Hammie snacks

Kids, these oughta tide you over ’til supper.


😉 Rhea H.



  1. so cute!!

  2. i like the various stages of sleepiness in their eyes

  3. Is that a hamful of fun

  4. chunkstyle says:

    The new Cute Eastwood movie…
    Fistful of Hammies

  5. That is a huge handful of adorable. I would like four handfuls please.

  6. That should hold me over till dinner!

  7. ..do they come in 6 or 12 piece?

  8. Hammie Special on Aisle 5!

  9. I want the McHamster dipping sauce with those.

  10. Haha, fistful of hammies.

  11. I think my head just exploded.

  12. This has almost nothin’ to do with this pic, but I like hamsters so…


  13. Hmmmm I think its called “Moon over My Hammies!”

  14. Christina says:

    I need the super-sized version of this please… what is this, a regular handful?

    Cute cutesy cuteness … Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    The prospector swirled the last of his coffee in the bottom of his dented tin cup, then tossed the bitter remains into the river. The Truckee swallowed it greedily, shimmering and burbling like a hateful child’s laughter. He stared down at the muddy bank for what felt like years.

    Betsey was dying. Nothing could stop that now. The faithful old mule who had been his only companion for the past three years had one last journey left in her, and it would have to be soon. Winter was coming, the rations were almost gone, and soon the unforgiving winds of the Sierra Nevada would blow him back to the Delta empty-handed, a broken, wasted man.

    Three years it had been. Three years, searching under the searing sun. Three years, huddling against the stripping rains. Three years they had combed this river until he felt he knew the shape and pattern of every rock at the river’s edge. Three years, and nothing.

    He scooped up some dirt and water into his cup and swirled them around idly. He knew what waited for him back in Kenosha. Old man Waverly, straining to hide his disappointment, would offer him his old job at the grain silo, and there he would work, and there he would stay, and there he would die, haunted by the fortune that slipped his grasp.

    And that’s when he saw them. Two black pearls among the swirling sediment, sparkling back up at him. He poured the cup into his trembling hand, and there it was: A hamster. He stared at it, and it stared back at him. It would have been hard to tell which was the more amazed.

    Stuffing it into his pocket, he plunged both hands deep into the river. The icy water felt like knives in his flesh, but he felt only reckless joy surging through every vein in his body. He scooped up the biggest handful his two hands could hold, and held it up to the light.

    Hamsters. Dozens of them. He scooped up another handful, and another, and another. This was it, he thought. The fabled Hamster Lode of the Sierras, and he’d found it — at last!

    He cupped them in his hands and ran to Betsey. “Look, girl — it’s hamsters! Hamsters as big as robin’s eggs! We’re rich, girl! Did you ever see the like of …”

    He froze. She laid by the fire, almost motionless. With her last ounce of strength, she lifted her dappled grey head and looked up to him. Then she was gone.

    He knelt down beside her. The hamsters didn’t matter now. They fell to the ground and scurried back to the river. Soon, this place would be teeming with hamsters — HIS hamsters, pouring from the sprawling hamster mine that would bear his name. And there would be lumber mills and stockyards, libraries and charities, meetings with presidents and kings, empires upon empires. But those were for another time, and another man — the man he would become. For now, there was only this man, saying farewell to a friend.

    He brushed his fingers lightly across her cheek, then closed her eyes.

  16. Can I super-size my order of McHammies, two packets of honey?
    These guys are so sweet!

  17. The fabled Hamster Lode of the Sierras???????????? Holy crap that’s funny.

  18. You don’t fool me. You’re that Mike.

    What is the idiom? Snacky Von Snackerdorfl?

  19. They only seem to come in heads – can you also get breast and thigh meat?

  20. That’s almost too perfect!! Is it photoshopped??

  21. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll have the 5-piece hammie nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, please. And a Pepsi. Thanks.

    (The fabled Hamster Lode of the Sierra! Bwah!)

  22. Those are so adorable! The little grey fuzzies!

    This should be another cuteness rule: any critter small enough to fit in the palm of your hand is cute; double points of more than one of them can fit. Quadruple points if they’re staring at you so adoringly, all snuggled-up and sleepy-looking!

  23. Very cute. A happy family in a hand.

  24. BenPanced says:

    AuntieMame begs the eternal question: “D’ja want fries with that?”

  25. Subhangi says:

    Baby Hammie Quintet!!!

  26. Hammie Snacks™, they melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

  27. Does this look like a super-duper cute five-headed monster to anyone else?

  28. Nope, Sadie, I don’t think this is shopped.

    I’ve raised my fair share of dwarf hamsters, and they really are that small (and precious!) when they’re babies.

    Newborn dwarf hamsters look like little wiggly pink jellybeans. 🙂

    I have one right now that was too teeny weeny to make his rat ball roll when I first adopted him. The ball stood still and he ran in place like a little fiend.

  29. awwww….they’re so cute that they make my teeth chatter! A McHamster sesame seeded bun. Kinda looks like a handful of raisinets, too. Run, little hammies! RUN! Everyone wants to eat you! (self included)

  30. Felicity says:

    Am I really the only one who is left feeling really, really uncomfortable by the ‘snacks’ jokes???

  31. Felicity says:

    I should probably stop using the word ‘really’…

  32. one more snack joke….furry little jellybeans!

  33. Christine says:

    I like those rules, Mark356!

  34. ‘Not That Mike the Other Mike’ that was fantastic. WOW! wonderful…

  35. AHHHHHHH! Handfull of hammies! It’s too much!

  36. a bundle of babies

  37. luva da rodents says:

    THATS NOT NICE! AND THATS SICK! YOU SHOULD DIE FOR SAYING SOMETHING LIKE THAT ABOUT SUCH LITTLE CUTIES! and since i haven’t read the previous comments, i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Oh, telling people to DIE for making a slightly sick joke ISN’T sick? And unless you’re psychic, how can you know you’re not the only one who wants people to die, since you didn’t bother reading previous comments?

    The photo is adorable. Yay hamsters! I’m not terribly amused by the joke, but it doesn’t make me homicidal.

  39. “and since i haven’t read the previous comments, i’m sure…”

    Yeah, you won me over right there.

  40. OK, so I had to throw another $5 in the tip jar for this one. Sooooooo cute. (I mean, I know it’s Cute Overload, but still, so, so cute.)

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Don’t you want to just very gently stick your nose into that warm, squirmy little pile of fluffiness and go *snorgle snorgle snorgle*? I do!

  42. Not that Mel the cooler Mel says:

    Hey that other Mel up there isn’t me!

  43. Constance says:

    OH! I get it now! cuteOVERload

    *dies of cuteness*

  44. Espilonarge says:

    Hand full of hammies! n.n

  45. HAW, the other mike! HAW HAW! poor mule…

  46. They are bite size, aren’t they? ::chi::

  47. I used to have dwarf hamsters. It’s best when they’re in groups…then they run around like they’re on crack. Soooo cute!

  48. you guys r silly says:

    Not That Mike… — AWESOME story!!!
    Thanks for the demented creativity!

  49. I will not eat them while I stand.
    I will not eat them from your hand.
    I will not eat green eggs, five hams,
    I will not eat them Sam I ams.

  50. Mook- Cute!!!!! But ya know Dr. Suess day passed, but its a nice touch!

  51. I personally ROFLed at the “snacks” comments. I have two parakeets, two finches…and one cat who is very interested in them. We have nicknamed the four little birds “The Snacks,” i.e. “Hey, will you hand me that sheet so I can cover up the snacks for the night?”

  52. awwww i luv dwaft hamsters, a handful is just enough. fly them to me now xP

  53. The Lady says:

    Too cute for words! Just beautiful!

  54. its really cute but my rabbit is so so so much cuter ah ha ah ha ah ha ahhahahaha i was just joking….or was i.

  55. Those aren’t Hamster’s they’re Degus, a Chilean Rodent!

  56. Those aren’t Hamster’s they’re Degus, a Chilean Rodent!

  57. darkshines says:

    Smoosh! SMOOSH THEM! Softly though *rub hands together, thus massaging hammies fur*