Sunbeam stare

Michael T. sends a sunbeam out to California where we’ve had like, 30 straight days of rain. Gracias, Michael (and prosh kitten.)




  1. oh my god, my brain just exploded.

  2. Am I first? Am I the first one to say that my head just exploded??

  3. Wow – a narrow miss. But with nearly the same wording! Spooky!

  4. Christina says:

    Awww… so cute and yet so eerily spooky. Probably just me..


  5. Oh. My. God. That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. Well, since I saw that picture of the two kitties cuddling a few posts down, anyway.

    Hey, it’s sunny in San Diego today, finally!

  6. The Analytic Philosophy book in the background adds a nice touch… is the kitten’s name Socrates?

  7. punkpie says:

    so anerable!

    (I’m sick of this rain too. I’m soggy!)

  8. I don’t know why, but I find myself staring at this photo and am almost overwhelmed with an urge to purchage squishy gourmet cat food. Is this an experiment in kitten mind control?

  9. I love it! OH I’m gonna go squeeze both my kitties now… he looks like he’s posing for a magazine, or better yet, and album cover, you know light on one side, shadow on the other…

  10. Peeekaboo!

  11. This kitty looks like he’s in the midst of saying something incredibly earnest and profound. If I knew more philosophy, I’d be able to put some words in his mouth. Somebody help me.

  12. Wee babyhead!

    So much cuteness!

  13. It’s almost unearthly, as if the ray of sunlight it’s basking in brought it to us from another plane of consciousness.

    Unearthly, unbearable cuteness.

  14. Heh, I was just thinking it looks like those really contemplative black and white pictures of the author on the back of a book jacket. Kitty’s a genius!

  15. Angel fluff!

  16. aww hes like in a little professors portrait in a newspaper, and that book is, like, his first best seller and he is being interviewed by a reporter about his new found success

  17. This is an AMAZING picture! WOW


  19. Lacrossedragon says:


  20. this picture makes me think of those old kodak portrait guides from the 70’s. all you need is kitty in a big floppy straw hat with some long hippy blonde hair and a big daisy

  21. “^_^”





    >^_ _^<


  22. That title sums it up PURR-fectly.

  23. Cutie pie!

  24. When I saw this title, I thought of a cat with laser vision! LoL!

  25. Very contemplative kitty, though there’s something a bit unnerving about its stare…

    As for it looking like an author portrait – yep!

  26. Carlisa says:

    This photo is amazing! Kitty looks so apprehensive. Pictures like this kinda of leave you lost for words because they’ve already said it all. Felt like I visited California for a while. I think you should make him/her your official weather reporter. I love this picture!!!!!!!

  27. Subhangi says:

    Ooooh. Heaven with a kitty angel bathed in luminescence ready to welcome me. Ahhh.

  28. “Statistically speaking, the cat (goes the joke),
    Is half a cat breathing and half a cat croaked.
    To some this may seem a ridiculous split,
    But quantum mechanics must answer, “Tough @#&!”

    excerpted from The Story of Schroedinger’s Cat (an epic poem):

  29. p.s.
    meg, we’ll take your rain. we’re parched here in DE.

  30. The Guy Over There says:

    If Deep Throat was a cat!! :O

  31. Scrumdidilyumptious kitten!

    Plenty of sunshine here on the Northeast coast!

  32. Hmmm, It’s film noir meets 1st grade school picture!

    Verrrrrrry cute!

  33. angel face kitty.
    here in the midwest, it’s thunderstorms, tornadoes, and premature heat.

  34. Aelfwyn says:

    This is a very philosophical little cat. I think it’s pondering the Unbearable Lightness of Being (So Cute). BTW, I thought it was just Brits who went on about the weather? It’s cold and windy here in Scotland and the snowdrops are only just being replaced by daffodils!

  35. Teughcats says:

    Ariel, I don’t know where you are in the midwest, but here in Michigan it’s SNOWING!

    And yes, the kitty and the photo are precious and adorable.

    LOVE this, site, Meg!

  36. gnatish says:

    It might be that I’m just tired, but this is so pretty I’m getting teary eyed. what an angel

  37. There two types of weather in Michigan, Winter & Under Contruction!

    I think this kitty is drinking up the light.

    Perfect wall poster material.

  38. Finn — that Schroedinger’s Straight Dope link? It is teh Über-Shizz and my lmao is rofl. Truly classic.

  39. teughcats: i’m in mid-mizery.
    although chicagoans have tried to tell me i live in the south.

  40. we’ve got daffodils, hyacinth, & redbuds busting out.

  41. opalbeach says:

    I feel like i’ve just been stabbed in both eyes with a rainbow switch-blade knife!

  42. Come on kitty, give us a smile!

  43. oh, it’s darling!

  44. Weather update: at this very second it is SUNNY in downtown SF.
    Thank you, sweet kitten, for the mojo you worked!

  45. Oh hey, is that only one paw, showing on the tabletop? We may have a polydactyl kitters here.

  46. um can anyone say…scrumptious? and is it ok to squeeze the screen?

  47. Hey kitten? Uh, yeah… your powers are faaaading…
    Well, at least you’re still cute!

  48. faye, when you said: ‘Come on kitty, give us a smile!’ I pictured the above kitteh with those anime happy eyes and a smile. Gyeeeah! Cute!

  49. Hmmm…liken that philosophy in the back too! You know this kids gonna be smart!

  50. Sun-bathed kitten with serious gaze
    soulful eyes hint at mysterious ways

  51. Extra toes, extra toes! How prosh…

  52. Christine says:

    OMG, Michele, that makes it even cuter.

  53. THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

  54. to The Guy Over There who said “If Deep Throat was a cat”… I say, yes… so that your dick could get bitten or clawed off, for saying that.