My little Pony

Joanne from Pacific Pintos sent in another gem. Welcome "Cherries Jubiliee" the tiny foal. What a great name during Cherry tree season.


Hooves up, Joanne;)



  1. Oh man… wait till Le Schmoop sees this…

  2. I do believe that horsie’s covered in fuzz–Luscious!

  3. Christine says:

    Aww, so cute! And I *think* I got the third comment, too.

  4. Sooooo cute!!!!!!! Cherries Jubiliee, is such a nice name for a cute pony!!!!!

  5. this could be the first time I’ve ever wanted to snorgle a horse !

  6. little miao says:

    The Prancing Pony.

    How adorable!

  7. He looks so small. How cute!!!

  8. “this could be the first time I’ve ever wanted to snorgle a horse !”

    Horses can be incredibly snorgle-worthy. And many of them enjoy it!

  9. Cherries Jubilee is flaming ADORABLE. And that coy smile as turns towards us…? And that little cotton-y tail…? Oh, just kill me now.

  10. Cherries Jubilee is flaming ADORABLE. And that coy smile as he turns towards us…? And that wisp of a cotton-y tail…? Oh, just kill me now.

  11. Michelle says:

    OMG PONIES!!!!!1one

  12. Ewww…I feel strongly about this, but not enough to double-post. Sorry about that.

  13. Tee hee! I only ever had one My Little Pony growing up, and it was Cherries Jubilee. This guy is much cuter though…Fuzzylicious!

  14. Is this even real?? He’s too cute to be real.

  15. Fuzz-ball-licious!

  16. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    My what an adorabibble widdo po…neigh!

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Did they cross-breed him with a Pointer or something? 🙂

    What a cutie!

  18. I’m impressed with the diversity of animal species shown on the site lately.

  19. Subhangi says:

    Wheeeee!!! Fuzzy lil’ pony!!!!

  20. JessJess says:

    Look! She even has her paw–erm hoof up!

  21. poonee, poonee!

  22. Pernilla says:

    You know that Cherries Jubilee is actually a My Little Pony, with exactely the same pose -I think??!!

  23. Someone needs to sellotape a couple of cherries to his little bot and take another photograph.

  24. I was about to post the same thing about the My Little Pony ! But, never ever have a seen a picture like this where a pony actually POSED like that! TOO CUTE! I never knew ponies could be so darn cute and fuzzy!

  25. Wheeee! It’s another miniature horse (NOT pony, peeps. . .)

    And Auntie Mame: LOL!!!

  26. cutesie pooo-toootsie!

  27. i like to prance preciously!

  28. As someone mentioned before, I love the fact that the little one is named after a My Little Pony! It’s soooooooooooo cute….

  29. A miniature horse! I didn’t know they built those.

  30. FUZZY!!!! *dies*

  31. adorababy says:

    me like pretty little horsie toooooo………


  33. she’s beautiful!!!

  34. nonono not the one leg up!!!! **dies**

  35. Ponygirl says:

    She’s a “Whinny”er! Top prize for cuteness today!

  36. this is a very cute picher so cute i woold by it for $25000 if i had to

  37. What’s the difference between a pony and miniature horse?

  38. Rule Number 1, Rule Number 1! Precious!

  39. Awww dontcha just wanna squish him? Eep!

  40. PonyLover says:

    I see evil in his eyes, really, i do!!!

  41. Fantastic. I loves a little pony, partic one that throws its mane back, glances at the camera, and puts a hoof up.
    Work it, Pony Girl, work it OUT!

  42. I see an “America’s Next Top Model” in the making!!!!!!!!!

  43. Li: ponies and horses have distinctly different “conformation” (body makeup and proportions). The idea of a miniature horse is that they are bred to have the same body style as a horse, just much smaller. In mini horse shows, the minis with proportions most like a big horse will win the most prizes (in classes judging on looks).

    Also, minis are smaller than ponies. They can’t be ridden but are sometimes used for driving (horse-style with a cart, that is).

  44. i love this pic it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  45. That horse owns me.

  46. OMG, PONY!

    Theo, erase that request for the Ultimate Doghouse in the backyard–how about the Ultimate Mini-Horse Stable?

    Off to check the city zoning restrictions,

  47. Well, we’d definitely be popular…

  48. RavishingRoberta says:

    Pony’s Are Bby Horses. Miniture Horses Are Just That, A Smaller Version Of An Adult Horse (At Least I Think) I Also Think That The Miniature Horses Are What They Use For Handicap Folks. Yes; Just Like A Working Dog; They Imploy Miiature Horses.

  49. Err… *foals* are baby horses/ponies, minature or not.

    Mini-horse *in sneakers*:

  50. nooooooo, not the sneakers! look away!

  51. RavishingRoberta says:

    E Collison ….. Thank You For The Info & For The Picture, That Is Way Cute.

  52. Jessica says:

    its like that pony should be in “pocket pets.” It is so perfect and little!

  53. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  54. OOOOOoooooo ma gawd!!!! It’s soooooooooo koooooooowwwt!!!! 🙂

  55. Ahem, Ahem, has everybody died of cuteness???

  56. adorabable says:

    that is the tiny tiniest pony in the entire world! that is just about the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  57. Awwww, she looks so cute! But she looks like, hey everyone look at me i’m the cutest foal ever! Oh well she got the attension! and she deserves it being that cute! I just want to give her a BIGGG cuddle! lmao! and Joanne thats sweet too, just wait till i tell all my mates, you will soon get LOADS of comments! XX

  58. oops sorry! I’m so stupid! i said her names Joanne, i must have read somewhere else, cuz its acutally Cherries Jubilee! im so sorry 4 calling your foal the rong name. Im guna b a laughing stock now . . . Sorry anyway Cherries Jubilee is cute still, so no worries! Im such a idiot! XX

  59. tori i love ponies!! *squeee!* says:


  60. sally sollah says:

    sally wants to re-name this horsey “sally jubileeno” because that’s her favourite colour in the whole wide world, sally, sally, sally sally. Luvs ya horsey xxx