Although, with a little bun like this, it’s more like: "buh—I—uh..bah..woo?" ’cause he’s all small and timid and stuff.


🙂 to Dave L.



  1. KiMbObImBo says:

    What a cute little bun bun!

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Easter is so here, y’all.

  3. Oh, so tiny! My dad used to find these guys cuddled up in little holes all over our lawn when he was mowing. Being the big softie he was, he’d just mow around the holes and let them be. Our lawn was a little on the patchy side, but full of cute fuzzies–well worth it!

  4. oh boy, i never knew anything could be so cute…it makes me wanna bang my head or something.

  5. aww bunny! living out in the Nevada sticks as a kid, I saw bunnies big and small all the time. Sadly, some became the victim of my cat, and i would always bury them. but i sure love bunnies, even though they make my eyes water from the allergies 😦

  6. *snorgles the wee fuzzy bun, ever so gently*

  7. weasel_tea_party says:

    So cute! I have a weakness for bun-rabs.
    I think only dogs get to say Baroo, though. It’s a doggish noise.

  8. sadie_asher says:


  9. fawn lust says:

    tiny tiny tiny! oh, so sweet.

  10. fawn lust says:

    oh, i agree about the doggishness of that noise, though. what’s a tiny rabbit noise? do they even have any?

  11. The only time I’ve heard bunnies make noises was on nature documentaries, and mostly during moments of not-at-all-cute but naturally-necessary sheer terror. Someone please tell me they make happy noises too?

  12. Ponygirl says:

    A bun in the hand is worth two in the grass…

  13. tiredcynic says:

    My little bunny would give the cutest little “reh reh reh” gruntles when she was happy…I called them her “bunny purr”.

    Sooo cute…

  14. It looks like my old bunny, Marshmellow, ahhh, the memories..:)

  15. Cute little bunny!!!

  16. That bun, my friends, is the definition of prosh. Soooo cute!

  17. Sweet! I put one of Dave L’s pics (from this set) on the CuteTracker a few weeks back, yo!

    ( )
    ” “

  18. Subhangi says:


    Love the captions, Meg.

  19. Bunnies do “tooth-purr”… but most of their language is body language.

  20. The little bunny feet are knockouts!

  21. Christine says:

    *squeal* SO CUTE!!! LOVE!!!

    Aww, Jude…I couldn’t imagine seeing something as adorable as that bunny and not mowing around it.

    What is unfortunate is that bunnies, which are probably my favourite animal, like to eat pansies, which are probably my favourite flower. So it’s hard to have the two of them in the yard at the same time. 😦

  22. I wanted to immediately type what a cute tiny bun this was, but the fierce cuteness of the picture made me punch a hole through the wall. Extracting my hand got a little dicey.

    What a cute tiny bun!!

  23. Michelle says:

    Christine, put your pansies or jump-ups in pedestal containers or windowboxes and enjoy the buns too! 😀

    Aww scrummy lil cinnamon bun. ::stuffs in mouth::

  24. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    A bun bun in the hand is worth getting posted on C O!

  25. Stuffs in mouth—love it.

  26. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Jude sweet post!

  27. I just want to snorgle its teeny ears…

    Threat: the next C.O. t-shirt had better have a *bunny* on it or I’ll… well, that kinda fell flat! Who could threaten anything in the face of such overwhelming cuteness? 😉



  29. identity-crisis says:

    this bunny is a killer.

  30. Sweet little wild baby rabbit…

    What to do if you find a baby rabbit:

    If you care about rabbits, help save the endangered (yes, believe it or not) New England cotton tail rabbit. If you donate to the cause, they’ll send you a toy you can cuddle.

  31. Kris, in New England says:

    Bunnies make all sorts of noises. We’ve had 2 house bunnies and they really are full of attitude and love.

    One of them used to hop in figure 8s around our feet (if bananas were being offered) and making a little “mhmm mhmm” sound.

    And when dreaming, there was alot of whiffling and snuffling going on. I used to love to curl up next to them and listen – I called it “speaking in deep rabbit”. I imagined them dreaming of fields of flay-rah.

    Ah I do miss my bunnies.

  32. little miao says:

    What a precious baby bunny!!

    Thanks for the good info, Tom. I’ve lived in New England for several months now and haven’t seen a single bunny, even in semi-rural parks, so I can believe that bunnies are engangered here. It’s sad not to see little rabbits hippity-hopping on nature walks.

  33. Oh, no, keep it away from me, please is to CUT….

    Happy Easter!

  34. Oh, he’s so cute!

  35. Bunny speak? Everybody knows bunnies speak Lapine. I always called the little breathing snuffling noise they make a “wuffle.” Wufflewufflewuffle.

  36. Christine says:

    I may do that later on when I have my own place, Michelle. 😀

  37. my bunbun makes a gurgle sound when its just woken up its soo cutee! i have three others there all related thersa mommy daddy and a bwuther and a sisster. sisster makes the gurgle and mommy makes the grunts lol

  38. Hunter D. says:

    IT’S SO FUZZILY! I WANNA CUDDLE IT… I used to have a rabbit once. He was pure evil! He’d poop all over the place, bite me, and scratch. I now call him “Attila”, after the great leader of the Huns. I suppose this website is all I got… 😦 😦 😦

  39. fwuffy_boonyay_snorgla says:

    to any/every body who reads th posts, i know mine are usually late, but it usually doesn’t hit me to check cute overload and i get up usually at like nine, ten so i thought id let u know (i hope noones tried to e-mail me i can’t check that account, thats y i use it)

  40. Hey, those’re my hands in that picture! This is how we found the bun –