Puppy Monorail Mark II

James the Architect and member of the monorail society and good pal Shirley have just alerted us that there is a PUPPY MONORAIL UPDATE! This is big, People (literally, the puppies have grown!)


As you can see, the eight-puppy-passengered Puppy Monorail has beenupgraded to five total cars and carry eight pups AND a delightful newpaw insignia/logo. Take that, Bay Area Rapid Transit!


James H. You rule.



  1. ::snort:: but where does it gooooo…?

  2. think the puppies like that thing? they look a bit nervous.

  3. omg look at how the puppy flavors alternate! SQUEE!

  4. Courtney says:

    Gee, those pups look *thrilled* to be on that monorail. 🙂

  5. Express them to my house. hehe

  6. Jan Spencer says:

    Too funny! Just a day at Disney!

  7. Methinks, that if you are being driven crazy by the antics of eight furry puppies, this is the peeeerrrfect way to keep them occupied and out of harm’s way for half an hour.

  8. That is some nice grass.

  9. My puppy says she wants to take that monorail to the dog park.

  10. where do they go? just in circles? hehe

  11. Constance says:

    ….do they have seatbelts? They look a little nervous as one previous poster mentoined.

  12. The puppies are snarfable, but I don’t see they look particularly happy on the rail…also concerned about safety – a 2 or 3 foot (guessing from picture) fall/jump could seriously injure a wee pupper. Not to be a downer…but, I go for safety over cuteness every time.

  13. Methinks they’re saying, “He *had* to stick us on *this thing* AGAIN???!”

    But they are cute, and I like the logo.

  14. Cute or Sad?

  15. looks to me like they’re saying cant we go faster. my pups love car rides(they sarted as babies in a jeep)

  16. okay, dad. wheeeeeeeee.
    take the friggin picture already.

  17. you guys r silly says:

    I’m not an engineer, but I’m thinking: shouldn’t there be BRACES on this monorail??? I mean, it’s just pieces of metal sticking straight up out of the ground…what’s keeping this thing from tipping to either side??? Shouldn’t there be SUPPORTS on the structure??? And what actually makes it “go”? (And how is the monorail STAYING on top of the thin rail?)
    This is all stuff that both me AND the plenty-prosh-pups want to know!?

  18. you guys r silly says:

    As an aside…one year when my daughter was a toddler, she got a little red wagon for Christmas and I spent HOURS/DAYS pulling one of our CATS around our apartment in it!!! My daughter wasn’t impressed with the wagon, but TicTac LOVED it!!!

  19. i’m pretty sure it’s just a model. i don’t think it moves.

  20. At the top of the monrail page, it says “Monorail *Modeling* page.” The builder also talks about working on “camera-ready” mock-ups.

    It’s all for show, folks…

  21. you guys r silly says:

    Oh ok — I didn’t get to go to the monorail page. If it’s just a prototype then, me and the pups will put our minds at ease.
    Hopefully, when the *real thing* is up and running, all of the technical stuff will be worked out…(including doggy seatbelts & CD player and cup holders…&:o)

  22. those puppies goin nowheres!

  23. AuntieMame says:

    “…(including doggy seatbelts & CD player and cup holders…)”

    And windows they can stick their heads out of. 🙂

  24. you guys r silly says:

    Auntie Mame — ABSOLUTELY!! Can’t forget THAT! &:o)

  25. Am I seeing things here? I…I…I..need a drink! Make that a double.

  26. It’s about time someone created a mass transit system for the pup-about-town. That man is going to make millions . . . probably in Snausages.

  27. Awwwwwwww!!!!!! I love it, now, if only I could fit in there with those darn cute pups!!!!!

  28. That guy’s lawn looks great! Man, people and their CA-RAYZY hobbies! “Honey, I’ve got an eye-deer! I’m going to build a fake wooden miniature monorail and stick puppies in it! And then take a PICTURE! I’ll be famous! Woo – Hoo!”

  29. Bioflux, LOL.

    That thing is so cute it hurts me.