’s drooling?? And also why pinky’s giving him the evil eye?

  18. LMAO!
    The tongue is what kills me most. I like the googly-eyes, too.

  19. OHH!!!! That little pup in the blue – his face, the clothes, everything is drop dead cute. Did you look at his little out turned feets?? 😀

  20. Uh, the one in blue looks kinda dead.

    Cute, though.

  21. What adorable babies! They need hugs!

  22. Subhangi says:

    Blue [to camera]: WOZA, homiez!
    Pink [thinks to himself]: Dawgface.

  23. LOL

  24. Those poor, weird little things — you KNOW they’re both stuck on perpetual quiver. Yikes.

  25. BenPanced says:

    Blue: Sweater…too…tight…(*gasps for air*)

  26. sunnykat says:

    who let the dogs out?

    they are ki-yute!

  27. you guys r silly says:

    Remember “Ren & Stimpy”? Blue sweatered boy has that *Stimpy Look* on his face…
    (precious demented-looking puppers…..&:o)

  28. Sorry, not workin for me. Probably one of the funniest (funny, as in so ugly I have to laugh) things I’ve seen in a bit–but not cute. At least not to me.

  29. They may be cute, but they are destined to get their doggy asses kicked by the other dogs at the park while wearing those outfits… its just cruel people! Cruel I say!!! Say no to grandma’s knit nightmares on the puppy populace… its bad enough we do this to our human children, but they have hope… they will grow out of it! First Bunnys… then trees… now dogs… whats next… where will the knitting madness end?! Where?!?!?! *rofl*

  30. I’m still laughing…knitting is CRAZY today…..loved the tree but, these poor dogs. I bet the pink one ripped to shreds it’s new outfit…I sure would have! Thanks for the laugh, love your site and it’s the first thing I check every morning! You are great!

  31. JessJess says:

    They look like crack addicts.

    BLUE: Hey homie you tryin to rip me off, you better give me that other sack before I kick your a$$

    PINK: I’d listen to him man, he’s f*ckin crazy

  32. The one in blue has definitely had a “cute overload.” Am I the only one that would LURV to see these two on a t-shirt??!! I keep scrolling up to look and am in my little cubicle laughing my ass off! Hands-down THE funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  33. Michelle says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks. That’s one of the funniest pix I’ve ever seen. The sweaters are funny, but those matching caps? hoods? just slay me. Whoever made the little outfits tailored them down to the lil stick legs. bwahahahaha!

  34. Speaking of Casablanca …. why do all Chihuahuas look like they talk like Peter Lorre?

  35. you guys r silly says:

    JessJess and all the others — you are hitting this one RIGHT on the (boney little) head!!! I am sitting here giggling my ass off — don’t know what’s funnier, the picture (god help us all) or the comments…&:o)
    TRULY this picture is a *sign of the Apocalypse* people…!!!

  36. the sweaters are ok, but the hats are a bit much. i can’t picture our chi letting anyone put that hat on her.

  37. The one in the pink looks like a sh*thouse rat, crazy as a bedbug, out of its tiny little mind.

    Looks like s/he’s about to pull a shank on the one in blue.

  38. Kinda reminds me of GIR. Cute:)

  39. Depraved. That’s the word for which I’ve been looking. Both the knitter and the knittees are depraved.

  40. KiMbObImBo says:

    Oh my god!! They are soo funny looking! Hee hee!

  41. The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It’s like you’re unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting …

  42. shut up! That is so frickin’ cute!

  43. Poor hideous bastards. For whom are they bred, anyway?…

  44. This needs to be the cover for some kind of dog gangsta rap album.
    Have you noticed how the one in blue is apparently just a head, shoulders and forelegs, with no BACK to his body?

  45. AC, that’s not very nice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I happen to think Chi’s are lovely, adorable creatures. The wild chi’s in Mexico are gigantic too!

  46. o.O
    giant… wild… wahwahs…

  47. all the better to kill the scorpions, Theo

  48. Too cute and funny! Can’t think of anything good right now to post for a caption.

  49. If I went to dog school with those goofy-lookin’ walleyed dogs I wouldn’t hesitate to stuff them in their lockers. Hee.

  50. They look like the retarded hyena from The Lion King.

  51. ba-za…. yikes

  52. Megan- You mean Ed? He is so funny, I love Shenzi, the one thats voiced by Whoopi Goldberg.

  53. adorababy says:

    this is the greatest photograph ever taken… all human and canine endeavors through history are prelude to this one photo

  54. They DO look like the hyenas from the lion king. That is so true it’s scary.

  55. Somehow I am missing the tough guy gangsta look from these guys and keep channeling the slow, slobber on yourself, IQ of a tortilla energy instead… call me crazy but there isn’t much “street” about these two unless you are speaking of where they tinkle… I’m with Mel… I somehow envision these two at shool getting shoved in to a locker by a tough poodle!

  56. The tongue thing cracks me up…I dunno if I’d really call it “cute” though.

  57. SmileyMe says:

    Those are the stupidest looking dogs I’ve ever seen! What’s wrong with them. Definately seeing the Lion King Hyena conection. lol.

  58. A Fine Morsel says:

    They are adorable! They don’t look gangsta or like retarded hyenas to me. The one in blue is missing teeth, that’s why his tongue sticks out, people.

  59. I like the peeking one.

  60. Erin T. – I too would love to see this on a t-shirt!
    That tongue and pinky’s shocked/embarrassed look just slay me. Too funny.

  61. I am so glad this picture was posted, it has been making me laugh for weeks now.

  62. Please, no more chihuahuas, they’re not even cute. They’re like fish, and fish are not cute.

  63. where to get chihuahua cozies? where!?

  64. “What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”
    “Same thing we do every night, Pinky: TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

  65. Nice, J. Bo — but which is which?

  66. Excellent question, Theo. On the one hand, sweater color IS destiny (Pinky in pink, natch), HOWEVER… the pup in blue DOES have that tongue sticking out, which could be reasonably interpreted as “POIT!”

    Any further academic thoughts, kids?

  67. Man, those are some ugly-ass dogs. Somebody got those from a bad breeder fo’ sho!

  68. glad i’m not the only one who thought of the hyenas 🙂

  69. Tassle takes third for hilarious/cute.

  70. nachheart says:

    o. m. g.
    post of the year, obviously.

  71. They look like Winky and Dobby…

  72. Visiting this site each day is
    always such a hoot! Thank you
    so much and God Bless you al-

  73. ohmygod – LOVE the tongue. i just made him into my new AIM icon

  74. christabean says:

    This is brilliant. When your dogs look like that, putting them in bonnets is not only the next logical step, it’s THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

  75. Crazy Chihuahua Overload

  76. I’ve seen cute fish so there.
    (dances away)

  77. They look like they just got finished doing the “wild thang”. I think they’re adorable but the pic is hilarious!

  78. I’ve seen this picture before; I think the blue one really looks like Neopet’s ‘Spardels’

  79. i also would most definitely wear this on a shirt.

  80. I love the sweaters! My puppy needs one. He’ll love it.

  81. … The Neopet image! Tongue’s even on the same side..!!


    I gotta agree, the photo, not cute. But funny up the Yin-Yang…

    Yeah. it DOES look depraved…

    Gangsta Ed from the Lion King…

    The first Lion King reference I read made me laugh out loud!

    Woza homies… dawgface… LOL!

    Gangsta Lion King Ed!

    ‘K I’ll stop now.

  82. They’re like Nana and Popo from the classic Nintendo-game Ice Climber 🙂

  83. I think this goes in the ‘cute or sad’ category..

  84. Kungfumunki says:

    Ed the Hyena and Cute Doggy, One and the same?

  85. I don’t see these pups as being anything *close* to “street.”

    They’re too scared/goofy lookin’ for that.

  86. Oooh the tongue the tongue! Academy Award for the tongue!


  88. Cindy Bonilla says:

    how cute!! this is so lovely!!!

  89. soapppppp mmmmmmmmmmm says:

    those things are so u-g-l-y an’ weird they look anything like dogs

  90. Anna-lee says:

    i think you mean that they look nothing like dogs more like aliens

  91. Anna-lee says:

    i think you mean that they look nothing like dogs more like aliens

  92. Why has no one mentioned the feet?! LOOK AT THEM.

  93. DO YOU KNOW HOW PAINFULL THAT IS FOR ME (because I cant stop laughing) AND THE DOGGIES? The jumpers can make the doggies get sores under their arms. YOU ARE CRUEL! :l

  94. sunkissed says:

    Oh MY GOD!!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!

  95. sock monster says:

    the blue pup looks like Mr. Burns, tehehehe, cuute!

  96. Aww…How cute…
    Ren and Stimpy? 🙂

  97. luvelmo says:

    there are so adorable!!!!!!!
    how can there be a puppy that is cuter????