Oh, get out of TOWN

Risto P., This is just ridicuous. You expect us to believe this photo is REAL? Sure, this kind of frivolous sheep-lamb-kissing-action may happen daily in your native country, but this kind of thing doesn’t just HAPPEN HERE. Crikey. [Well done.]




  1. SQUEEEE! lambies!

  2. Un-believable. Print shirts of this right now.

  3. Aww!!!!!! Lambs!!!! Their soft wooly bodies are soooooo cute!!!!

    I was sooo close to being first, arrrgg!

  4. I see that Pepe le Peau has been at it again.

  5. you guys r silly says:

    *a weeeee baby goat* smooching *a weeeee baby lamb* smooching *a weeeee little cutie* and everybody’s happy & smiling and the grass is green and the sky is clear and little lips are all over the place —- *GASP*…AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!…head is crushed by the HUMUNGATUDE of the cuteness…brain and body fluids running from my work station……

  6. Love their softest velvety nosies & wriggliest little tails…I remember lambs from my childhood.

  7. OH MY LAWD!!! Sooo cuuuttteee. Even the human kid is cute. I’m dying of the most wonderful disease! Cute overloaditis!! Keep it comin.

  8. A trifecta of sweetness. It’s more than ridiculous. It’s madness. INSANITY.


  9. Luckiest girl in the world! [singsong too!]

  10. adorababy says:

    total cuteness meltdown, I have to go home and lie down– that is a 3-species kiss and terribly terribly wrong

  11. Jan Spencer says:

    OH I love it! I had a baby lamb when I was a little girl too… no, my name is not Mary…

  12. Aren’t they both goat kids? Still cute though

  13. Dustbunny says:

    Awww…I love lambs! Does anybody have any mint jelly?

  14. adorababy says:

    i guess maybe all 3 of em are kids… looks like the one with its eyes open has horizontal pupils… they are really extra silly cute… i want to go to scandanavia

  15. Thanks Cutie-O for making my crappy Thursday better!

  16. Bah.

    In fact, ba-a-a-aaah.

  17. adorababy says:

    but no one has hooves… hmmm… city boy is confused

  18. You’re right qwerty those are goat kids. The photo reminds me of Heidi (even if teh girl is an Aussie), the original “swiss miss”… you guys that remember that story? She lived in this beautiful little chalet and herded goats.

  19. i’ll have one of each, thank you.

  20. adorababy says:

    do the cloven hooves grow later out of those cute toes?

  21. I don’t know which one I like better! they’re so so SO cute! (and the color saturation in the grass is great, too.)

  22. adorababy says:

    im going to get fired if i dont stop looking at this picture

  23. Where is this? I need to move there NOW!!

  24. Should this be considered one of those “heaven” pix? I mean…even the grass is greener than usual!!


  25. I’ll take five such moments for judicious dispersement to the gloomy as needed.

    (so, so, _so_ cute! to heck with a t-shirt – I want a poster!)

  26. Awwwww! Ain’t those cute little knobby knees cute?????!!!!!

  27. lambies!!!!!! LOVE LAMBIES!!

  28. Yeah, those are goats (with teeny-tiny, cloven hooves). Me lubs them. 3-way kiss!! This reminds me of a cute little orphan goat who took a shine to me at a friend’s farm and hopped everywhere after me anytime I was outside 🙂

  29. Whao!!! Lucky, I’ve never met a goat in person, but I think their cute!!!!!!!

  30. I want one as a pet!

  31. Great Mairzydoats! In what country can such darlingness be found?

  32. GOAT SNORGLING! I’ve HEARD of stuff like this.

  33. My oh my! All three of them are darling. The sweet little girl reminds me of my oldest baby, who turns 23 on April 10. (E-mail me at editormom @ kokedit. com and I’ll send you to her picture.)

  34. I’m ass-uming by the original post that this was taken Down Under, in Oz.

  35. Villeline says:

    I bet those are Finnish lambs. 🙂
    Oh, and a cute Finnish girl in real rubber boots! 😀

  36. My FIRST THOUGHT was “Schwanli and Barli!”

  37. Lambs or goats, the first thing I thought was how this is a great diversity photo:

    Eboneeeeeeeee aaaand Iiiiivoreeeeeeeee…….

  38. snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle
    snorgle snorgle (to the power of 10!)

    Been wanting to see more lil’ farm animals here for a while – the photo is greeeat!!!


  40. snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle
    snorgle snorgle (to the power of 10!)

    Been wanting to see more lil’ farm animals here for a while – the photo is greeeat!!!

  41. Wittle lammies! Wittle lammies!

    I swear Cute Overload is desroying my grammar and spelling…but who cares about those rules when you’re confronted with this woolen (askrakhan?) cuteness?

  42. okay I am seriously addicted to this photo…I am going to have to get a patch or some gum to stop looking at it!!! why cant it be horizontal so that it will fit on my computer screen?? why?? oh all three of them are so cute!!! I want them to come live with me and I will love them forever!!! <3 ;)

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    All I can say is CO makes me squeel, makes me giddy with delightful cuteness, never lets me down, makes me smile when i have had a bad day.
    It also makes me want to adopt in no particular order; a hammy, a kitty, a puppy and several other sweet animals.

    Thanks Meg.
    Ok back to….sqeeeeeeeeeee

  44. Goats: yea, verily, they are.

  45. Catherine says:

    GOATS! They are adorable, but they are GOATS! Both of them!

  46. Now THAT I would wear on a tshirt!!! Ohhhhhh my goodness.

  47. awww the magic if interracial relationships is like personified in this mega cute photo. awww

  48. Mary had two little lambs….

  49. OH MY GOD I love this picture so much!! I want some tiny baby goats so badly. Wonderful picture, yay!!

  50. Erica E. says:

    Honestly, I never thought I would see a goat and think, “Awwwww.”

    They have always freaked me out, especially when I was a kid.

    I think I was 5 and at a petting zoo. When the goats came after me and tried to gnaw on that little icecream cone filled with grain my little 5-year-old brain thought those beady-eyed buggers weren’t going to be satisfied until they left me with a stump. *shudder*

  51. SmileyMe says:

    Really not that unlikely… I had two young goats at one time, I dont’ think that they ever kissed like that, but I could play with their wee little horns! gotta love the goats (mine were miniatures 🙂

  52. Subhangi says:

    Three cute kids (one of them a biped) and grass greener than green? You gotta be kidding me, which planet is this???

  53. Holy Moses. Could this be any cuter? This might be my fave. It makes me want to smash something, it’s so blastedly cute. Seriously! Ugh. Vomit.

  54. I think it’s Finland. At least Risto is a finnish name.

  55. After carefully examining the evidence, I give this picture 83% probability of being from Finland, 14% from Sweden, and 3% from somewhere else altogether.

  56. ohmylordness! Look at their gorgeous curls. Urk..

  57. It must be scandinavia. This has scandinavia written all over it. I want to live there.

  58. Villeline says:

    Goat kids don’t have tight curly fur. Those are sheep lambs.

    And, yay for more Scandinavia experts! Yup, they ARE Finnish! All three of them! 😀

  59. this pic breaks my heart. that should be meeee-e-e-e!

  60. These are definately ikkle lambs, you can see the short curly fleeces beginning to grow.
    I know they do look a bit like goats at this age, but what is sheep but a goat who can’t shave?

  61. Oh the numsters!

  62. heather says:

    sooooo cute…..oh I lvoe the baby goats

  63. SmileyMe says:

    one is a goat, the other is a lamb, and that could be anywhere, there’s lots of country out there that isn’t being killed by the city.

  64. I am laughing uncontrolably at this picture. This site is amazing.

  65. me-e-e-e-h-h-h-h says:

    where I’m from, the sheeps go me-e-e-h-h-h

    But I’ve only encountered live sheeps that one time in the mnts since I was a city kid.

    To the experts abroad, in which planet do they go ba-a-a-a-h-h (+ the grass greener than any green could ever hope to be)? ;]

    on the side, this pic could be tagged with ‘the Category that shall not be named’ (kats n ****s) for fear of fiery mommies, so that those fiery mommies may ooze over ‘the Category that shall not be named’ when they see this pik…

    not to ‘defile’ the pic and current smushy mood around here but Tagged…when tagging comes handy…

  66. Juniper says:

    sheepy/goats + girl in “gumboots” + crikey = new zealand maybe? i hope so cuz i’m moving there!

  67. Legs everywhere!!! lol
    So sweeeeeeet! Look at that little girls face! She’s a junior cuteologist cutiepie! :o)

  68. Carlisa says:

    SmileyMe—The goat is the black/white one? and the lamb the white one? Seem to remember goats having a more narrow face. This is a true case of “time will tell” huh? (If your animal atrts looking like a chia-pet) I’m from MD/VA and should know this.

  69. vermicious says:

    girl looks like a young bjork

  70. Rachie O'Quinn says:

    They are BOTH goats and they are adorable! I love baby goats! I used to help my mother raise them on her farm. I should send in some pics sometime of our floppy ear Nubian baby goats!!

    Love your site!

  71. Schweeeeeeet..! Reminds me of my childhood in the countryside.
    These are little lambs, not goats, btw. I have owned a couple and tended several, so I know. Take a look at the curly wool.
    Guess nobody can tell by this picture alone where it has been taken, but the sender’s name is definitely finnish (and the blond little girl looks finnish, too). Geographically not exactly Scandinavia, but Fennoscandia, which is the same to most people.
    But in the end, who cares? 🙂

  72. I think I know that girl in the picture but there is no way to find out if it is her or not! This is killing me.

  73. poor lambs. they are being snorgled by a random girl.

  74. This is the BEST picture! Loving, healthy and fun!

  75. This is the BEST picture! Loving, healthy and fun!

  76. They’re definitely lambs, having bottle-raised both goats and lambs. Baby lambs go me-eh-eh-eh…when they grow up they go ba-ah-ah-ah