I lof your ear flops



Tanja A… you’re too much!



  1. I like the picture – Is it a photo of lambs because it is easter and good friday – Jesus Christ, Lamb of God etc ? – Well Done on your nomination to the awards.

  2. what’s a little ear biting fun between friends. Could they be in love? A little sexy nibble?

  3. [looks sheepish]

  4. Those are goats, yeah? What beautiful fur!

  5. Not baaaa-d

  6. nawm nawm nawm

  7. [looks… um… goatish?]

  8. AuntieMame says:

    FIRST POST!1!!eleven!!1


    I was going to make a crack about mutton, but since they’re goats…

  9. i saw that photo while i was browsing tanja’s gallery, so many gorgeous photos, and i thought this was precious. i have one she took of a barn owl flying as my new desktop wallpaper

  10. Rhysanne says:

    Are you being baaaa-shful, Theo? 😉

  11. This kid’s been talking to Rufus, Ear Nibbler Extraordinaire.

  12. “Four legs good…”

  13. somebody tell me about 1!!!one!1!!!eleven! i am baffled

  14. AuntieMame says:

    I’m not sure how it got started, ariel, but it’s a dig at the over use of exclamation points by some who are so enthusiastic that they don’t always keep the shift key held down. Thus, they often have “1” in their long string of exclamation points. Typing “one” or “eleven” is just a humorous extension.

  15. roger that.

  16. Ear-cellent taste.

  17. Ah phooey… there are just so many more SHEEP jokes, and I can’t use ’em… this is really getting my

  18. it’s me birthday! thanks for the aries inspired post meg!!!

  19. i love this! it’s so cute. i don’t see how anyone could ever sacrifice these cutes. those jerks!

  20. It appears to be one of them there rare Tyson goats.

  21. Delicious.

  22. BenPanced says:

    Mmm…somebody pass me the tzatziki!

  23. Goats will eat anything.

  24. Fluffy goat to self, moments before picture was taken: “Hmm … cannibalism on the one hoof, tin cans on the other. Cannibalism … tin cans … Screw it.” [chomp]

  25. moptopmouse says:

    W with that gey reporter.. dewan randi r talked bout on hur redio show..love yer powwl mtm

  26. Looks to me like MTM started the weekend early.

  27. bbaaaaaaa!!!!it’s so kute

  28. chunkstyle says:

    Do you know how close this pulled-pork eatin’, rib tearin’ into, hamburger grillin’, chicken fried southern girl is to becoming a vegetarian now? There is so much soul in these beautiful creatures.
    and as an added note…

  29. More goat pics – yay!!!

  30. little miao says:

    What soft woolly goats!

  31. A Fine Morsel says:

    Mmmm….like a fluffy piece of angel food cake…

  32. Can someone out there in blogland tell me what (0) means when it is in a comment section? Just “oh”?

    Just curious!


  33. (after the photo on the little goat cell phone):

    “So like I said ‘bite me’ and like he did! Meh-eh-eh-eh!”

  34. Nancy — no idea. Context, please?

  35. Happy Birthday to “S”
    Happy Birthday to “S”
    here’s a little goat post for you
    Happy Birthday to “S”!

    And many “kronches” moooooooooooore!


  36. This is the way we do ear piercing in the boondox. Cheap.. but effective.

  37. s—-Happy Birthday! Have fun!

  38. Rayndrop says:


    ROFL, Meg – and that would be quite literal if it weren’t so early in the morning (9:30 – on a three-day weekend SATURDAY – is plenty early enough). As it is, you got me giggling.

    I wub goats – so kyoooot!!!

  39. thanks guys! i’m all like Aw Shucks and stuff…i had a good night and the hangover fairy seems to have skipped me, best bday present ever!

  40. Oh I would love to squeeeeeeze some meh-eh-ees out of those little goats.

  41. “I lof your ear flops

    Does everyone read that in the same breathy accent I do? Like Paul Henreid in Casablanca … or Pepe Le Pew …

  42. kittymaster says:

    my family is a weird family. we do things most families on the face of earth do. this picture made me think of this because one thing that my family does, is say bye differently then any other family. we say baaa, not bye!

  43. “nawm nawm nawm”

    Perfect, ariel!

  44. lol, Theo, I think I’m the only one that gets your ‘Four legs good…’ comment….

    Animal Farm, anyone?

  45. “S” Happy B-Day!!!! Oh, happy belated birthday!!!!!

  46. Aurhora – I think I was still mixing up the sheep with the goats. Ah well.

  47. two legs ba-a-a-a-ad

  48. After the photo shoot, on the lil goat cell phone:

    “So like I told him to bite me, and like he did! Meh-eh-eh-eh!”

  49. oh yummy! 😀