Adorable Crochets and A Dangerous game

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It took me three hours to post this because I COULD NOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME. It’s called "Farm Hustle" and features these little anerable animal icons you must place three in a row. Yes, that’s it. It’s like ‘bejeweled’ if you know that one.


Also featured on this site are ‘Farm Members", little crocheted dudes that are so prosh:


Ari and Thalia of Avocadolite, way to GO! Thanks very much for sending in, SilverBatWing.



  1. AHN!

  2. so cute; thanks for the tip!

  3. Aww! I wish I could knit like that…

  4. does anyone else get really irritated when she says “enerable?”

  5. I’m a pushover for cuteness, and I visit this site often…but don’t tell, you’ll ruin what’s left of my evil reputation.

    I must say, though, as an obsessive knitter, the little ‘Farm Members’ are crochet. Amigurumi to be exact. BIG difference to us crafty-types.

  6. ok cute, yes, knits, NO!!!
    They are crocheted. Trust me, I wield the needles and that was definitely done by a hooker (ha)

    Very cool though, just had to add my 2 cents

  7. Yep, crocheted!

    I love the icons, hate the game…!

  8. Meera the roller disco bun is my fave…

  9. Eeep! crocheted and not knitted!? Is it like a stuck a needle in your side? My bad. Changing to ‘crochet’ now. Thanks,

  10. Puddingpop says:

    Jessica: I don’t get irritated about “anerable” because I don’t know what it means. Same with “prosh”… anyone care to fill me in? 🙂

  11. That game is so addictive, but I still don’t get what the -point- to it is! The adorable makes up for it, though! *squees*

  12. I think anerable=adorable
    and prosh=precious/posh??

  13. Damn you! I can’t stop!

  14. Space Pastry says:

    I’m addicted to the game! I got up to 7116 points on my third try. :0)

  15. Thing cuties are finger puppets!

    The are sold :

  16. They are actualy cell phone charms. I hope the link helps. I buy super cute stuff for my celly from this site all the time.

  17. Ashley: yep, correct.

  18. AuntieMame says:

    Ugh! That game is exactly like Jewel Quest, and I’m sorry to say that having cute little animals to match up doesn’t make it any less unfuriating than matching jewels and idols! Argh!

    Those crocheted critters are awfully cute, tho…

  19. omg so cute! it says some are available for order when theres an order button by the photo, but, alas, none!

  20. Deckard Canine says:

    I never thought I’d say the octopus was the cutest. But I suppose Nemo’s classmate, Miss “You Guys Made Me Ink,” set the stage for that.

  21. i want one!!!

  22. i don’t understand how to play that game, there are no directions. am i missing something? how do you get things to move?

  23. Aw, hell, just make a new category, “Cutie Crochet”.

  24. So Hammy — I apologize for mistaking you for that one troll that one time. You very obviously aren’t him/her.

    Still think the actual animals are cuter than the crafts, as a rule of thumb, but these aren’t bad.

  25. Its ok, friends? Anyways I still didn’t finish my Q&A, I wanted to know why you were so fixated on the troll.

  26. That particular troll was fixated on *me* was all.

  27. I think you had a stalker, but the troll was fixated on you? Sereously, thats just sad.

  28. Subhangi says:

    Awwww, chweet! So intricately crocheted.

  29. LL Cool F says:

    Dammit! So much for today.

  30. 10135! lol

  31. Could you PLEASE add TARGET=”_top” to links on this site? Since you have everything in one bgi frame, it makes it a pain in the butt to bookmark any links we follow from here!

  32. Does anyone else think the pink bunnies and the yellow chicks look like Peeps? I’m getting very hungry playing this game!

  33. 17,000 and level 8!

  34. That One Guy says:

    This game as an awfully similar aesthetic to Orisinal Sunshine, a collection of diabolically sweet Flash games that I’d imagine other Cute Overload viewers would enjoy the heck out of. 🙂

  35. is anyone else a little annoyed that you can’t buy one?

    they’re so cute, i want one for myself!! i guess i’m selfish

  36. it’s cute and addictive. i can’t pass stage 3.

  37. 15615 at lvl 7. I think I have cute-issues. @_@

  38. Their animals are a lot like the ones in these patterns if you’re interested in making your own:

  39. How do you get all the squares checked in that time? I can’t win!

  40. Those guys look like they should belong to M. Patrizio

  41. what kate said….I can’t get past level 1. I must be doing something wrong. Anyone explain?

  42. I actually tried just clicking in every square, and even though I didn’t get many points, I did get to level two (very briefly!). There has to be a better way, though, right?!

  43. The rules of the game seem to be just that you need to turn the backgrounds behind the animals to white. You change the color when you clear animals on those spaces, so you have to try to select stuff that’ll clear out your 3+ animals from squares that are currently colored in (and sometimes you clear animals on white spaces to move other animals to where you need them to be). When you turn them all white, you go to the next level.

  44. Thank you! Finally someone explained this game I can’t seem to stop playing! It is cute, but may also be evil!

  45. theHawke says:

    OK this game is just plain EEEBIL!!!!!

    I’ve been playing for hours over the past few days. Highest score for me is 17,045. EEEBIL! I tell you!

  46. English Chick says:

    level eight baby

  47. snoofie says:

    addictive? i don’t get addicted to games. nosireebob. after losing level 1 about 7 times, i was determined just to get to level 2…. BUT I JUST GOT TO LEVEL 7 on my 7th try!!!! i feel like i’ve just won the world cup or something.

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