Ridiculous tree sweater

There is simply no category for this post. Introducing the tree sweater by Erika. It’s completely redonk and so funny. This poor little tree outside Erika’s house needed some love, so she knit it a sweater. (Natch.) Here’s more to the story.


Sent in by Carrie (who just might be trying to get Webby votes in for competitor TreeHugger.com!)



  1. Whut the…?
    Are there buttons up the back?

  2. I knew you could hug a tree, but cuddling never seemed a possiblity…till now…
    Oh such a very *baby* tree!

    first post!

  3. Samantha says:

    I want a tree sweater!!!

  4. How’d she get it on… must have buttons!

  5. Apparently the last step of the sweater’s creation includes “stitching” the side and sleeve seams. (see backstory link, above)

  6. Twiggy sweater! heeheehee

  7. This is so funny!!! I love knitting, I think I’ll start making some for the trees in my neighborhood!

    Love the color, too!

  8. Okay, that’s treehugging at it’s cutest. It’s dorky and cool at the same time. I dig it.

  9. At first I thought it was a pink koala ^^

  10. Meg, thank you for posting this – it’s inspired lunacy. I love it!

  11. You guys made *trees* adorable. What is this, some kind of new superpower or something?

  12. JessJess says:

    Haha, awesome it’s in Seattle, I should go for a walk and see if it’s still on the tree ^_^

  13. I think that I shall never see
    A sweater hanging in a tree…

    But this pic makes my poem better–
    A tree is wearing a pink sweater!

  14. jsccstudent17 says:

    What do you name a pet possum?

  15. AntsAtAPicnic says:

    How stupid! This site is really going downhill…

  16. Name for a pet possum… lessee… how about “Non Sequitur?”

    Ants: gosh, you’re absolutely right! Thanks so much for helping.

  17. There’s a better picture:


    Brings a whole new meaning to tree hugging.

  18. That is one of the sweetest things ever. What a darling person.

    This could be big. 😀 Listen, I’d buy that in a nano second, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Get to knitting, Erika (how about some with “Hug Me” on them?).

  19. Aw! I love it! We had some really peeteeful pecan trees planted on our driveway that just wouldn’t grow. I had to water them every day in the summer. Dragging 100 yds of waterfilled hose up and down the driveway not fun. Maybe sweaters in the winter would have helped!

    See, Christine, it’s not just us that thinks plants are cute!

  20. Hi everyone, I am truly honored to have made it to Cute Overload! Now if I could just make a sweater for a hamster, and photograph it eating a niblet of corn, I WOULD RULE THE WORLD.

    JessJess and other Seattleites – it is indeed still there! It’s on the west side of Eastlake ave E, just north of Hamlin.

  21. Its so stupid, its cute!

  22. Omg. You should totally have a “Clothes” catargory.

  23. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:


  24. “Knitta Please” Brilliant name, even better photos. Everyone should have a custom cozie.

  25. Knit tagging – who’da thunk it?!

    As someone around here is fond of saying, Brillo! 😉

  26. Michelle says:

    ahhhahahahaha! Adorable! That tat made me laugh too. Great stuff. I lurv CO.

  27. That is *so* cool!!!! Either it has a zipper or a button down. But it doesn’t explain how she got the branch on!!!

  28. lauowolf says:

    Knitta-that is so demented!
    The pink tree covers are great, but I like the door handles best: reverse mittens — like covering the earth with leather.
    Really like this little tree with so-sophisticated little sweater.

  29. I live over a knitting shop. I must show them this photo and the pattern – I bet the ladies will LOVE it. What a snazzy idea! The light hilarity to this is just what the doctor ordered in this insane world!

  30. Between the tree sweater and knittaplease, I just want to hug my blankie and suck my thumb. Lunatic cute! Crazy!

  31. sweet………….

  32. Well I think it’s all rather cute!

  33. Subhangi says:

    LOL … its funny AND sweet.

  34. even I don’t have a sweater that nice…what else does this tree have? a house? a car? other tree friends with sweaters?

    gosh. that tree is such a spoiled brat.

    this is the cutest thing ever. imagine if all trees had sweaters! imagine you’re walking along a sidewalk and there are trees lined up all wearing PINK SWEATERS!!!


    that would be awfully awesome.

  35. I love the knit thingies. My two closest cousins are both knitters and love pictures of clever knit things. like squid or vegetables, or penguins and trees wearing sweaters.

  36. Every time I say “Now I’ve seen it ALL” something like this comes along. I want to see the matching scarf hat and mittens :o) Good thing the sweater is up high enough from Fido or I’d hate to see the dry-cleaning bill. Crazy, cute and funny!

    ….did you guys take turns holding the sweater as the tree grew in to it? lol

  37. Christine says:

    ElfOwl — yay for cute plants!

  38. Michelle says:

    I think this is the cutest (non-animal) thing I’ve ever seen.

  39. Reminds me of a friend’s Goddess invocation:

    “I am the Mother of All Things and all things must wear a sweater!”

  40. twee!

  41. HollyKim — when Le Schmoop & I got married, it was June 1, so it wouldn’t’ve sounded right… but I would *totally* have loved to include that invocation if it’d been, say, February.

    As it was, this was one of the readings:

  42. so…. judging by Perceived Level of Loquaciousness, i’m guessing le schmoop is the one who’s right 99.9% of the time??

    ima just going out on a er, limb.

  43. [eyebrow arched, arms crossed]

  44. That was on the cover of “The Stranger” a couple weeks back, right?

  45. And marrige has to do how much with a tree?

  46. Are you kidding? Trees are fine, solid, time-tested metaphors. Shel Silverstien offers a good example: http://tinyurl.com/jrr2n

  47. Cute!!!! I love “The Giving Tree”, but I hate the selfish little kid.

  48. Poor tree is cold? Lemme give it a hug. *Tree hug*

  49. I just found this today. And I live in Seattle!! It’s awesome. Don’t miss the originator’s blog with comments from all over the world! Priceless!

  50. Oops! The knitter of the tree-sweater’s blog is

  51. Kelsey Pee says:

    i love sweaters!

  52. Omg that could possibly be one of the funniest things i have ever seen!

  53. Uuuuhhhhhmmmmm…..

  54. Every little tree deserves a sweater! – Preferably a cute pink one.

    This is a BRILLLLIANT idea!

  55. Erika RULES!!! Hahahaha. Great idea.