Totally out of control hamster

This hammle is so out of control, it’s hilarious. Guess what happens when he goes too fast on his wheel? THE LAWS OF PHYSICS TAKE OVER!!!


Sent in by Yi Y. 😉



  1. fawn lust says:

    oh that poor little thing!


    first post.

  3. Aww! How cute! I love when he goes thud on the ground!


    *first comment dance*

  4. damn. Oh well—*still dancing*

  5. Bugger! this is NOT happening to me again! this was my last ‘first’ post.

  6. Michelle says:

    OMG I müst håve watched that videø 25 times in a row! I ådore this håmmle from um… someplace with a lot of funny little mårks over their vøwels.

  7. OMG!

    *laughs so hard falls off couch – vaguely resembling video clip*

  8. Wait – cute or sad?

    Still, I did like watching his little legs go faster and faster…that hammy could power a hemi!

  9. i keep watching this, and i keep laughing. poor hammie! i bet he gets right back on that wheel….

  10. luva da rodents says:

    damn that must have hurt him! oh but hes so cute i’ll ignore that!

  11. The norty-est nort says:

    Good heavens! If they taught me physics at school using hamsters I’d probably have done me degree in that… hmph. Bleshk the flying furry cuteness!

  12. Nah, I don’t think it hurt him. I’ve seen this video before–I love it!! I’ve seen hamsters do this sort of thing before and I bet k is correct…he probably got right back on the wheel.

  13. If he hits 88 mph, he could travel through time.

  14. Those of you wondering “cute or sad”–I’ll bet this little guy does this TOTALLY on purpose. And I bet he does it over and over–maybe until he starts going “oooog… I don’t feel so well… I think I’ll go lie down now…”

  15. I agree. He looks like he stops running on purpose. I’ll bet he does this several times a day.

    Also, hamster in Swedish is hamster. Who knew?

  16. Hee! I wouldn’t worry about whether he hurt himself–hammies are damn near indestructible. See how he bounced and got right back up?

  17. twentythreecakes says:

    OMG this video is oddly addictive! It’s so cute and funny. Poor little hammie!!!

  18. *Eeeeeehn, EEeeeehn, EEEEEEEEhn!….WHEEEEEeeee!!! thump*

  19. I sent the link on to several people. What an awesome little hamster.

  20. ah man…. I needed that laugh. I think I’ll watch it a few more times for fun. 🙂

  21. In Hammie voice…”oh! oh! gotta wheel! gotta wheel!
    gotta wheel! gotta wheel!
    go!go!go!go!go!go! go!go!go!go!go!go! go!go!go!go!go!go!go!go!go!go!go!go! whhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! UMPH!”


  22. You know, I wish I had a burst of energy like that sometimes! Of course if I drank RED BULL or some other caffeinated drink on an hourly basis, I bet I could do that too.

    Just way too funny.

  23. One, two, three and a half revolutions! Ah-ha-ha-ha. I love the part where his legs stick out! Sooo cute!

  24. You must always stretch before exercising. That little guy could have pulled a hamstring.

  25. Too funny!

    K Akagami has still photos of this happening, but it’s more amusing on video. I’m certain the hamsters do it on purpose.

  26. That is friggin’ HILARIOUS. I love the fact that his little leggies go in such a blur that it looks impossible. Turbo-charged hamster!!!

    And I’m betting he does this regularly. . .otherwise owner wouldn’t have bothered to take video.

  27. That is friggin’ HILARIOUS. I love the fact that his little leggies go in such a blur that it looks impossible. Turbo-charged hamster!!!

    And I’m betting he does this regularly. . .otherwise owner wouldn’t have bothered to take video.

  28. oops, sorry, hit “post” twice by mistake.

  29. Hammie channeling Dusty Springfifeld?

    “Like a circle in a spiral
    Like a wheel within a wheel
    Never ending or beginning
    On an ever-spinning reel
    As the images unwind…
    In the windmills of your mind.”

  30. JessJess says:
  31. omg – I actually laughed out loud at this one! So cute!!

  32. I think this little hammie is in training for the hamster x-games or auditioning for a mountain dew commercial, i’m not sure which.

  33. weasel_tea_party says:

    I had mice that did this, too, but since their wheel was wire, they could hang on. Sometimes they’d pair up running, then one of them would just hold on for a few go-rounds. I don’t think I ever saw them going quite that fast though. Zoom!

  34. eXtreme hamsterwheeling!

  35. Damn that was funny… if I were a hamster, Id be doing the same too… cause I bet doing that would be FUN. I wonder if I can get a human powered wheel thing going!

  36. Gillian says:

    Awwww, he looks just like my little Dostoyevsky.

    Uh, my cat wishes for me to convey that Dostoyevsky is, in fact, *her* hamster, and that I better get it right from now on.

  37. I have a few friends that say they think the wheel was attached to a motor that starts when he starts running 😦

    Still…I couldn’t help laugh at it. Hamu’s are so cute dangit!

  38. Subhangi says:

    Wee lil’ hammie
    Running on the wheel …
    Round and round and round he goes
    Without even a squeal …

    SO EFFING CUTE. *snorgles*

  39. Uh-oh, ehn!
    It’s cute.

  40. AuntieMame says:

    Ow! D’oh!

  41. K. Akagami photos of same:

    Y’know, the *wheel* is identical, and I can’t help wondering if the video is actually of K. Akagami’s hamster…

  42. hes all like “la la la la la im running…..WOAAAAAHHHHHHHH” -thunk- what a cute little guy

  43. Update! I need a new photo!

  44. Sorry, off topic. And sorry if that sounded rude or something.

  45. I’ve seen this before on a hamster forum! *_* Energetic little fellow. And don’t get your knickers in a twist– that fall probably just confused him for a while. XD

  46. The police should be on his back cause hes reaching speeds to up to 100mph

  47. Fall;;Out;;Boy says:

    I watched it a million times,and laughed till cried!!!!!!!!!


  48. there’s a norty-er Nort than I????

  49. thats not funny thats sad

  50. Gosh. I can see him going

    “wheeeee! Ha, hahaha.. snot! haha, snot! haa haa.”

    Downloading the clip for the kids.

  51. Adrienne says:

    X-treeeem Hammie!!!! that is just faboo. it made my night!

  52. hehe, I used to own hamsters, and let me tell you, those guys can take a lot XD mine would climb on the ceiling of the cage, hit a few things coming down and get right back up perfectly fine. They’re little troopers ^_^

  53. little kicky leggies, wheeee! whatta a little superpuff!

  54. OMG! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy! I watched the clip a DOZEN times in a row and laughed everytime it happened, then started adding special effect sounds!

    “Wheeeeeee………!!” *whump!*

    I find it all the more hilarious as the li’l guy looks a splitting image of my Sapphire! Shame her wheel’s a wee bit big for her to do that! 😉

  55. I think Lucy could give this little guy a few tips…

    burnin’ rubber over in the Netherlands.

  56. Anerable! LOL!

    Loved the cat video too, JessJess! Thanx. Saw both a thousand times 🙂

  57. Holy smoke.. fast legs.

  58. So cute! I actually sent you this a while ago, I wonder where my emails go…

    Here’s another cute hamster video:

  59. Susan,

    End of scene.

    Sweet hammie!

  60. tee hee hee says:

    sooooo cute

  61. Hahahahahaa this is so funny!!!!!!! I played it over and over again and laughed just as hard every time!!!!! Hhahahhahahah this hamster is a genius!

  62. I had same type hamster + same wheel. and my hammie always did same lol
    I live in Japan. I guess many hamsters in the world do that too.

  63. My kitty loves that video.

  64. I totally sent this video in a couple of weeks ago. Guess it wasn’t good enough when I sent it. ;_;

  65. Oh my gosh how FUNNY!!! That just made me laugh out loud at work which wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that two of our clients are sitting less than 50 feet away from me in a conference. Oops! 🙂 Totally worth it.

  66. Christine says:

    LOL at both the hamster and the cat! So funny. 🙂 I hope neither one felt sick after.

  67. some hammy stunt u r making?