Can I please have some attention today, too?

I mean, come on!




Easter Pup by Edward S.!



  1. JessJess says:

    *falls out of chair giggling* He looks so annoyed and yet so adorable! XD
    (\ /)
    (> < )

  2. LOL!
    Cute or sad, definitely!!!
    (Both, actually…)

  3. This belongs in Cute or Sad? pics, don’t ya think so?

  4. Grumpy face with bunny ears, hmmm…

  5. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Oh yeah — that is One Happy Dog, there. That’s the kind of industrial-strength joy that leads to hostage situations and workplace shootings. If I were the owners of Easter Puppy, here, I’d hide the kitchen knives and other sharp objects on the top shelf for a few days.

  6. Chantal :) says:

    SO CUTE!! I’m making this my boyfriend’s desktop background!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Are there Easter resolutions? If so, mine is no longer pulling hair out trying to make sense out of certain um… posts.

    I don’t usually go for Sharpei, but that dog has some way serious cute goin’ on.

  8. I’m confused.

  9. that dog is pissed like woah

  10. aww so annoyed yet so cute! I just want to cheer him up!

  11. blondiemae says:

    i LOVE him!
    he’s like, “dude,why me?!”

  12. I’m sorry–that’s the saddest looking Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen.

  13. cute yet mad

  14. Brilliant! Love that one half-opened eye in the first photo. It’s saying, “Eh, it’s a living.”

  15. Definitely “sad.”

    He’d look lots better without those ears.

  16. Sarah D. says:

    I don’t think he looks as sad as everyone says..I think he’s content/dozey (his skin rolls might make him look sad, but I don’t think he IS sad lol)

  17. He may or may not feel like he has lost all his dignity there, but as a sharpei owner I can honestly say that the cuties always look a bit glum or sullen whether they are or not cause of the folds.

  18. Ditto on the cute-or-sad category. Pup looks like he could be hiding two Easter eggs in his jowls. 🙂

  19. “Sad” as in: I prefer the ears on bunnies.

  20. Awww! I’d give him attention!!

  21. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This reminds me of a Christmas card I got once. It had a cartoon on the front of a dog with reindeer antlers and a cat with a Santa hat, both very pissed-looking, sitting on a couch.

    Inside, it said, “Ah, Christmas! Time to humiliate the pets!”

  22. I thought Sharpei’s were smaller dogs? Doesn’t that dog look more like a neopolitan mastiff or some kind of mix between a sharpei and something larger?

  23. arbed0039 says:

    I don’t know much about dogs, other than cuteness :-), but I thought they were wrinklier. And I kinda like his ears….

  24. how cute!
    but he seems unhappy~

  25. LOL. It must feel very embarrass when the picture were taken.

  26. Too hilarious. I love how dogs know when you’re making fun of them …and how later they poop all over the white carpet. Wait, that part I don’t love.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Harrumph, indeed! LOL!

  28. an old yorkie's mom says:

    aww he’s such a natural w/ the warm-looking furry bunny ears!
    and that’s one cute sleepy pooch :3

  29. Bowser looks a little emasculated. “I…. hate ….. easter.”

  30. I love how the furrows on his brow match the carpet!

  31. moptopmouse says:

    no wonder Jeff Koons artwork looks the way it does..

  32. Deckard Canine says:

    Too bad he’s not a beagle.

  33. Heehee, he is so totally sighing and saying, “Do what you must. I’ll just take a nap.” I love him! So patient and sweet!

  34. Subhangi says:

    LMAO at the first pic. He’s like “Man, I gotta do it for the dough.” Hehe.

  35. We’ve got 2 older labs that walk our neighborhood every Easter and both wear bunnie ears……my kids love waiting for them to walk by our house every year! This is the cutest post by far today! My puppies are coming from Kansas in one week….can’t wait to do bunnie ears on them next year!!!!!!!!

  36. “I don’t care WHAT holiday this is, those human shouldn’tve done this to me!”

  37. “no wonder Jeff Koons artwork looks the way it does..”


  38. looks like he’s being force to wear that bunny ear lol…

  39. Would it be possible to use one of those photos for presentation on my own blog? It’s in german language and just that Easter passed for this year I would like to present this dog that he would be glad if his masters have finished their phase of boredom.

    Oh man, My head almost exploded from cuteness overload!

    The other dogs are going to tease him/her so much!