Simple steps to eating yogurt

In case you had any questions on how to eat yogurt off a lid, here is a primer [in the middle of the page]. And believe me, Nana knows what she’s doing; " You have to pay attention, because there are several steps that you must follow!"


Thanks to Lauren H. for sending in, and as always to Javi L. for Baru’s homecage.



  1. that tongue gets me eeevvvery time! look – it’s the same size as feet!


  3. Sad news, Flan just passed away! Darn, first Barru and now Flan….

  4. JessJess says:

    AWWWWWW!!! Itty bitty ham-ham tongue! *explodes*

  5. hi! just wanted to add that my FIRST post ever was actually the first comment. hee.

  6. And Nana is one very smart girlie! We could all take a lesson on eating yoghurt from her. Just follow the directions…

  7. you guys r silly says:

    I had never gone to Baru’s homepage & read that before. I’m very touched by this “Javi” person’s *love* for these little hammie friends … The home page is so *gentle* and FULL of love. It’s very comforting. Check it out!
    Precious little hammie Flan! <3 <3 <3

  8. Javi really is the absolute best “Papa” a hammie–or any animal–could have. His tenderness is sincere, right from the heart.

  9. Oh, what a DARLING! Me lurves her.

    And Rafael, sadly, that is the reality of hamsters. They only get about 2-3 years at most. . .and the fact that this one gets worldwide attention through his website doesn’t change that. It just makes the “sad” impact much bigger. . .

  10. Cleaning a yogurt top is obviously serious business – just look how intense & focused the wee hammer is…

  11. quite a nice primer on yogurt-eating…
    I hope Nana is OK now she’s an orphan (she is the daughter of Baru and Flan)

  12. Poor Javi!

  13. Awesome cute photo!

    Great idea btw!

  14. chibi tongue! kawaii!!!

  15. I actually teared up when I read that the doctor bought flowers for Flan when she died. The worl could use more veterinarians like him!

  16. schlip schlip schlip

  17. That little thing is awesome! Is Yogurt good for them, though?

  18. Poor Flan has gone to hammie heaven…it is so sad. But at least her and Baru will see eachother again. I’m so sorry for Javi!

  19. I don’t know if that’s a gerbil or what, but I’ve never seen such a tiny tongue!

  20. My gerbs will chew the thing into pieces… I have to use a spoon to feed them yogurt.

  21. I love yougart too. yum

  22. Woods Walker says:

    That hamster can have my yogurt. I am alergic to it.-Woods Walker

  23. Yay! It’s a rat!

  24. Christina says:

    Tongue!! Cutesy teensy weensy little baby! Awwwww…

  25. Subhangi says:

    Wow! Golden hammie!!!

  26. Javi,
    All our condolences on losing Flan—she’s so sweet. What timing to show her beautiful offspring. 😦
    All my best,

  27. This is great, I start every morning eating yougurt and I got to see this as I did… hammie tounge!!!!

  28. Hey cuteoverload you forgot to mention flans pass away so i do think you should mention it…for flans sake.

  29. I had a hairless hammie who loved tofu. Fivel was his name and he used to wait at the front of his cage door up on his hind legs and his front legs on the door opening. He died on August 30,2006. I miss him so much I called him my budda bear.I have him with me still, I had him cremated. Fivel my little nekked hammie.