Rule of Cuteness #20 Animals + crockery is cute

Originally acknowledged by Fiv3r, and recently mentioned again by Theo ("Pets in Pots" anyone?) It’s time to make it official with Mr. Woodchuckers here. Oh, and he has teeny ears. Go Northern College!


Thank you, Emily W. ^—^



  1. Little muffin. Now I’m thirsty!

  2. Paiffie says:

    I can easily imagine that under the mug is a hole that goes down into Mr. Woodchucker’s lair. He is poking is head up because “those crazy kids make a lotta noise upstairs!”

  3. Marmot Mocha!

  4. that reminds me of those green tubes in mario that you can use and go down inside for more cool prizes

  5. Hey! I graduated from Northern College! Woo!

  6. i call PHOTOSHOP on that pic….

  7. Michele, you’re right! I can hear the Super Mario music now 🙂

    And I can almost hear the sound of this cute little guy’s little paws, scampering and scrabbling over the carpet….

  8. OK. Normally I start foaming at the mouth anytime someone starts yapping about “OMG ITS SOOOO SHOPPED LOLZ”

    — BUT… I’m leaning toward BeccaJo’s conclusion, this time. It looks a bit iffy around the edges, to me, and I think we’ve got some volume-continuity problems. There ought to be more to that chuck than that mug looks like it can hold.

    I’m not saying this is conclusive, by any means. I’d just like a little confirmation, is all.

  9. I don’t know… he looks a little shifty maybe like “You wanna know how much wood a woodchuck chucks? Fine chuck this!” Woodchuckatude! 🙂

  10. i don’t think he likes it in that mug.

  11. “dammit. my people got raptured and all i got was this crummy mug.”

  12. Are those clothes the woodchuck disguise to get into the building, or did he scare the beejebuss out some office lady!

  13. It’s a chuck-in-a-mug. Poor chucker. . .

  14. It’s been done…

  15. Dustbunny says:

    What brand of coffee does a woodchuck drink, you ask? Why “Chuck-Full-of-Nuts” of course!

  16. SouthernBelle says:

    hey Meg – I love your site and now that I’ve moved to the States (from Australia) there’s finally a point in commenting!

    ps – sorry but I agree Photoshop was involved. that’s my professional graphic designer opinion… still it is cute.
    ; )

  17. Subhangi says:

    Dang cute, but I’m glad to see that Beccajo, Theo and Southernbelle also think its photoshopped. Nothing wrong with that, but I think a mention should be made if a pic is photoshopped.

    Anyhoo, chubbychucker looks like a real cool dude.

  18. Ya’ll think it was ‘Shopped?! Emily W., are they teaching ‘Shoppin’ 101 at Northern College?!

  19. Michelle says:

    where would one get a woodchuck? And can he chuck wood?

  20. Oh my God! Is he stuck?!

  21. Actually, to be controversial, but not purely so because this is my genuine opinion, I don’t think this was photoshopped.

    I’ll look like an idiot if it was, but what the heck. . .

  22. I am impartial on the photoshopping here, could be, but I’m not sold on it. However, being a trained photoshopper myself, if I were going to bother photoshopping a woodchuck in a mug, I would clean up the clothes laying on the floor behind it. Just my opinion! Maybe that’s what makes it realistic.

  23. Wait a second though! That is definately a dorm room. Where did someone get a woodchuck in a dorm room?? and how did it get in that mug??

  24. (btw — shopped or not, I agree this is still a fun pic. Like, “WTF, how did I end up *here?* And where’s my #$@%ing shadow?”)

  25. that’s a strong cuppa joe

  26. i have met that dorm carpet, and it can can absorb justabout anything: shadows, spilt beer, bloody puke, car keys, norton anthologies, you name it.

    ima thinkin’ it’s NOT a shopjob.

  27. So what you’re saying is, the carpet’s also absorbed Mr. Chuck’s behind?

  28. MOPTOPMOUSE says:

    I lived in a country shack and a possum would come into the kitchen and sit in the cooking pot (no I did not cook, or eat the possum) and it had one eye, the blind eye it must have lost in an accident but sitting in the cooking pot it would give me a look like’ i am a cute baby’ and it would later walk down the hall wit its hair puffed out like a poodle, it was cute your picture above reminded me of that time.. yer pal, moptopm

  29. methinks Mr. Chuck is Baby Chuck, and that’s why his hiney fits so nicely into this mug.

    Rodents are notoriously fluid.

    And moptop, that is a very funny scenario. Do you have any pics?

  30. OK, last I’ll say on this ‘shopping business… I’m looking at the blowup (which isn’t much bigger) and here’s what I think:

    1) The blurryness around the edges *might* just be JPEG-compression artifacts
    2) The “missing” shadows could be explained by a fill-in flash (evidence behind the mug handle)
    3) Mr. Chuck might just be a youngster, with more fur than actual body mass. So maybe, just maybe, he really does fit in there.

    Still curious to hear a yea or nay here, tho.

  31. _something’s_ absorbed it. i imagine it’s a phenomenon similar to whatever produced this:

  32. “Rodents are notoriously fluid.” — LOL, Thinker

  33. hmm, yes, could have been an unintended joke there. UNintended.

  34. Theo! We need to to “X-Ray” the cup to see what’s really happening in thar!

  35. This is our new Microbrew ale:
    Surly Brown Woodchuck

  36. oh man… Meg, you know I’m expected do actual work sometimes, right? Like, even though I’m not in Silly Valley?

    (Finn: no lip from you.)

    Anyway, I’ll see what I can do…

  37. I agree ariel, I don’t think he likes it either. But I can’t understand that *jeez* I mean why wouldn’t he like being plopped into a slippery glass thing in which his paws can’t get traction and he can’t get out of, so he’s stuck there until the moron who “owns” him quits snapping pics. Pets these days *hmmpf*!

  38. “Surly Brown Woodchuck” LOL

  39. Having a rat (named Templeton of all names), I can say that rodents are very flexible. Temps has gotten into very tight spots that I would swear he’s too big for. Unfortunately, he likes to sit still until I get the camera out and then he runs and jumps so all I get are blurry action pics of a ball of fur. Sigh 🙂

  40. My bunny likes to get into tight spots and fall asleep. I often find him with his head stuffed in a tim horton’s cup…. there’s NO way the rest of him is getting in there.

  41. Groundhogs get to be pretty big – look for pics of Punxsutawney Phil and you’ll see what I mean.

    I feel darned suspicious about this picture myself.

  42. The grounhog is Maryland’s state animal. Here’s a bit from their fact sheet:

    “This rodent and member of the squirrel family is about the size of a large domestic cat but with shorter legs. It is 16 – 27 inches in length. Weights are from 4 – 14 pounds, being the lightest in the spring when they come out of hibernation, and heaviest in the fall. They have short, powerful legs and a medium-long, bushy and somewhat flattened tail. The long, coarse fur on its back is a grizzled, grayish brown with a yellowish or reddish cast. The feet are dark brown with heavy claws for digging the burrows. 2 to 9 young are born in late March and early May each year.”

    So either it’s a baby, or…

  43. When I was a kid, my brother found an orphan baby woodchuck by the side of a highway and brought him home…he was christened, “Charles Wood”. He played like a kitten & was adorable; under the bed, lying on his back, he’d scoot across the floor, pulling himself along by his little paws…anyone with a kitty probably has seen this. Anyway…this little guy is positutely a cutie!

  44. Are woodchucks really that big? I mean, to me it looks like it would actually fit in the cup. I’m just still stumped as to how it got in the dorm room, and then once in the dorm room, did it jump in butt first??

  45. Heh MJ — “Cannonbaaaaaallllll!!!!”

  46. There *must* be some sweet frat prank involved here…
    Delta Scamma

  47. Theo – hahaha, that is EXACTLY what he was doing! 🙂

  48. I just love the expression on his face though. “dammit…how did this happen again!”

  49. AuntieMame says:

    Or maybe it’s a honking big cup?

    (Charles Wood. LOL!)

  50. BenPanced says:

    I’ll take mine with cream and two sugars, thanks.

  51. Another example of chuck chugging on campus. What has happened to the youth of today?

  52. I’m not convinced that my X-ray specs are calibrated correctly.

  53. meg, beccajo and theo were right: a simple x-ray reveals no woodchuck in the mug. behold:

  54. JINX

  55. hahahah Theo, those legs are hilarious.

  56. me pwned. finn out.
    have a good weekend, all.

  57. <3 Finn
    <3 Wolf-Spawn
    <3 weekends


  58. CHEEZY with the xrays!

  59. chuckers is on point?
    just chuckers?

  60. The Guy Over There says:


    -but woodchucks really should not be indoors. Those guys will tear apart walls and wreak havoc inside the house.

  61. Theo, that was brilliant. You are too funny, man.

  62. Guy Over There — you talking about the chuck, or the frat?

  63. Lipton’s Cup-O-Woodchuck.

  64. I just found it on Flickr, on whirlingdervish’s photostream. Whirlingdervish says it’s a baby. The two pictures linked after it are priceless. You can search Flickr on “viking woodchuck” and “queen woodchuck” to find them. *Too* funny.

  65. I think “Groundhog Goin’ Crusin’ 4 Boys” is much better…

  66. No, no. “Sir Matilda” is clearly the best, and funniest.

  67. You’ve got a point there, though I also love the one of Matilda snorgling with her human:

  68. Theo and Finn, brilliant “X-rays”. I espesh love the “call out” image.

    E to the C, that is the ultimate snorgling link. : )

  69. Yeah… The ‘hog looks *so* blissful. 😉

    I’m a fan of Punxsutawney Phil (it’s local weirdness to the Nth power), but I would NOT want to snorgle him. (No offense to the groundhog lovers out there.)

  70. Yeah, gotta admit the snorgling one is fantastic. Chucky kisses!!!

  71. The one with the cat is just beggin’ for a caption or two:

  72. Christine says: