Haunch and cheek rolls

Haunch rolls!


Followed by cheek rolls!!!


Lil’ Maxi knows the drill. Sent in by Alex Zzzzzzz…..
P.S. Pudgle McPudglesons. Had to say it.



  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. So darn pudgy! So darn cute! I wanna eat ’em up!

  2. I seriously think I just died. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life.

  3. i’ll eat him very carefully

  4. Awwwwwwww ROLLS

  5. Hey, this looks like Winkie Puppie! Could it be???
    (erm… OK, that’s a Schmoopism. WP is a pudgy Golden pup relaxing in a sunbeam, causing him to half-squint. He’s been a desktop-wallpaper fave on a bunch of our PCs here.)

  6. Pudgy Pup! Shmoozi….

  7. i go weak for stubby puppy paws.
    i bet they smell good.


  9. what is theo’s technical definition of schmoop? b/c all my dearest ones are “schmoopsie” to me.

  10. also, what a SAD FACE!

  11. The Guy Over There says:

    He’s fat, he’s fat, you know it! SHAMU!

    What a cutey of a roly poly. Why can’t fat guys seem this cute to the world too? WE NEED MORE FAT GUY APPRECIATION (not on this site). :p

  12. Wow, pudgy puppers. I bet he’s SOOOOOOOOFT too–just imagine snorgling him. . .

  13. Subhangi says:


    *deranged from the cuteness*

  14. Courtney says:

    What a juicy little man!

    He’d make a good hot water bottle substitute.

  15. baby fat, baby fat, baby fat
    begging for a shnorf on the neck.

  16. Puppies are always cute.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Aww! Was somebody naughty and has to sit in the corner? Heh!

    Is that a Golden or a Lab?

  18. ancillary of RoC #18:
    show your lil’ maxi pads.

  19. Just one of those pads would fill the palm of your hand, all warm and chunky.

    finn, did you get my post re:GF?

  20. awwww he looks sad, like he was bad and put in the corner.. (sniffle)

  21. sunnykat says:

    OH-MY-WORD, that is the cutest puppy! but what a sad little face! the second pic looks like he cried himself to sleep! sniff sniff..sigh..

  22. He’s a Lab 🙂 If anyone want’s more pics… i even have videos 🙂

  23. Jan Spencer says:

    What a cutie-patootie!

  24. Kris, in New England says:

    New to the site – addicted already!

    Just love animal feet – particularly puppies and bunnies. This pup is just too too sweet.

  25. Tiffany says:

    He looks like he’s gonna be a big boy.

  26. Chunky puppy…**squeeeeze** I wanna hold him so bad it hurts!! and smell puppy breath!!!!!!

  27. must…have…pup…!

  28. Adrienne says:

    such a cutie, i want to snuggle up and poke his fat

  29. he’s chubby. Which is cute. Is high Body Mass Index a rule of cuteness?

  30. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    Puppy Love!Roll over and over and over again!

  31. such a cute sad lookin puppy! I love puppy pictures!

  32. wow hes… rotund… but so so cuuuuute!

  33. Stephanie S says:

    I want to kiss his tubby tummy!

  34. Wow, I don’t even like Labs, and I think this lil’ guy is ADORABLE. 🙂

    P.S. Can someone tell me what prosh means? I’ve seen it used several times on the site.

  35. ManekiNeko says:

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

  36. Yes, we want more pics! And videos! Is it a girl pup?

  37. Cute! We’re getting a black lab puppy today, so I’ll see if we come up with any pictures of her that are CO worthy 🙂

  38. Woods walker says:

    A fat puppy is a happy puppy. -Woods Walker

  39. Little Fatty-Fat! Oh I love it when they have fat rolls. She’s a little puddlelumpkin.

  40. I just love these! I want one!!!

  41. Omg, it’s the cutest puppy i’ve ever seen.

  42. anmlvr21 says:

    I just want to cuddle him!!!! He looks so soft and squishy!!!

  43. “My mum says I’ll lose all this puppy fat and then the others will play with me but I don’t believe her!”

  44. Mommy, can I come out of time out? I promise I’ll be quiet and take my nap now…zzzzzzzz……..

    *eep* Labs and Goldens are my FAVORITEST puppies.

  45. He’s a pudding pup! Sooo cute!!

  46. DEAR HEAVENS, I just melted. Those chubby legs.

    * DIES *


  48. Today is like AWESOME DAY on C.O.!!!
    Cutest puppy I’ve ever seen ever.

  49. Ok, puppies are cute, darn it, I am guy and I know this, don’t torture me like this!


  50. Fatty McFatty pants!

  51. Squooshy puppeee – so darn snarfable!

  52. Oh my gosh how I’d just like to curl up next to the puppy instead of reading this stupid book for exams…*yaaaawn*

  53. “Honest Mom, I promise not to piddle inside anymore!”

    “Stupid time-outs. Guess I’ll just take a nap.”

  54. what a plumpkin

  55. ah! what a beautiful little lab!

  56. The Cat Herder says:

    Mmmmph. Fat puppy belly. Awwwrrrrr.

  57. Yellow lab poopski! Awwww!! Look at that face and feet and wittle tummy rolls!!!

  58. Between this picture and the goats, I have been mighty pleased today.
    Well done, Cute Overload, well done!

  59. Did anyone see the video clip of the dog born with only it’s hind legs? My mom sent it and I lost it. Her name is Faith and she walks around upright like a person. If anyone has it you should post a link or something. It’s so cute!

  60. Ahhhhhh.. I want to put it in my month and then melt into a puddle~!! Oh soooo cute!!! >_< .. . this site kills people everyday

  61. He’s such a little pudgypants, he’s got puppy cankles!

  62. Aw. So cute!

  63. fat rolls in the morning, fat rolls in the evening, fat rolls at suppertime.

    squeeze him!

  64. Alessandra says:

    Meeeeeeeeeellllllllttttttttt…….. cuddle time!

  65. Booboo buddha belly– Chubbly McChubberson!!!!


    Who’s got a warm chub-belly? I know who.

    **squeeeeeeee** oh belly

  66. Nathalie says:

    Okay, that’s anoter pic that’s going to get saved on my computer 😀

    The vid on the two legged dog is here:

  67. Aaaawwwwwww, he or she (?) is just SOOOOOOOO cute!

    Makes me want to reach out and cuddle him or her and give big big hugs!

    That first one though got me cuz he or she looks so sad but must be because it’s nap time lol!

    What an adorable puppy!

    I love chubby babies and chubby puppies :-))

    Thanks for sharing. Please send more for us to start our day with a huge smile!

    Have a great one and great weekend ahead! And please hug cutie pie for me and all of us!

  68. OH MY GOH, He’s like one of those squishy moshi pillows. I want a pillow like him.

  69. an old yorkie's mom says:

    that’s a cutely painted room…

    is that a baby room for the puppies? hehe

  70. Thanks Nathalie, I’m not very computer savvy!

  71. Michele says:

    This is not cute! This is called obese! See your vet asap for some intervention!

  72. I want to rub my face on his little belly!

  73. WickedWendy says:

    That first pic it’s like he’s saying..”Please man, what are you going to do to me?” What a cutie!!

  74. That’s what I want for lunch!…..right there!….a haunch n cheek sandwich :o)

  75. Wow. There’s puppy fat, and then there’s PUPPY FAT LEIK WOAH.

    That said, awww. He’s got that look on his face when he KNOWS he’s been naughty. He’s too cute to scold at! *belly wubs*

  76. awwwwww, rolls! this is too much :DD so cute!

  77. “oh, hello; i am here being cute.”

    “being cute is veeeerrrrrrry tiiirrriiinngg . . . zzzzzz.”

    I dont know where you got those pics from but thats not your dog !

    That dog came from a south jersey breeder and named the litter with indian names.
    Thats my dog named APACHE !
    The blanket next to it was my child hood safety blanket. Wow thats low , borrwing someone else’s pics like it your dog!

    BOOOO to you !

  79. actually its my dog. its name is ‘Barky’. its mine. honest!

  80. CUTE! (i found this post by the link to the blobdule)
    it has been posted in the news!!


  81. blue moon says:

    squeshle fat and cute