Hoppy Easterrr!

Hey Peeps! Happy Easter! and if you don’t mind, I’m gonna eat one of these—you have plendy to spare.


Thank you, Bucky bun bun and Mvo_168 at Flickr-roonie-poonie



  1. Heh, he’s recharging the cocoa tones in his ears & nose.

    Somebody could help him *peel* though.

  2. poppyfriend1194 says:

    but techinaccally it’s not canniballyism right?!

  3. Haha! That’s cute :o3 White chocolate is my favorite so I get that full-yum-tious one there with those floppy ears.

    Happy Easter to All!

    b/t/w….the rabbit is NOT actually eating the chocolate, okay?

  4. Hoppy Easter Everyone! The buns make it an even better day!

  5. Theo—-haha! Just caught on to that—doi! Up late coloring eggs and playing Easter bunny. also bottle feeding 4 abandoned baby kitties. Feeding one right this minute.

  6. =O

  7. Jan Spencer says:

    Too cute! No,it’s not cannibunism. 🙂

  8. Carlisa? We need pix.

  9. Hey, what’s Bucky doing here?

  10. Theo—I DO have pics but can’t get this crummmmy puter to accept the software. Will email you later if that’s okay. (?)

  11. First of all, the Peeps link is both hilarious and terrifying.
    Second of all, bunny .. so … fuzzy! … GAH! (sorry, bungasm).

  12. Michelle says:

    ::nibbles those ears::

  13. snorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorglesnorgle


    ( )
    ” “

  14. I am sooooo annoyed right now! The stupid Webbys website was supposed to send me a password so I could vote for cuteoverload.com but the e-mail I got had NO password in it!! So I went back to the Webby site and was gonna do that “Forgot your password?” thingy so they would send me my password again but that didn’t work either!!! Does anything work on that stupid site??? I wanna vote for cuteoverload.com!!!! (Sorry I needed to vent people)

  15. irg19—–Did you tell Meg? I had problems with the site to but thought it was just this old puter I have.

  16. Subhangi says:

    I wanna EAT it!!! (The chocolates, I mean.)

  17. The bunny likes the bling bling gold foil.

  18. Gasp! That’s LINDT chocolate!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  19. Speaking of Peeps

    I think it’s a little… odd but some of you may enjoy that link.

  20. KiMbObImBo says:

    That is so cute!

    Happy Easter!!!!!!

  21. Christine says:

    FLUFFY!!! *love* And the peeps link is AWESOME.

  22. http://www.millikin.edu/staley/fluff/group.jpg

    Deloni—great link. Librarians are the coolest.

  23. BTW, I’ll check out the Webby’s action…that’s odd!

  24. Woods walker says:

    If eating a ginger bread man is considered canibalism then a bunny eating chocolate bunnies wpold be.-Woods Walker

  25. Has ANYONE else noticed: OMG!!!! THAT’S THE SNOW-CONE BUNNY!!!

  26. its puffy babies amd crunchy babies

  27. Well holy crap, Darcy, you’re totally right. Same Flikr stream and everything. Guess it’s not a huge bunny after all, eh?

  28. *Loved* the link, Deloni!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Chocolate bunnies! Yum!

    And here’s the king of Peeps websites:


  30. Okay the King of the Peeps is too funny… I actually got the peep makers for my last birthday!

    As for the bun… SOOOOO prosh! I just want to snorgle it and kiss it wittle bunny nose!

  31. Lord of the Peeps – thanks, AuntieM.


  32. What’s the veiny, horribly scarred looking, piece of flesh behind the bun?

  33. Wooly Mittens:
    I think thats another bun. LOL!!!!!!!

  34. The thing is a pillow.

  35. i totally just scarfed down one of those lindor bunnies, it was waaay too good. that bunny is waaay cute, too. oh man!

  36. cameron says:

    mmmmmm……lindt rabbit.

  37. i love rabbits and i love lint bunnys so i lov that pictur