Box overload

I just love it when cats curl into balls like this—what’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice]


Grazie, ZaD and Oreo!



  1. Am I FIRST!!!?

  2. YAY!

  3. Cute ball’o flof!

  4. Wow, first Oreo’s bring us chocolatey goodness and now they bring us fluffy cuteness stuffed into boxes. Truly should they be exalted. Yummm.

  5. It makes them feel all warm and segure. They do look very cute when they sleep like that.

  6. How many Ehn’s did it take to get to the center of that box?

  7. Mel! LOL!

  8. AuntieMame says:

    “They’ll never find me in here!”

    Ow, my back hurts just looking at that picture.


  10. Are you serious or making fun of stupid cute destroyers, Pink?

  11. Is that a raised middle claw?

  12. It does kind of look like it’s giving the finger. I never would I have noticed that. haha. 🙂 Very cute.

  13. Oh, this belongs in Cute or Sad – that poor kitters is probably trying to squeeze into its old baby bed!

  14. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    See, this is why you never want to buy your pet in kit form. All they do is toss the parts in a box, and throw in an Allen wrench and an instruction sheet written in fractured English. It takes me the whole damn afternoon to put one together, and when I’m done, there’s always that one part left over that you know is supposed to go somewhere, but you can’t tell where. It’s not worth it, people! Just go to the pet store and pay the extra ten dollars. You’ll thank yourself later.

  15. It is a Law of Cattage: every cat is honour-bound to insert himself into each and every cardboard box he finds, no matter what extreme contortion of his feline form this requires. It’s a Matter of Cat Pride.

    Just ask any cat.

  16. Darcy—-Congrats! You finally got the first post! haha!

    Mel—-I wondered what “ehn” meant!
    So I guess it’s sort of a combo of “ummmph” owww” and “ughhh” mixed with the feeling of discomfort, dread or fear. Like being offered your favorite bean dip before running a marathon? I still can’t seem to nail that word! lol

  17. Not That Mike The Other Mike——-ROTFLMAO! That was a good one.

  18. Carlisa – Ehn is my new favorite word! Being a marathoner, I understand the bean dip analogy all too well. Anyway, ehn comes in handy in many circumstances, although I get funny looks at the gym when I use it lifting weights. Use it cautiously.

  19. Whaddaya mean I barely fit in this box?!?? Hrrrumpfff…

  20. aww.

    15 pounds of cat in a 5 pound box.

  21. I feel bad for making it a big deal to be the first poster in these things. I feel others have cheapened such a sign of having no life [which I unfortunately do not have 😦 ]

  22. I kinda just wanna.. help him… fit, just a smidge, ya know? just a little pet and an “oomf!”

  23. HAHA, my guess is that the cat used to do that when they were little, but now are too big and have yet to figure it out!

  24. From what I know about the speed of UPS shipments, this cat was probably boxed when it was a kitten.

    Love. It.

  25. HollyKim says:

    LOL! I had an aunt who had two cats who would do that. It would be amazing to walk into the kitchen and there in a box on the table would be both cats. And the box was barely big enough to fit the smaller of the two cats.

  26. Subhangi says:

    Awww, it DOES look like it’s giving the finger!

    “Umph! Ehn! Ugh! Can’t squeeze me fat feline ass in … and what are YOU lookin’ at? Can’t leave a cat alone to curl up in his childhood bed for ol’ times sake? Up yours, b*tch.” LOL.

  27. Looks like a little kitten out-grew her box…!

  28. Mel—-I’ve find myself saying it, too. It’s better than a lot of words that it replaces, huh?! And stay away from the bean dip before running your marathon. ehn….ehn….ehn…ehn…oops!

  29. This is simply what is known as a Roll-n’Purr™. It is when a cat rolls over slightly onto its side/back, puts a paw up and produces a small, purring chirrupy sound. This particular Roll-n’Purr took place during a nap in a small cardboard box.

  30. That’s 10 gallons of cat in a 5-gallon box. 🙂

  31. Whattya mean I need a to go on a diet? I can still fin in the box you found me in that one rainy night!



    See (pant-pant) perfect fit…

    oh, bollocks, I can’t feel my tail…

  32. Fleabag, my cat Underfoot has that Roll-N-Purr thing down to a fine art. Sometimes she’ll even cartwheel herself butt-over-ears in a frantic attempt to get my attention. It’s hysterical!

    Our former cat Claudia (RIP) used to stuff herself into undersized boxes, too. I think it’s a comfort thing. Like knowing they’re surrounded by walls gives some kitties a sense of security.


  33. Looks like a botched bonsai kitten attempt.

  34. lol thats like my Abby. I see and Im like “HOW is that comfortable?”

  35. I love it how our cats try to fit themselves into any sized box that happens to be laying around.

    They almost always find a way. 🙂

  36. Luella Tahirih says:


    Now my question is this. Is he just resting while contemplating the depths of Baha’u’llah’s writings…or…is he just sleepy?