Rhyming Puplets

Teeny paws!
Elicit ‘Awwwws’!

Ear floppage!
Korean Pwnage!

Tiny lashes!
Our hearts he smashes!

Oh, so young!
Tiny tongue!

Sunbeam snore!


[I think that’s Japanese! on the lower right…] Forgive the horrid meter, ya’ll.

\\Update: In comments, everyone says it’s Korean lettering on the lower right\\



  1. JessJess says:

    Awww, cute little pupperz 🙂


  2. JessJess says:


  3. Ipuchan says:

    … ok. this has to stop! i just was here, and went somewhere else, and then backed up to here and there was a NEW PICTURE. Tryin to kill me or somethin?
    Cute to the max!
    The writing looks more Korean or Chinese, not Japanese, but its cute nonetheless 😀

  4. It’s actually Korean! Says something like “Blue bowl-shaped.” Don’t quite understand it meself…

  5. Yep its Korean. Blue something. Aw he’s a cutie

  6. Actually the text is Korean… no idea what it says though.

  7. AAWWWW!

  8. Tiny tongue.
    My heart is won!

  9. they should do pomes more often

  10. its korean. it says ‘paran sahbal’ or literally ‘blue bowl.’ It’s probably just the picture owner’s name or the name of the webpage it is from. what does ‘Japanese Pwnage!’ mean?

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Puppy deflated!
    I’m so elated!

  12. Eesh, they even look like all those cute little creatures Japanese and Koreans dream up by the thousands. They are the Masters of Cute.

  13. (The Japanese and Koreans, that is).

  14. Other Mike: LOL.


  15. Courtney says:

    Puppy beanbag!

  16. It’s Korean. : )

  17. Awwwww!!!! So precious!!! My boss is Korean. I’ll see if I can find out exactly what it says. I wonder what breed of dog this is ???(and don’t any smarty pants say, “KOREAN”, lol)

  18. BENTONG—-Dog-gone-it!!! Didn’t see you post until after I posted. haha! That’s hilarious!

  19. cheek puffs! i want to pinch those cheeks (gently)!

  20. How exactly does “floppage” rhyme with “pwnage”? And how can I focus on details like that with this cute before me?

  21. I could just snarfle up
    the wee sleeping pup
    from tiny folded ear
    to cute pudgy rear

  22. Awww! Such a sweetie, love the little tongue sticking out!

  23. evangeline says:

    OMG! So sweeeeeeet my tooth hurts.I wanna give it a l’l kissie poo.awwwwwwwwwwwww

  24. I love him! My owners just bought a black lab and she’s a bit bigger than that but still so cute!

  25. His/her nose is ultra-cute.

    (And yeah, it’s Korean ;))

  26. I couldn’t stop staring at the nose, the little foldy buttony nose, the mouth and then the bitsy tongue… It’s like, OMG, every time I just can’t stand it but I keep coming back. Sweet misery.

  27. oh sunbeam… I want to bask in your warmth…. I want to snuggle with that cuteness

  28. Subhangi says:

    Sweet heavens, little pupper,
    You just quenched my cuteness-thirst!
    But I’d have been much happier
    Had the sun not kissed you first.

  29. Sylvia:

    What a great link! My dad-in-law was in Australia 2 years ago, staying on Kangaroo island. He told me that a baby came up to him and leaned against his knee as he stood there–he started to scratch him under the chin and after a while could not move because the baby had fallen asleep against his knee! …I wish they had taken morepictures–the ones I have are out of focus. 😦

  30. Have we gotten a confirmation on what breed of pup this sugar-coated wonder is?

  31. kagomechan21 says:

    little teeny puppage! i just wanna tuck him in mah boobage and snuggle him back to sleep so i can see more puppy tongue!

  32. CHEEK PUFFS! Has anybody noticed the cheek puffs? :))

  33. doomchild says:

    Poor little thing, he nearly made it to the yard, butt the sunbeam catched him… I wanna have a nap too..zzz

  34. you guys r silly says:

    Just went on the Cute Tracker while I was looking at the comments for these precious pudgy pups…
    and WHAT is a picture of a hairy SPIDER doing on the Cute Tracker?????

  35. you guys r silly says:

    snoozing snuggley precious pup,
    I just want to *slurp* you up!
    your wee pink tongue and button nose-y
    make me *melt* from top to toes-y!

  36. Awww… he reminds me of an oversized beeny baby! So prosh!!!!

  37. Looks like the little puplet was the one who got pwn3d…all that playing and snorgling and sniffing and being adored must have worn him out!

  38. puppy breath
    sudden death!

    (me, I mean, not the puppy)

  39. fine example of cute puppage

  40. blondiemae says:

    the earsssssssss
    the tongueeeeeeeeeeeeee

  41. I asked my korean friends today and they said the word in the lower right is like what Roy had said. “Blue Bowl” of some sort. : )

  42. Adrienne says:

    the cutie looks like a baby yellow lab to me, but i could be mistaken

  43. Major bonus points for use of ‘elicit’ in a poem. And ‘Sunbeam snore’ – SO fitting. That tiny tongue is too darn overcute for words. He needs mad snuggleloves. Can I volunteer?

  44. Lordy, I can’t stand it! Too cute for WORDS!!

  45. i love his puppy tongue


  47. Vuboq: Cuteness Phasers on KILL – rhyming puplets

    Goblinbox: my *god* those Cute Overload people!

    Vuboq: yes.

    Goblinbox: I mean, who can defend themselves against “rhyming puplets”?

    Goblinbox: THERE IS NO DEFENSE against that sort of thing

    Vuboq: no one.
    Vuboq: NONE

    Goblinbox: it’s like it’s kryptonite and we’re all Superman

    Vuboq: yep, that’s what it’s like

  48. I swear, its that cute lil’ puppy tounge thats making me want to hug my computer’s monitor!!!!!!!!

  49. It’s Korean.

  50. it’s korean. 파란사발..
    What’s mean??

  51. okay, evry1 agrees and its so obvious that its korean. yup..its blue bowl. happy? no more…cutee!! i just love thu puppeh!

  52. It’s Korean !

  53. Tracey L. says:

    i double checked the korean with my mom and it says green onion bowl. i guess it’s referring to the green onion u kinda see on edge of pic. … or could that be…grass? and it’s growing out of a gouge in what could be a concrete step?