Dude, turn that light off!

You think I have too much time on my hands? Get a load of this “Skwerl” site—it’s brilliant—especially if you agree we’re all “IN THE CLUTCHES OF SQUIRREL WORLD DOMINATION.”

Here’s a prosh baby one for you too:


Squirrel: Baroo?  Thanks, Paul H.!



  1. First???? He is so cute!!!!

  2. First???? He is so cute!!!!

  3. He looks like Brad Pitt’s character from “True Romance”.

  4. sshhhhh the baby is trying to sleep…

  5. Whoops. Typed that twice!

    He is the cutest squirrel I have seen on this site. I bet he’s dreaming about those cruton things next to him. Yummmmm!

  6. Maybe I’m just too close to the college atmosphere, but he totally looks like he’s been dipping into the garbage cans the day after the frat party :-P.

    But he’s still cuter than the frat boys would be.

  7. Geez…how many acorns did I have last night? What’s worse, I’ve got an exam later today too.

  8. naawwww i dont know which sleepyness is cuter, him or the kitten “Dude, whats up” sleepy animals are cute should be a rule

  9. Christina says:

    What a cutie! Such a sleepy baby!

  10. You know my skwerl peeps are da cutest evah!!!

  11. this squirrel has some nice nuts!

  12. I’m going to steal the nuts when it falls asleep. hehehe

  13. “Scary Squirrel World”?

    “Skwerls are EVUL”???


  14. haha.. so cute!

  15. JessJess says:

    I know how you feel little guy, I have to have complete darkness to fall asleep. *tucks him into bed and turns out the light*

  16. Aww. He looks stoned.

  17. Christine says:

    “Sleepy animals are cute” should definitely be a rule of cuteness.

  18. awwww….look at the soft tummy. Bet he makes little squeaky “Ehns” when you rub it.


  19. Jan Spencer says:

    Just adorable…little prosh guy…(reaches over and scratches his belly)

  20. OK, folks, I just have to alert you that that sqirrel website is actually *very funny*. Yes, some of it’s kind of redundant and silly, but there’s some wicked funny video etc. Check it out, you’ll easily waste an hour or so. (And E.C., if you’re really worried, it’s all just a joke).

  21. I love his little paw draped over the pink tumtum. [scritch scritch]

  22. anmlvr21 says:

    Notice rule #14…an everyday small item makes you look small…the food looking things beside him! Adorable!!!

  23. Love his little white tum tum!

  24. Sleepy cuteness – I reached over & tickled his tummy – feels like computer screen…hmmmm…

  25. “And E.C., if you’re really worried, it’s all just a joke.”

    Worried? Not me – but I have to say that I think it’s a tad belabored. I do like their spelling of “skwerl,” though!

  26. spuirrel says


    Spuirrel hits camera man

  27. EC–yes, the spelling of “skwerl” is the BEST. I’m trying to decide if my ultra-perfectionistic proof-reading and punctuation anality will let me start spelling it that way!!!

  28. Squirrel PLEASE.
    I said, please, skwerl.

  29. SKWRRL!!!

  30. I’ve been enjoying all these cute pics and your comments. But, I must show my advanced age and ask, what do ‘prosh’ and ‘Baroo’ mean? Thanks.

  31. “I’m trying to decide if my ultra-perfectionistic proof-reading and punctuation anality will let me start spelling it that way!!!”

    I hear ya. But this is one of those times when it *really* works.

  32. Must admit that Tufty the Chatterbot Skwerl is truly infuriating! I asked him questions about politics.


  33. So cutesy-wootsy!

  34. Oh My God….EVERYTHING HURTS!!!