You think ten toes is sufficiently cute? This one goes to eleven:


>^-•-^< Thanks, Demian G.



  1. OMG! Those are the cutest toes ever!

  2. Christine says:

    First, I think! Awww.

  3. StormCat says:


    *thud as the viewer collapses from the cuteness factor*

  4. errhhnnn!!!! ehn!!
    gwab stwing n’ kick toes

    over-the-top SWEEET

  5. Oh oh oh oh oh oh it’s oh
    she’s upside down and
    polydactyl mitten-feet and
    and and calico spots and

    …wait. Who’s fishing?

  6. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You scratched my father: prepare to die.

  7. KITTEH!


  8. awwwwwwww, and the little face-spot!

  9. The feet and lower hind legs looke remarkably like *bunny* feet/hind legs…

    ( )
    ” “

  10. he looks so edible! i mean…adorable!!!

  11. Joshua – ha!! That’s great. classic.

  12. If he goes to eleven, this must be one loud – as well as alarmingly cute – kitten.

  13. Tiffany B. says:

    makes me want 11 toes.

    it would be cute, right?

  14. If cats ever get opposable thumbs then we’re doomed.

  15. My family has a polydactyl Manx named Mocha. She has way more toes that this little guy though.

  16. I looooove polydactyl kitties!!

  17. I looooove polydactyl kitties!!

  18. Meow House says:

    Kitty got Pink Beans on the bottoms her of feet. Sweet beans, tiny beans, waiting to be eaten. I shall bake them with sauce.

  19. yesss i finally sent in a few pics to cuteoverloaf and hopefully some of them will be posted. oh yah Super kawaii pic.!

  20. “CuteOverloaf” — I like that. Describes many of the rabbits I’ve seen here.

    [winks to E.C.]

    Incidentally, it also describes my work style today.

  21. This is actually a valuable lesson for all children – flossing your teeth IS fun!

  22. oh kitty. that makes my day better. what a SCHWEET little face. . .

  23. wombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombatwombat

    Take that, TheO! [giggles]

  24. bunnyhunny says:

    It’s not just one bonus paw pad, it’s three! Funny how extra digits on people is creepy, but on kitties it’s adorable…

  25. Have people noticed that “Bonus Paw Pad” is an official
    category now?

    That calls for another Yay! from Theo.

  26. Oops – I misread, and misposted. [turns red.]

    But paw pad shots *could* be a legit category all the same…

  27. Joshua– HAH!!! Good one.

  28. KiMbObImBo says:

    How cute!!! 🙂 That is such a sweet picture!

  29. Joshua: INCONCEIVABLE!

  30. Oh Kitty with eleven toes
    Your lambent eyes and pearly nose
    Have sent me helpless into throes
    Of admiration.

  31. Josh…FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS! Love it!!

    What a cutie patootie!

  32. Indeed, my daily SQL woes
    Have vanished like extinct Dodos
    ‘Tis terminal, I must suppose:
    This kitillation!

  33. Theo: LOL.

  34. It’s brilliant. I was going to go to two verses but the brain is dead due to sickness. you done finished my pome. . .

  35. “lambent eyes”

    “This kitillation!”

    w00t to y’all!

    I’m about half-afraid to see where this goes next…

    [Sound effect – slash, slash, slash]
    Zee mark of zee Buunnnnyyy!!

    ( )
    ” “

  36. JessJess says:

    While 11 kitten toes is adorable, I think 11 human toes would be scary, Tiffany B.

  37. I want it!!!! SOOOO CUTE!

  38. You’re breaking new ground in the field of cute.

  39. pink paw pads…I want to bury my nose in them! So prosh…

  40. Haha, I loved the caption.
    “Why don’t you just make ten cuter and make ten the number?”

  41. Theo! LOL. Never go on vacaishe again!

  42. Subhangi says:

    Little kitty playing with a string,
    Doesn’t know how to untangle the thing.
    Tired, it soon settles down to doze.
    And thats when I notice – ELEVEN TOES!!!

  43. Deliciously EXTRA FEEBS!!!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    O rosy lips and fuzzy bum,
    And nose that looks like chewing gum;
    Your toes are not the normal sum
    Of carpalation!

  45. aww poor cuteness. with the leftover toes

  46. Subhangi and AuntieMame – wow! Just wow.

    [A bow in your direction]

  47. An intriguing combination of cute and creepy…

  48. That kitty looks so much like mine! Looove the black splotch by it’s eye.

  49. I just took on the task of raising 4 (3-3 1/2 wk old) kitties that were rescued from a small well. The guy was going to take the to the Humane Society, but I know they’re swamped as it is so I thought I’d try first. I’ve been too busy bottle feeding to count toesies. I got a chance this morning and noticed all four had more than 5 pads and two of them look to be clover footed (?) Will it make it harder to find homes? I’m now thinking that’s why they were abandoned :o( I already have two cats or I’d keep ’em all!

  50. —-want to add….this kitty is adorable!

    I think we’ll have to start adding “piggies” to the one who went “wee-wee all the way home”! This kitty just wanted to go BACK to the market (smart AND cute:)

  51. Auntie Mame: LOL.

    Carlisa: Being “polydactyl” (the technical term for having extra toes) shouldn’t hurt your kitties’ chance for adoption at all. In fact, some people consider it a desirable quality (I do–what’s not to love about a kitty with extra toes?!)

  52. Arg, it’s like Cuteness Quintupled or something!

  53. Kris, in New England says:

    Just ADORE pet feet – what’s not to love about extra toes?! Just look at those little pink pads – you gotta know they are soft like a baby’s tushie.

  54. AuntieM — Schweeeet. (And Subhangi too, in separate format.)

    So who’s gonna give us a fourth stanza?? C’mon, step up!

  55. Meg’s muse alone’s the one that knows
    The power that is our CO’s
    It charms its friends and wins its foes
    To Cuteness Nation!

    >>sorry, probably lousy. but couldn’t resist. Chalk it up to being sick.< <

  56. I dunno, I think I count 12…

  57. Eowyn 2 — you seem to have some pretty sweet kitty photos your own self.

    Cats lurrrve them fleecey sweaters. Yep.

  58. Squee! Polydactyl cat! My kitty LucyFur has an extra toe on each front paw. They look like little thumbs!

  59. Lee Gibson says:

    Polydactyly==Teh Cute. YAY!

  60. ooooh, i love extra toe’d kitties. they go under the “more to love” catagory. i also bow in the general direction of the poemers. we will need a poetry book bublished pretty soon. i know i would buy it!

  61. —A thinker— I appreciate your input on this. Thank-you! I never heard that word (polydactyl) before so I looked it up and they have some sites on it that I’m anxious to read. I didn’t know it was that common and according to what little I DID have a chance to read, it’s actually more “normal” than the 5 toes. Says they started out that way from early time. Take THAT, Garfield!!!!! haha!

  62. LOL this Kitty is cute but hows about a Munchken Cat they have SHORT LITTLE LEGS 🙂

  63. actually, it’s lots more than expected: cats have only eight on their back paws. sooooo cute.

  64. Michelle and Lezleigh says: