Sand trap!

Looking a lot like a golf ball himself, this little dude passed out while reaching for his 3-iron.


Claudia L! Ehn! [falls over.]



  1. Ehn indeed!

  2. Wee little hammie just passed out because that bunny in the sweater is so darned cute!

  3. chets momma says:

    sand butt!

  4. Tony James says:

    No wonder he passed out – trying to get a ball out of that sand-trap with 3-iron would tire anyone! 🙂

  5. Hopefully that’s “passed out”, not “passed away”–he looks kind of dead!!

  6. mejezabel says:

    mmmmmm breaded hampster!

  7. mejezabel: LOL!!

  8. The leetle feets! The wee nosie!

  9. Aaawwww a wee cute baby. *melts*

  10. Two cute lil’ hammies in a sand trap!!!!! No don’t hit ’em with a golf club, please!!!!

  11. Two cute lil’ hammies in a sand trap!!!!! No don’t hit ’em with a golf club, please!!!!

  12. The whiskers make me giggle.

  13. *in a scientific voice over voice, think discovery channel* here we see the rarely seen “sand hammie” wallowing in happy sleep. while little is known about these docile and adorable animals, all scientists are in agreance that they are adorable.

  14. Meg,

    How could you snag a photo of the little creature that served as a croquet ball in Alice and Wonderland??

  15. FORE –
    teeny hammy feet

  16. hhahaha that’s one of the cutest I’ve seen yet! <3!!

  17. -delurking-
    OMG! The pawsies!

  18. Is that Chinchilla dust?

  19. you guys r silly says:

    holy god, do these little guys have *ANY IDEA* how unbelievably stinkin’ BEYOND ADORABLE they are???
    Feetsies up in the air!!!
    Fat fluffy ball body just lying helplessly in the middle of nowhere!!!
    Wee teensy face!!!

  20. Woo hoo! I provided fodder for an “enh!” entry! ::dances::

  21. (Whoops! Make that “ehn!”)

  22. would it be a bad thing to only ever have adorable hammies on the t-shirts?

  23. I wouldn’t think it would be bad, but it would be unfair for other animals, but go ahead, make them all Hammie T-Shirts!!!

  24. Rayndrop says:

    That’s just… I just…gah…

    Well, that’s great. Just great. Why don’t you just shoot me? WHAT’S WITH THE PAWS?!? They’re so tiny! They’re so pink! And the critter is so fat and round there’s no way they can serve any kind of ambulatory purpose! They’re there SOLELY TO DRIVE ME BONKERS SNUGGLING A COMPUTER SCREEN! Gah!

    *falls on floor, writhing*

  25. Two little sleeping balls of fluff
    all played out and had enough
    On your back with tucked-in pawsies
    cute beyond all nature’s lawsies.

  26. you guys r silly says:


  27. JessJess says:

    Can’t take the cuteness!! *implodes*

  28. Waaaaaaahh!!! Way too cute!

  29. Eeeeeeee! Cute little pink foot pads!! Footie pads!!!

  30. Mook, good one. loves the hamsters
    1 paws up
    2 look helpless
    3 dainty paws

  31. lawsies!!!! blah ha!

  32. The Guy Over There says:

    A little furry munchkin, as in the doughnut hole. The sand is really powdered sugar.

    Can I get a dozen of them with a large coffee?

  33. Courtney says:

    Oh! OH!!! So cute!

    Is he sleeping, or actually photographed in the middle of a sandbath?

    I tried to give my gerbils a sandbath once but they just tried to eat the sand. 😦

  34. Awww.

    He looks like a powdered doughnut hole. 🙂

  35. This hammie totally makes up for the claws on the wombat — PASSED OUT and still cute, how I hope I look on after a good Saturday night!

  36. What a wittle cutie! Little biddy feet, so cute!

  37. spamtaro says:

    Just so-o-o-o precious.

    Our little Ham-ham passed away earlier this year, and every time I see these pictures I miss her so much. We have been looking and looking for a baby to replace her, with no luck.

  38. /. geeks say CUTE!

  39. Christina says:

    Teensy tiny little helpless ball of furry goodness!

  40. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, but they’re sweet enough without rolling them in sugar and cinnamon!

    The little nose and the little feets!

    And the little frowny mouth, looks like Jaws rising from the depths of the ocean. (If I only had Photoshop skillz…)

  41. oh my god, how can he be so lovely and cute!!!

  42. “Now who in the world put sand in my cage? Did they run out of woodchips? Hey, this stuff is kinda cozy…I think I’ll just nestle in and ZZZZZZZZZZZ…”
    Gotta love the fluff factor and those itsy bitsy feetsies!

  43. Speaking of Chinchillas, I don’t think we have one on this site yet!! They are so adorable when they roll around in their dust. We must get one, Meg!!

  44. Woods walker says:

    That hammy better get out of that sand trap before someone mistakes it for a different kind of golf ball.-Woods Walker

  45. “How could you snag a photo of the little creature that served as a croquet ball in Alice and Wonderland??”

    No, no – it was *hedgehog* croquet in Alice… See “Unusual Animals” category for Meg’s baby hedgehog/croquet post.

  46. *dies* I think thats one of the cutest little hammies ever!

  47. I want to poke him in the tummy with my finger… Me so tie-tie too, little hammie. nigh’night.

  48. Hammie feets! Oh no! Must resist urge to run out and buy a hamster! Oh, cuteness poisoning! *death*

  49. Christine says:

    I seem to be missing something…how do you guys all know this is a hamster? I just see the paws.

  50. Hey, Christine, see some of the hamster links on the left, including K Akagami’s hamster (
    and Baruchito’s Home Cage (

    K. Akagami even has a lil’ sandbox for the Akagami ‘sters.

  51. Looks like he’s bunkered down for the night.

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Bunkered down for the night…

    Bwah ha! Good one, C-KPB!

  53. BenPanced says:

    Guess the excitement at making the front page of CO was too much for the little grubber to take!

  54. Subhangi says:

    “‘Sup, me hammiez? Nope, can’t hit da ‘hood today. I’m totally totalled, dude. Gotta crash for a bit.”

    LOL, good one, Mook!

  55. Swing and he’s gone…

  56. Christine,

    I know it’s a hamster cuz I’ve had dozens of them. I used to breed Siberian hamsters.

    That’s definitely a hamster. 🙂

    And yes, they’re all that cute. My kitty has one named Dostoyevsky.

  57. Gillian——–Your kitty doesn’t try to attack the hamster? My son wants one but we have two cats. I’m afraid it might wiggle away from him and one of my cats is a real mouser. She’d probably grab it in mid air.

    This pic is too cute to comment on. Looks like he’s sunning himself at the beach.


  59. christine and gillian,

    yup! it’s definitely a hamster, cos that’s my Pudding! 🙂 Pudding always sleeps funny.

    They’re both white faced roborovskii dwarf hamsters. They were just three weeks old in this picture.

    😛 about 200 more photos of them here. haha.

  60. Claudia—- Are you sure the other hamster didn’t “pooty-toot” and gas him out?

  61. erm Dumpling could have squished all the air out of Pudding though 😛

  62. “This pic is too cute to comment on.”

    Never stopped us before…

  63. *speechless*

  64. Feet… too much… brain… exploding… tell wife… I love her… KA-BLOOEY!

  65. oh this is my friend on flikr! her hammmies are too adorable! :DD

  66. Good grief, Dumpling and Pudding? Even the names are too prosh for words!

  67. This qualifies for a Cuteness Trifecta. I especially love the wee little hamster mouth hanging just slightly open. Him’s tie-tie.

  68. hamster- “WHO FARTED?!!?”

  69. My work caption: If I play dead, will you go away?

  70. aahh…aaahhh…aaahhh…my poor heart, this is just too much, it’s just too cute for words.

  71. Hey, thanks for the comments of appreciation for my humble poem – credit to Pudding – my momentary muse.

  72. Mook — hey — is that Earthlink email address of yours valid? ‘Cause, you’ve got mail…

    (sorry bout the “broadcast” comments here, peeps)

  73. this pic really makes me happie. r u making sand cotton ball?