Holy crapulence! Sweet!

Vote4us_108x108_trans_1Holy ear-to-head-ratios, People, you’ve done it again! We done got nominated for a sweet Webby award. So make like an Amerrrrican, and


I thank you, the kittens thank you,




  1. YOWZA!!! (I’m not yelling; just being emphatic.)

  2. Subhangi says:

    WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Go, Meg, go!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

  3. I think I might make like an australian.. FYI thats one of the non America parts of the world.

    Congrats on the nomination.

  4. BOO-YAH, Meg. Congratulations on your nomination and predicted victory. And thank you for a site which remains unabashadly and shamelessly cute. There are not many places online where you can encounter an impassioned discussion on the cute quotient of a baby wombat. Bless you.


    Just like everything else here in the world, americans invented that to.

    Ignorant ass!

  6. Rachelle says:


    Oh, please. Trying to stir up sh*t on a website that features cute baby animals?


  7. Congrats! The Webbys–wow! I’m off to vote now!

  8. i tried to register but it wouldn’t give me a password (the email i got just had pictures on it)

    but hey at least I tried

  9. Congrats! Cute Overload *so* deserves to win.

  10. CO’s winning at 41% at the moment!

    Dawn: The password is part of the pics. You can go to the site & get them to resend the email if you like.

  11. Holy crap!!! CO is in the lead by *far* in the blog category–yay!!

    Meg, I have to thank you for my new favorite website. It makes my day. My hour. Often, my minute. Thankyouthankyou.

  12. Jan Spencer says:

    OK, what category? I’m lost….

  13. Jan Spencer says:

    Got it…okay. Sorry, its on the side.

  14. Voted. /. for the win.

    (Kidding of course… couldn’t even *find* Slashdot on the site menu, in fact)

  15. The info with the password was written in white – try highlighting everything in the middle of the email – your password is probably there – they are just too clever for their own good! BTW – I voted!!!!

  16. Vote like an American? Does that mean only 50 percent of us should do it? Oh, and should we get confused by our ballots and accidentally vote for the wrong site, causing months of debate?

    Maybe not the best choice of words there. 😉

  17. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

    You got my vote Meg!

    Register, vote, and view the stats thus far! Reason enough to do it!

    Go CuteOverload Go!

  18. Rachelle: political comments and/or any other topics irrelevant to cute baby animals is also inappropriate for a site as internationally renowned as cuteoverload. while I love the site, I feel like some of Meg’s commentary detracts from the cuteness of the animals. I have always been a fan of pictures speaking for themselves, not needing any additional captions, made up stories, jokes, etc. in an effort to make it funnier or cuter. while cute overload is flourishing, perhaps this subjective (read: not very funny to everyone) humor should be kept solely in the comments section.

    Just some constructive criticism, Meg. I do love the site and visit it every day. and congratulations.

  19. Hi Meg. Keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it. Whee!

  20. No, no! Meg’s comments are brilliant and funny. Otherwise, would just be flat pictures of cute animals.

    Meg Interprets The Cute for us. Keep it up, Meg!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    But if Meg can post only stuff that *everyone* finds funny, she might as well close up shop and go home. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t find a particular caption funny. Just as there is always someone who doesn’t find a particular photo cute.

    IMO, it’s the captions that make the photos and I would enjoy CO a whole lot less if it was nothing but animal pictures.

    And I can’t speak for Rachelle, but what I found offensive about Daniel’s post was not his views on voting but his ugly namecalling. If he has a problem with something, he can say so politely. As Becci did. Or as you did, Melike.

    The “ignorant ass” dig was completely uncalled for.

  22. I didn’t find Rachelle’s comment offensive in the least. Perhaps Melike didn’t realize that Rachelle was in fact pointing out the exact point that Melike was making about political comments not belonging here (such as Daniel’s). Now Meg is a different story – her captions and comments are all only ever to enhance the pictures, and well, it’s her site! It’s all only ever about the cute, people. Now make like good little cuteologists and VOTE!!! Go Meg!

  23. Mandelbaum says:

    Too much work to register. Someone register for me, and then post the login info for me to use so I can vote.

  24. If anyone actually does that, I hope they use your vote for you, too.

  25. AuntieMame–glad you didn’t find my comment offensive. I was a little worried it might come off that way when I really just wanted to make a polite point. I like arbed’s suggestion of “make like cuteologists” since that includes every devoted follower of the Cute!

    Oh, and regarding Meg’s comments–I like them most of the time, and when I don’t, big deal. Not that this was up for debate in any significant way, but, uh, Meg? Keep it up!

  26. You are kicking the competition’s ass!
    Rocketboom: 5%
    we make money not art: 5%
    TreeHugger: 15%
    BoingBoing: 15%
    CuteOverload: 57%!!!

  27. I would love to vote if the webby site wasn’t designed by some idiot who’d never seen a computer before… I’ve entered their “verification” text too many effing times to count and every time it comes back saying I entered it wrong… *gnashes teeth*