Prepping, prepping, always prepping

Yes, they all look good to go, Natalie E…




  1. Bunny!

    Hope that paints dry o.O

  2. bunniesbunniesbunniesbunniesbunniesbunniesbunniesbunnies…

    this bunny is toooo dear. my bun used to look at the camera like that, like she was concerned you were going to get whatever she had in front of her. bun.

  3. I see some deviled eggs in your future…

  4. Constance says:

    haha. the obligitory bunny with eggs pic. I love it

  5. Beauregard says:

    Oooh, those eggs are sooo pretty!

  6. natalie has given me Egg Envy.

  7. Subhangi says:

    Bunny in monochrome with multicoloured eggs!!! Sweet!

  8. Terpsichore says:



  9. Lapin + oeuf(z) = super- charmante!

    ( )
    ” “

  10. Even the bunny is egg-shaped…

  11. adorababy says:

    I can’t believe it!!!! The Easter Bunny is real! wowww real & cute

  12. la, c’est tres mignonne! (i assume is a girl bunny?) lol it looks like she is trying to eat that green egg!

  13. This anerable li’l fluff says: Remember to make all your bunnies chocolate this Easter!

  14. Stop him hes eggnapping them!

  15. For other great bunny pictures check out!

  16. Astounded by all the roundness.

    Happy Easter, bun-bun!

  17. BenPanced says:

    “Um, this one’s mine…I already licked it…and the one next to it…and the one next to that…”

  18. BenPanced has got my godiva ballotin strategy down pat.

  19. Finn — do you also have a godiva equestrian strategy?

  20. JessJess says:

    SQUEE!!! OMG!! BUNNYY!!!! So anerable, I just wanna snuggle it!!
    (\ /)
    (> < )

  21. bunnyhunny says:

    This is why I love Easter! Any holiday that involves bunnies has to be good.

  22. Bo? You in there? Oh god, how ever did you do that?

  23. Christine says:

    Aww. Pretty eggs!

  24. That bunny is sorta egg shaped, too…

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Is that the Easter Bunny or the QA/QC Bunny?

  26. Oh fer the love o’ Pete, AM — GO HOME! Or you’ll be dreaming in spreadsheets, next.

  27. Even funnier — this was the top pic that showed up in the CuteTracker when I posted that last comment:

  28. KiMbObImBo says:

    Cute Easter bun bun!

  29. Bun-Egg!!!

  30. So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. These eggs hand–er, nose inspected by your friendly neighborhood easter bunny.

  32. bunnies dont lay eggs

  33. Your sweet bunny will be on a personal home-made Easter card from me to my adopted daughter tomorrow. I didn’t want to buy a card in front of her – wanted to surprise her. Thanks! The Easter Bunny Rules!

  34. Sabrina says:

    Look! It’s the Easter Bunny!

  35. here comes the easter bunny hopping down the bunny trail