Attention Miss Ward’s class!

A Hedgehog just for you guys!

His name is "Toasty". And he’s really smart. I mean, look at him programming!


Thanks for sending in, Jaime H. You get an "A."



  1. he’s looking at those photos of the other hedgie in the bath. dirty!

  2. Constance says:

    Oh my GOD!

    A new Cuteoverload intern perhaps?

  3. This is awesome, but how’s this little dude gonna be able to play any flight-simulator games? I’ve never seen hedgie-sized HOTAS* rigs, never mind the rudder pedals.

    (*Hands-On Throttle And Stick, like in a cockpit)

  4. So that’s what call centre reps look like!

  5. Jan Spencer says:

    Hey Sween! I resemble that remark!! LOL

    Very cute!

  6. Michael D. Marshall says:

    Eh, I’ll bet he can code in assembler, though.

    Hah! He probably just does BASIC. Anybody can do that! B-)


  7. toasty googles:
    “infinite hedgehogs bath mumbai”

  8. Toasty – sending’ snorgles your way!

  9. [looks nervously over shoulder for Finn]

  10. Toasty? lol mmmmm Toasty like the quiznos ads!

  11. Um, are you guys getting funnier? I think so. I almost snorted my coffee from your comments.

  12. Jan: no resembling necessary! Everyone should look as hot as that hedgehog!

  13. Seen it, love it!!!!!

  14. “So that’s what call centre reps look like!”… Thats hysterical… I have known many that were assimilated into the collective that is IT support… if they were actually THAT cute I might have dated more of them! He is missing his little headset though… maybe he only does e-mail support!

  15. adorababy says:

    i think that hedgehog is smiling… are hedgehogs allowed to smile, or does that violate a rule of cuteness?

  16. BenPanced says:

    Dude’s on my LiveJournal friends list!

  17. A-baby: Yep, he’s thinking, “Another ID 10-T error here… wait till Catbert hears about *this* one”

  18. I had Mrs. Ward- hahah!

  19. Deckard Canine says:

    Anyone here seen the webcomic “Kevin & Kell”? One of the stars is a hedgehog who’s great with computers.

    If this one sees something like, he’s going to roll into a ball.

  20. Snorting coffee, Meg? I think you have your Columbian exports switched around :-p

    Theo… yeah. I am scared, too. . .

  21. WOw…. who isn’t on MySpace nowadays?
    He’s a cute lil’ guy. Thanks for sharing.

  22. *Scrunches his nose*

    “God. If I had a nickel for every hash code I ran into…”

    *Staccato pecking at the keyboard*

  23. “WOw…. who isn’t on MySpace nowadays?”

  24. little miao says:

    He looks so serious and sophisticated. Too cute!

  25. Oh–ALL RIGHT, ALL READY! STOP!! STOP!!! Stop posting the pictures of hedgehogs!! ONE MORE and I’m going to have to rush out and get one RIGHT AWAY. . .

  26. Oh my g… Theo, thanks for posting, that’s amazing! I can’t believe someone had that much time on their hands! LMAO!

    I wish hedgie was *my* IT guy!

  27. Cutest. Hedgehog. Ever.

  28. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    There ya go hedge hoggin the computer again!

  29. he’s a smart boy, he is!

  30. Subhangi says:

    Just goes on to prove my theory that geeks are cute.

  31. Slashdot nerds & geeks!!!!!

  32. “Just goes on to prove my theory that geeks are cute.” … yet prickly too! 😉

  33. What’s up with the hedgehogs? Didn’t know they were pets? Are they nice??? Any answers? They definately are cute as he$$!

  34. I didn’t know hedgehogs werwe THAT smart! I guess it’s both geeky and cute…just be careful not to step on the little guy. OW!

  35. Cajun Joel says:

    He’s not that smart! It’s not a Mac that he’s using. 🙂

  36. I have that laptop! and look at his little paws!! aaaaaw

  37. “Dear Meg,
    me like the *Farm Hustle* too. but where the hedgies…not a hedgie there…no hedgies…hmmmmm…why no hedgies??!!

    yrs. truly,

  38. Toasty’s more than welcome to hang out at my place and surf all he/she wants…

  39. omg t3h h3dg3h0g is t3h 1337!!!!!!!!!11!!!!11one

  40. This is a great picture. Would you give me perpission to use it in my online programming class?

  41. schkinnyCat says:

    “Hey where is the SPELL CHECK on this thing?”

  42. O.M.G !

    that’s is adorable !!
    and guess what ?
    we have the exact same lap top
    hehehehehe i love the pic so cute 🙂

  43. hey dude, you know how to use a lappie huh?

  44. How adorable! That little smile makes it just perfect!

  45. keith bradburne says:

    he would be better with a apple Mac

  46. oh yes, keith! how captivating the flufflighted and perfectly-placed apple logo…


    a pox on CTOs who replace G4s with e-machines!

  47. Holy missing link! Toasty needs to be in the new Hedgehog Category!

    I love this picture so much. I use it at work for a pick-me-up when I get sick of being at the keyboard. I peek at Toasty and say, Hi, baby! If you can have fun doing this, so can I!

  48. nicholas boni says:

    Maybe, he wanted to get an hedgeacation?

  49. katie boni says:

    “After I book my flight, I need to pack and head to hedge-ville!”

  50. Toasty’s playing Sonic the Hedgehog, yeah?

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