Have you sent out your Easter or Passover wishes yet?

There’s only a few days left to buy your baby cousin that monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids gingham basket, People! Step on it!!!!


And don’t think I didn’t notice your teeny prosh tail, Mister.



  1. Oh my Lawd. Tooooo cute.

  2. Hold on now, first? Oh snap.

  3. I want that in my Easter basket! (as long as he doesn’t eat the candy)

  4. OMG


    WITH T3h B1g F33ts!!!!!11

  5. Pee-stained feet!!!

  6. buuunyyyyyyy! so cute! **grabs and hides under shirt** MINE!

  7. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Ooo I Lub a dub dub this cutie pie bun bun!

  8. http://www.makeminechocolate.org/

    Cute bun. Don’t forget to make your bunnies chocolate this Easter.

  9. Nyerher says:

    I am slightly worried,
    either CuteOverload has gone down hill or i have got all mean. 😦 I DONT FIND ANY OF THE RECENT POSTS CUTE!!!

  10. -gasps- WOw! THATS SUUUUUUUUCH A CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE bunny! WOW its really really cute!!!! awwwwwwwww..so cute =3 awwwwwww 🙂


  12. oooooch! my wittle friend, I want to snuggle you, and squish you and wuv you… and… will you come home with me?

  13. Nyerher – the posts are as cute as ever (how could you not find this cuteness incarnate?). Maybe you’ve just got a tincy wincy bit cynical?

  14. cutest bunny everr

  15. Nyerher, do you mean the posts or the picts? Either way, don’t worry–you don’t have to like all of it. Maybe you’re just going through a phase, or need a break, or don’t like it as much as you thought. It’s all ok. Doesn’t mean you’re mean…

  16. Carlisa says:

    NOoOoOoOoOoooooo! Meg! Don’t “step on it”, there’s a bunny in there!

    Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner——

    Excellant point and thanks for posting that! Same goes for baby peeps… My two brothers and I were each given one for Easter when we were very young, they were even dyed yellow, pink, and blue. My older bro killed his by trying to give it a drink of water. :o( I learned a valuable lesson at an early age.

  17. oh, and did I mention how much I adore this li’l bunbun?

    Indeedy-do—>>don’t forget to make all your bunnies chocolate this Easter.

  18. Carkisa says:

    OH SORRY!!!! My post was meant to go out to yup!!! Eyes are going bad from too much CO

  19. dis lil fuzzy bunbun needs a big buunster huggummz!!! could she/he be eny cuter?

  20. Aw. just in time for easter!

  21. Rule of cuteness #1 Paws up
    Rule of cuteness #10 If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute
    Rule of cutness #17 Have a teeny tail.

    Not to mention, the high beady eye-factor! This little bunneroo follows so many cuteness rules, it isn’t even funny!

    Awww..*squishes little bun bun..but not too hard*

  22. Carlisa says:

    OMG!!! Still didn’t get it right—posted my name wrong. Just see what an overdose of cuteoverload does to a person????!!!

  23. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Uh Carlisa I think you attributed me with someone else’s point…Maybe you missed the post alignment…No worries, I’m just sayin’ T’wasn’t my postis all…Might wanna check again whomever the point came from…

  24. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Oh snap! Read your goofed & apology post after I posted that prior post Carlisa…:)It’s all good!

  25. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Oh double snap! I used my old Sn to re explain…NDRO! & drot! are the same poster peeps!

  26. Hahaha!!!!! 😉 me not the only one high on CO :o))) LMAO! triple snaps my friend!

  27. As cute as this bunny is (and it mos’ def’ *is* cute), I think I’ve been spoiled forever by Master Fluff and the teeny wild bunnies that have been posted here…

    Still, this one’s ripe for some quality snorgling. 😉

  28. Kimberley says:

    That bunny is so cute. He looks so sweet and Eastery. 🙂

  29. missjulie says:

    thank you so much…..your site makes me sigh a happy sigh – such a delightful break xoxooxoxxo

  30. Woods walker says:

    Another cute redefining photo.-Woods Walker

  31. Absolutely bunny-licious! Very cute. Good job Meg!

  32. Woods walker, just have to say your username is the best! Very poetic. 🙂

  33. little miao says:

    What a perfectly cute bunny on a soft fleece blankie!

  34. I think he looks like he’s sitting in his Barcalounger – all he needs is a little remote in his paw!

  35. That’s it! I am CUTE OVERLOADED. This anerable bun did it (oh so cute and snorgable!!) – I’m over the edge. One more iota of cuteness and my brain may explode in a shower of rainbows. Can’t. Take. Any. More. Cuteness. errrnnnhh… pop!

  36. cute lil’ bastard looks good enough to eat!

  37. Feety McFeeterson…

    ***sssssnorg**** ‘ittle bunneh feets!

  38. blondiemae says:


  39. kagomechan21 says:

    I just wanna hold em like a baby and tickle his little tummy!!

  40. Subhangi says:

    BUNNY!!! *loses ability of coherent speech*

  41. BenPanced says:

    What a shweety iddle baby sugar cookie bunny bun bun!

  42. Lick My Pickles says:

    Oh little flo… I luv you so..

  43. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  44. Now this is one big bunny. The anti-cute? Not quite – it’s still rather cutesy, just not in the same way as something that fits in a teacup :).


  45. Nyerher, perhaps you need a short break from the site – your cute system has become overloaded & is rejecting cute-data-input. And Danamania – what are looking at??? “one big bunny. the anti-cute?”…?!?! perhaps your system also needs a break…

  46. Nyerher, perhaps you need a short break from the site – your cute system has become overloaded & is rejecting cute-data-input. And Danamania – what are you looking at??? “one big bunny. the anti-cute?”…?!?! perhaps your system also needs a break…

  47. Ooooooh his fuzzy little feets are sooo sweet. Most adorable bunny face, this pic is the very definition of springtime. So warm and cuddly. Oh and Danamania, OMG giant bunny right out of Wallace & Gromit! I’d call him Hutch ^*^ Love that movie.

  48. I *heart* his fwuffy lil feetsies!

  49. mook: the big bunny in the yahoo link :).


  50. This photo makes me think of all the easter bunny pets that, upon reaching bunny puberty, will be brought to the animal shelter to crowd the back room and await being put to sleep 😦 Please don’t buy bunnies for easter, it is a life long commitment to own an animal.

  51. danamania: oh…well – that’s different…never mind…

  52. Carlisa says:

    emfole—– Yes!! I agree…Buy the little ones chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps! :o3
    I don’t even put much of that sort of stuff in the basket because of the sugar but there are many other alternatives like sticker/coloring books, Easter related video/dvds, a beach towel or swimsuit with their fave character, bubbles—a few suggestions, plus it’s fun and you can set the basket back on the shelf for next year. Can’t do that with a live bunny!

  53. oh i just want to pet those soft leettle ears

  54. I rest my case!
    That’s just what I meant yesterday. *sigh* *melt*

  55. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Thanks for the “…my friend” Carlisa! Sweet!

    Friend sentiment right back atcha! 🙂

  56. tigerlily says:

    howdy yall…the poll disapeared on me waahhhhhh

  57. Passover bunny??? Okay I’ll go with it… wine, matzo and bunnys… whohoo and I was happy with just the wine!

    Thank you Pesach bunny, bock, bock! ^__^

  58. “My bunny Valentine
    sweet bunny Valentine…”

  59. Aww…I just want to poke his little bunny tummy!

  60. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    “…Sweet Bunny Valentine”

    Oh so great twist on the song reference Mook

  61. Christine says:

    OMG SO CUTE!!! I saw this adorable bunny on the CuteTracker before, but it’s still sweet and adorable and so cuddly-looking.

  62. I’M IN LOVE!!!!!

  63. Omg its so small and cute! its like a realy baby!!

  64. rock a by rabbit in the blanket
    oh it is so cute