The life and times of a tiny Hedge, your complete online Hedgehog resource 😉 is the source of this terrific little story of "Tenzing" the baby Hedge. Here he is, looking like a hairbrush, on Day 5:


On day 15 then Day 20, Tenzing looks more like his Momma, developing from wee hoglet to perfect junior Hedge.


Until finally, he takes programming classes to become the C.O. intern.


Don’t miss more images of Tenzing growin’ up at Especially this one of him doing the "Prickly Snug" with his Momma on Day 36, and washing off some gnarliness during his first bath on Day 42. Ahn! <head tilt>




  1. cute!

  2. Day #5 hedgie looks like some sort of weird alien sea creature or something. Where is his head?!

  3. Those pictures are so cute i want to barf/ralph/throw up/spill my cookies. AWWW esp. the snuggling one and the bath one. AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant handle it, ive had an overload of cuteness!

  4. Quick! Attack with the computer duster!

  5. Ok, I didn’t think hedgehogs could be cute…but awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Eek! That first picture made me laugh out loud. Hairbrush indeed, or mutant sea urchin, or something like that. . .

    Total adorableness though from the rest of the pics! New CO intern!! Yay!!!

  7. little miao says:

    Hegdies are so cute! Momma and Baby have such adorable wet little noses. I’d like to give them a kitty-kiss.

  8. ♥Sigh… I wish I had my own!♥

  9. Cute yes, but its gotta hurt giving birth to one of those 🙂

  10. Adrienne says:

    i had had no idea that hedgehogs were so adorable and awesome until CO showed me the way. i want one! maybe not a creepy baby hairbrush one….but a slightly more grown up one.

  11. you guys r silly says:

    Can I ask a question?
    I don’t know *anything* about hedgehogs. Are they BORN with quills, or do the quills start growing right after birth?
    Just wondering…

  12. Tenzing is a favorite of mine – and the perfect C.O. intern!
    (Should be “purrfect,” since hedgehogs do make that sound at times.)

  13. Doubleclick says:

    As much as I love hedgehogs, that baby one does look like a testicle in the first pic

  14. The site is down – I think it’s been Cute Overloaded…

  15. Hedgies are born without quills, and develop them shortly after. 🙂

  16. you guys r silly says:

    Thank you emily!
    (I was just concerned about those poor *hedgehog MOMMIES*!)

  17. Thank goodness it is after or OW OW OW OW OW OW!

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    Just adorable aren’t they??

  19. NUH-UH!

  20. Do you SEE the foot in the first picture?? The baby has a foot! And it’s sticking out!

  21. Don’t ask me why but something about hedgies just tickles my funny bone, they are so cute in a funny sort of way.

  22. Awwwww!!!! He’s so cute!! And tell him congratulations on scoring the intern job…such a young go-getter!

    (psst. might want to teach him how to work the coffee maker…he looks like he might need it in the bottom picture. *squee* cute!!!)

  23. OHHHH WOOOOOOOOOW! How cute?!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome! I love hedges 😉

  24. doubleclick: i thought the same thing! (that in the day 5 pic, baby tenzing looks like a spiky testicle).

    THAT is worthy of “cute…or sad?”

  25. We have the hedge.

    Now – bring us a SHRUBBERY!

  26. He almost looked like a cactus!

  27. you know what they say… a thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.

  28. “Don’t ask me why but something about hedgies just tickles my funny bone, they are so cute in a funny sort of way.”

    Same here – and they *are* funny. See this hedgehog video (

    for proof. The music is perfect.

  29. Re day 20: Um shcoosh me – could shomeone “take a letter”?…

  30. The Guy Over There says:

    When I first saw him, I honestly thought it was a pine cone. I dunno, I think they’re cuter when they’re all grown up and more possumy.

  31. E. Collison, that video is *hilarious*. Especially the part where he tips over onto his back and all his feet wave. . .

    That must be what Numo looks like!

  32. Glad you liked it, A thinker. I would love to have my own hedgehog, partly for entertainment value – the legs waving in the air have the same effect on me… (See Numo’s blog for some great pics of hedgehog/tube antics.)

    Apparently, they’re *all* “tube addicts.”

  33. Wow, so they’re actually born that prickly? Poor mom! Imagine a breech birth.

  34. Awww. Looks like a spiny sea cucumber 🙂

    So adorable!!

  35. They ARE born with quills! OUCH!

    Scroll half way down the page and see Tenzing’s development from day one.

  36. LOL!!! Just click on the Day 1 pic. It’s so unusual to see such an image.
    Thanks for the link 🙂

  37. E.C. – yes, if I ever get a wee cute thing, I am leaning toward a hedgie. And I wonder why the tube thing? Is it some kind of instinctual thing related to hedgehog behavior in the wild? I am intrigued.

  38. A thinker, nobody seems to know about the tubes. I’ve seen pics of a hedgehog nursing her young while while “wearing” a tube…

  39. Hedgehog represent. Yo!

  40. is it a… shrub-let?

  41. Subhangi says:

    EEEEEEEE!!! Spiny cuteness!!!

  42. I audibly gasped as I scrolled down and saw the tiny baby. I thought “oh, cute hedgehog…oh my god there’s a teeny one. It is 1/10 the size.”

    This is an excellent example of rule #7.

    I do believe that for maximum impact it may most effectively be viewed a little at a time for the slow reveal.

  43. Love this story of hoglet!

  44. Hedgehogs put cardboard tubes on their noses all the time in their natural habitat. Officially, a wild hedgehog with a tube on its nose is known as an echidna.

    PS – Cuuuuuuuute! new intern!

  45. Constance says:

    For those of you who think the hedgehog looks like a testicle….

    I should let you know, as a biology major…that if your testicals look like that, you should have that checked into…

  46. Do they sell them in the USA? I’ve never heard of anyone around here (NYC)having one.

  47. Nevermind – found answer to my own question. That internet is a lifesaver.

  48. aww so cute! and hilarious (in the first one he looks like a sea urchin or something)

  49. *Searches around computer monitor* Noooooooo!!!!! What about my hedgie??

  50. now i want a hedgehog! gimmee! 😀

  51. Hi everyone! I’m Tenzing’s human mom, and I am so tickled you liked his photos. I have to tell you that he is even cuter now at almost 2 years old. Heh.


  52. I love hedgehog.

  53. Jennifer says:

    are his quills prickly? cuz i want to buy a hedgehog but i have no clue if it smells really bad or anything.