Say WHAT!?

There is one reason, and one reason only for posting this photo. The eyes, People, the eyes. It’s a Cats in Sinks SHOCKER!


Danielle B. Eye-opening!



  1. Oceanic says:

    Firsty McFirst. Woo-hoo!

    P.S. That cat will haunt my dreams. What a creppy cutie!

  2. This cat is an oracle. It portends.

  3. teehee..what a cutie

  4. its like she is concentrating her psychic powers to spray the water at the human who dares to try and bathe her lol

  5. adorababy says:

    ooooooh…. de cold water faucet is…….. ooooohh…. dripping…. oooooh….. on de base of…. ooooh…. my tail

  6. Christine says:

    That cat would be perfect for Halloween: black with orange eyes.

    S/he looks rather shocked. 😛

  7. jack k is black w/orange eyes, and even MORE beautiful. if i ever become techno-savvy, i’ll submit photos of him and everyone will bow down and adore him.

  8. In the heat of the night
    when everything is feeling
    kinda spooooooky…a vision, she’s having a vision… St. Spooky, tell us what you see!!

  9. Oh DEAR!! Poor kitty!!

  10. that looks a little more like him. but he has not yet made his blogosphere debut. plus he’s cuter than that.

  11. he supercedes.

  12. An exotic idol, which only the bravest bathroom explorer can take.

    “Throw me the idol; I’ll throw you the whip!”


  14. Moooooon River!

  15. Subhangi says:

    Oooooh. Scary cat.

  16. i had a cat like that back in massachussets and we made a narrow escape before bein burned alive. georgeous kitty, worth the risk.

  17. Woods walker says:

    I’ve heard of worse things than giving a cat a bath,not many though.-Woods Walker

  18. jack is dejected but submissive in the bath. they just don’t make ’em better than him. today is praise jack k day.

  19. Looks to me like this kitty was watching the lawn mower/bunny incident from the other day out the bathroom window…

  20. gloom raider says:

    My little black kitty Inky gives me the same look…so cute!

  21. alejandro says:

    Caption – “I’m laying in a WHAT?!?!”

  22. kikileo says:

    heheheh–is this one a shared post with Cute Overlord? This cat looks psycho!

  23. Tiffany says:

    It looks like he realized what’s about to happen a split second too late.

  24. hahaha – this cat looks as if it’s both angry and very confused. it’s cute and scary at the same time. (i don’t think i’d want that cat in my house – lol)

  25. Cat at the interview: “I was just sleeping in the sink and awoke to hear running water, then suddenly this curtain was pulled back…. and then… it was the craziest thing… my human was standing there soaked! Apparently my crazy human voluntarily got wet, I have overheard them say this is how they bathe…. why can’t they just lick their butts like normal?! Insanity, pure insanity!”

  26. We are NOT amused. WHAT do you mean we need a bath?!? WATER?!? OFF with your head!

  27. Mommy, what are you and Daddy doing in the shower?

  28. Shower opens, owner steps out.

    Cat: OMG! WTF!

    Dies of fright.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    I wonder who would win a staring contest with that cat?

    (My money is on the cat.)

  30. Who would win agaist any cat???! They hardly blink!! I bet the cat would win too!;)

  31. This cat’s face says one thing and one thing only:


  32. Jan Spencer says:

    My cat has the same look whenever I have to give her a bath. Which isn’t often, and she MEOWLS the word NOOOOOOO every time I do it. FUNNIEST thing you evah heard!

  33. Svenster says:

    Holy cuteness, he’s got the eyes of Sauron! Both of’em.

  34. The Cat Herder says:

    OK, so I gotta pimp my *other* cat, Baby Z. I caught him in the sink and his photo is on flickr…

    And he’s much less scary. Unless I get out of the bath. Then, he licks my wet calves and starts biting them. He’s a perv.

  35. I am truly mystified by the “cats in sinks” phenomonon. My cats wouldn’t be caught dead NEAR a sink, no less in one.

  36. My kitty Anderson actually jumps into the shower while someone is using it, and he’ll just sit there and watch you.

  37. Scamps:

    I’ve heard of curious George, but curious Andy?

    Funny and weird at the same time!

  38. Oh my, I nearly died laughing looking at this photo.

  39. Perhaps I am incredibly evil, but whenever I see a ‘cat in sinks’ picture, I get the urge to reach in and start twisting that faucet …

  40. Thats a Liger, its a lion and a tiger mixed, its pretty much my favorite animal…

  41. ScorpioSprit says:

    cat: i should not be here. i should not be here….

  42. ScorpioSprit says:

    cat: i should not be here. i should not be here….