Those aren’t Pillows! II

It may only SEEM like I’m repeating my "A" material. But this image is totally different. Yeah.


Chris C.’s mouse creepy crawled into this location and got photographed. Way to go, Chris.



  1. Cute! Hilarious! Adorable! D:

  2. First post! Ever!

    That couch looks comfy.

  3. First post! Ever!

    That couch looks comfy.

  4. RavishingRobert says:

    OMG; The Arm Pillow Looks Like A Dog Snuggled Up In There.

  5. Sooooo funny!!!

  6. cute overload is my start page. Thats how addicted i am to you guys. Specially to the cute pony and the clapping bunny. Love, love, love.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    I can’t see it. It’s too small. You need a closeup shot, too!

  8. umm what is that in there?

  9. JessJess says:

    I might like it if I could actually SEE what the hell it is…

  10. I don’t get it.

  11. 11!!!! YESSSSSSSS!

    Sorry. I like the 11th spot. And yes, that little bugger is so small, I can barely see him. I hope I don’t sit on him!

  12. Christine says:

    I can’t see him very well either :(. I echo the call for a closeup.

  13. O_O Is there something there?! Oh, a grey dot! CUTE!! @_@

  14. Michelle says:

    He’s only like three pixels wide, but I’m sure they’re super cute pixels! 😀

  15. What kind of animal is it? a mouse ? a hamster? cuteoveload please tell us! before the poor thing gets stuck or squished by a bum!!!

  16. I even went in the other room to get my glasses.

    Is that a nose?

    Is that the whole mouse?

    What’s going on?

  17. If that were my couch, I’d hide, too.

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    I can’t really see it either…but I am sure it’s cute.

  19. Is it a mouse? Is it a piece of lint? Is it my missing sock?

    Whatever it is, at least the *idea’s* cute. . .

  20. Who has upholstery like that?

  21. “Hey! Over here! Gimme a close up! A close up!


    A CLOSE UP, ya jerk, a CLOSE UP!!!”

  22. Zoom!!! I need my zoom! WAAAHHH!

  23. A teeny weeny Peeky McPeekerson.

  24. adorababy says:

    mice are cute

  25. Meg, isn’t this the perfect time to deploy the CO ‘x-treme closeup’?

  26. *squint*
    Give us our opera glasses will ya, luv?

  27. kittymaster says:

    i cant even see the poor little kitten! but i still know that she is REALLY cute!great job chris!

  28. Err… ‘scuse me, but it’s a mouse.

  29. We’ve been *told* it’s a mouse. From what I see, it might be a kitty nose, or a fish, or a crumpled receipt, or something unspeakably pornographic. Who’s to say, this far away?

  30. Chris C. says:

    Ahhh! I check Cute Overload all the time and it somehow took me a whole month to realize my picture got posted!! It’s a…. RAT!!!! (named Ninja) I wish I had a close up of that pic, but this is what he looks like on my belly