Someone call the plumber



XOXOXOX, Lynette L!



  1. twentythreecakes says:

    Poor squishy hammie all cute and scrunched.

  2. pennywinkle says:

    everybody say it with me… awwwwwwww


  3. constance says:

    OH MY GOD! so cute!!!!

  4. Hammies just *love* to snuggle. Me too!

  5. JessJess says:


  6. So sweet! So cute! and this hammie perfectly sums up how I’m feeling this Good Friday in San Francisco.

  7. Little hammie’s so happy because she thinks she’s back in the womb, all warm and snug.

  8. someone help him! he’s going to die!

  9. Erhm…. who forgot to flush?

  10. That’s one clog I wouldn’t want to fix! 🙂

  11. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Not much into hampsters but this one had me sayin’ Awww that is precious!

  12. Why can’t I ever pull one of those out of the sink?

  13. my thoughts perfectly expressed mel. if this would pop out of my pipes, i might not hate it when the sink backs up.

  14. So… would this be considered a hair clog or a buildup clog?

  15. A Fine Morsel says:

    I can almost hear him snoring.

  16. I cant see any of the pics?

    The screen is blank!

  17. Woods walker says:

    That hammy looks very comfortable, let sleeping hammies lie-Woods Walker

  18. The Guy Over There says:

    Hammy the pooh
    Hammy the pooh
    Tubby little rodent all stuffed with seeds
    He’s Hammy the pooh
    Hammy the pooh
    Willy nilly silly ol’ ham!

  19. Lol! XD

  20. Constance says:

    That made…no sense.

  21. Constance — allow me: “Counterstrike” just announced to you, me and the world that he is a pork arse. Simple.

  22. Um…ew.

  23. Glad you made the switch. I’m sure you’ll be right at home. So, remind me why you’re still *here,* then?

    Porkity, porkity, arse arse arse…

  24. Lick My Pickles says:

    I luv those words…pork arse!

  25. freegrid says:

    Hamsters. Yeah, I had some hamsters once. One of them used to hunt cats, another would spin-dry his food in the hamster wheel, and the third was bipolar and went on wild adventures.

    What I want to know is this… The largest species of hamster that ever lived was larger than a grizzly bear, but did it look as cute as the one in the photo?

  26. he can get himself out 🙂 with a little fart 🙂

  27. Christine says:

    Hey Meg…the “Caption Me” feature is fun, but it makes the page take forever to load. Any way you could put it behind a link?

  28. Baroooooooozzzzzzzzzz.

  29. Hmm… looks like porkie’s gone & gotten himself *deleted* now. So you can disregard my last to orphaned comments up there.

    “Pork arse” is still Friday-night funny, though.

  30. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    what’s this about giant hamster? do tell………….very intriguing…..

  31. Hamsters for S. Normal-size, giant, fictional.

  32. kittymaster says:

    i think someone might want to try geting him out, he might sufacate! i never had any hammies but i had about 7 gerbils, 2ras, and 2 cats! not at the same time. i still have 1 gerbil, and 2 cats. the cats stand ontop of his cage and whach him closly. the gerbil is very interested in the cats but the cats want to kill the gerbil! we have a clear plastic ball that the gerbil goes in and he rolls around. he rolls TOWRD the cats. he is very funny!i think a hammie would be a great pet!
    ~ kittymaster

  33. Don’t flush the Hammie!


    Oh, and beware the spacefaring Giant Hamsters, their cool, but they bite!

  34. Elizabeth says:


    *faints with the cuteness*

  35. freegrid says:

    First off, the Buffalo-sized hamster, found in Venezuela:

    Next up, a hamster the size of a Black Bear, found in Anguila:

    I wonder if there’d be any way of training them to be guard hamsters…

  36. what is all this about giant hamsters? i wouldn’t mind giant hamsters…more fluff…more cuteness…more to love!
    i agree with JessJess..this is totally the CUTEST CLOG EVER!!!yes…i woulnd’t mind a hammie clog.

  37. OMG!!! …Ehnnnnnn….If you blow real on the other end suppose ya can get em outta there?!?! Hey…works on my vacuum cleaner (not that I ever sucked a hamster up in it, of course)

  38. Is it just me or is the pinkness there a bit of hammie-hiney?

  39. what did you do to her?
    she must be very uncommfortable

  40. People who say it’s uncomfortable, probably has never had hamsters before. Hamsters LOVE to sleep in little gaps like that, it makes them feel safe. I’ve had a few hamsters, so I would know. ^_^
    and awwww it looks SOOO comfortable, you can just hear the tiny snores. <3

  41. puppymomma—LOL… “hammie-hiney”? lmao! That goes in in my vocab :oP…..

  42. Cute!!!! I can’t believe I skipped this pic!!! Who got deleted? I want in on the convesation!!!!

  43. Another troll, Hammy… you didn’t miss much. Some sweary escapee from another blog with similar content, but in a different format. Shot his mouth off & got himself canned.

  44. What was the other blog? I love cute animal blogs. Anyway, what a rotten way to show that you care huh? Hah! Imagine getting deleted, and him trying soooo hard to get back in!!!!!!

  45. Wow, Theo, its like you’re here to answer everybody’s questions, I mean you can completely tell in the comments that you help most everybody, except trolls of course!!!!!

  46. We are borg. You will be assimilated.
    Resistance is cutile.

  47. Theo: Hello, what was the blog? Right now you’re creeping me out again.

  48. (please… that was a joke, right there, albeit a nerdy one)

    The blog is:
    Like CuteOverload, only obscenier.

  49. Sad, I swear, that website just makes animals sound like sh*t, good thing they have pictures, then who knows what people would have thought that site was about. Ipersonally like cute overload best. Do you know any other good websites like this????

  50. demonstar says:

    i love it!! borg. too funny. i find my hamsters in THE most cramped, squished, stuffed places in their cage. its unreal how they can make themselves fit into such small spaces!! i love it and i love hammies and i love this little one. that is definately one clog i wouldnt mind having!!!

  51. Hammy — check out Meg’s “More! More! More!” heading in the left margin.

    Demonstar — 😉

  52. I checked those out, but do you know more??!!!!! Nice name by the way. So original.

  53. dude, r u stuck or just purposely blocking some hammy way 😉