Excessive Snorgling

This unlikely caretaker adopted some little kittens and there is some snorgling going on that should really be outlawed—it’s excessive! [Hee!]


Sent in via the Snorgtron by W Padilla and Boys.



  1. I would NEVER allow my cats, or any cats, near a pit bull.


  2. Tiffany B. says:

    Even though I agree that most pit bulls have a genetic defect (due to massive over breeding), not all pit bulls are bad. besides, she seems to be a mix, and not a pure bred. Also, the fact that this dog is in a loving home and not chained up and being forced to fight, adds to her stability. so, before you run across the street to get away from a dog you THINK is going to kill you because it looks like a pit bull, it probably won’t, and that car that’s coming that you didn’t see is really what you should worry about.

    adorable picture. our dog used to always take on the mom role when my dad would bring home critters from the zoo (a very tiny one in PA, so our house was the nursery).

  3. Pits that are forced to fight are people-friendly (so a human can step in and stop a fight) but they will definately attack another dog, and probably any other animal.

    But as Tiffany says, a pit bull that is raised in a loving home gives that love back and more.

  4. aww, that is so cute!!

  5. Yeah, there oughta be a law ALLOWING that kind of “excessive snorgling”! [Hee x2.]

    My niece’s pit bull (a rescue dog) is absolutely terrified of people. She cowers in the bathroom (her chosen hangout) most of the time, but gets along just fine with my niece’s cats.

    Some people *do* breed pit bulls for visciousness, but that’s clearly not the case with Ramona, or with my niece’s dog, Puppy.

  6. Pit bulls are great dogs – they are super energetic so need a lot of exercise, they get tons of bad press so are often adopted by people that are looking for dogs they can make tough but…all the pits I know are great (and I know quite a few including the first one I met who was pregnant and abandoned on the street….my dog, Honey.) Under the wrong circumstances, any dog can be a problem like the Peke who killed a baby or the labrador who tore off that woman’s face — and bad press ensures there are a lot of pits in the wrong circumstance.

    But – I’m suprised at any dog adopting kitties like this – and yes – very, very cute.

  7. hehehe

  8. This doesnt look like a Pit bull!! I thought it was a Collie!

  9. Lick My Pickles says:

    *doesn’t try to justify the pics or what should or shouldnt be done etc etc JUST ENJOYS THE PURE CUTENESS!!!

  10. Yeah – the dog thinks she’s the kittens’ mama. That’s all I care about here!!!

  11. Woods walker says:

    I still prefer German Shepherds, someplace there is a picture of one of the one’s we had growing up with a kitten between it’s paws. At least there was before a younger brother got all the family picures.-Woods Walker

  12. GAH!

    All I could think was “snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle”

    I’m guessing they wouldn’t let the kittens near the dog if they thought the dog was going to hurt them. Nevermind video tape the dog and the kittens together.

  13. I couldn’t get my player to work to view the video :o( Was it cute? I noticed they will need homes soon so maybe a Massachusetts Cuteologist will adopt one. That would be cool :o)

  14. I think they are just fine with each other, quit reading INTO THINGS PEOPLE! Holy cow…it’s a CUTE PICTURE.

    My one and only rant on this board.

  15. The video seems staged, as if something was smeered on the kittens so the dog would lick/snoggle them.
    I don’t like, NOT I SAY NOT!

  16. Hey, I sent that in. Thanks for putting it up. I have a pit that looks almost exactly like Ramona, which is another reason why I thought it was so darn cute.

    FYI, Pits are GREAT dogs. My Buster loves everyone–canine, feline and human alike–and has never indicated any interest in eating any of my cats, or any of my 3 small children. He’s been with us 10 years, which is two years more than my oldest child. And when he goes, which hopefully won’t be soon, I’ll more than likely get another pit, because they fit so well with our life. As Jill Bryant says, any dog can be a nasty dog.

    I used to work for a vet, and the dogs we saw with behavior issues were NEVER pits, rottwielers, dobermans, shepherds or any of the other dogs that get a bad rap. I’ve known quite a few pits in my life and they were all great, intellingent, loving family pets!

    When we’re out walking there are people who will actually cross the street when they see us coming. Doesn’t help that Buster wears a Halti–which many people assume is a muzzle. But then there are also plenty of people who know that as a breed, pits are great dogs, and don’t hesitate to come up and give him a hearty scritch. I watched some guy walk up to him just recently and give him a kiss right on the nose! And my mailman LOVES HIM!

    I was so happy to see some GOOD news about a pit, I sent it right off to Meg, and she was intelligent and open-minded enough to appreciate it and post it. Thank you Meg!

    BTW, what happened to that new rule I suggested, which went something like: “Animals
    With Undeserved Bad Reputations Nurture Tiny Helpless Babies That Are Not Their

  17. Oh yeah, and the kittens are so darn cute too. Fuzzy, wuzzy wittle long-haired tabbies! Just about my favorite!

  18. right ON, wendy. buster and ramona are great PR, and you’re obviously a very good mom.

    thx for the testimonial, and the link.

  19. Jan Spencer says:

    Kudos Wendy! Like they say, there are NO bad dogs, only BAD owners.

  20. Wendy: word.

    My $.02 here — anytime you’ve got a Cute(TM) situation with animals that have a badass rep, Cuteness(TM) is enhanced exponentially.

    So now I wanna see a clip of Gojira nuzzling a nuke.

  21. I wanna be adopted and snorgled……

  22. I hope there’s not too much snorgling going on! Poor little kitties are being pushed all over the place! lol

  23. BTW, I think that’s more like a SNIBBLE, which is the doggy version of a SNORGLE, which actually involves a little bit of loving, affectionate NIBBLING!

  24. I have a good friend here in med school who adopted a pit bull/rotty mix as a small puppy. She, too, believed that “there are no bad dogs, just bad people.” Unfortunately, she was proven wrong. Even after the best care and puppy training (and absolutely no abuse!!), her dog must be walked with a muzzle and can’t be left off the leash around other people or animals. She loves “her” people (my friend & her hubby), but has actually bitten friends who have come over. My friend is very sad that she has to keep her dog away from people but will never “put her down.” Anyway, I’m sure this is an exception rather tan the rule, but I suppose some poor pups just can’t escape their breeding. :o(

  25. Wow, that is kee-YOOT!! Those poor kitties are getting some pretty rough lovin’ from their “mama”. Adorable!!!

  26. i swear thats not a pit bull….
    aawweh awweh look at alll the snorgling ^^ it makes me want to snorgle my kitty who is wathcing me type -squee- the adorableness is immense!

  27. Tony James says:

    That’s one confuzzled-looking kitten, then paler grey one at the front. The look says “What the %&@# is going on!? I’ve just been snorgled to within an inch of my life!” So cute!! 🙂

  28. clevortrevor says:

    my aunt-in-law’s pit bull adopted orphaned kittens and spontaneously lactated so that she could feed them. The vet said spontaneous lactation did happen from time to time, but he had never seen it in a dog who had not had puppies previously, so it was pretty unusual. Very cute!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    “Snibble”! LOL!

    I understand that genetically there is really no such thing as a dog “breed” so the behavior problems associated with the “breed” (i.e., pit bulls are “vicious,” etc.) are more likely a result of bad ownership or, as in the case of Jes’ friend’s dog, just a matter of the animal reverting to the wild nature of all dogs.

  30. I just wanted to say that “I’m guessing they wouldn’t let the kittens near the dog if they thought the dog was going to hurt them” is a very typical reasoning when it comes to pit bulls. And they prove to be wrong. ALL pit bull owners will say “she/he has never hurt a fly!”… until they do. And it’s not something “I” think. All the pictures in newspapers and videos on the internet about pit bulls attacking other helpless animals, children or adults can’t be a mere “fabrication of the media”. Wake up.

    Otherwise, the video is, of course, extremely cute. I love the kitten’s expression. 🙂

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Sylvia, ALL dogs bite. It’s what dogs do. The point is that you hear more about it with pit bulls and the like because pit bulls are more likely to be owned by people who permit/encourage violent behavior from their dogs.

  32. So your getting all your information about pitbulls from “pictures in newspapers and videos on the internet.”

    Way to go!

  33. It depends on the dog, the owners, the upbringing, etc. Of course it does. It’s amazing how uncommon common sense is.

    Having said that, though… A friend of mine rescue-adopted a pair of Pit Bulls after their original owner died. They’d been sweet & fine all their life, and were good dogs for my friend & her sweetie — until one day on a walk in a park, the two dogs just sorta snapped.. and attacked and killed each other, horribly. My friend said later that she wondered if they were trying to cope with their grief (unsuccessfully). No humans were hurt.

    Yes, this is one of those vivid anecdotes on the internet. But it did happen; don’t bother looking for it on Snopes.

  34. I’m guessing we have a troll. With all of the press C.O. has been getting latelyespecially the mention on slashdot it’s not surprising, really.

    Don’t feed the trolls!

  35. the Pit Bull/Doberman/Rottweiler “problem” is actually just withthe people. They choose large, strong, intimidating breeds. I had a neighbor once with a Rottweiler named bear. Huuuuuge dog, but the sweetest dog you ever met.
    ps there is no such thing as excessive snorgling

  36. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not a troll, jillz. Just someone expressing her concerns about pit bulls. That’s perfectly acceptable.

  37. This is precious beyond precious! I think the most important thing is that the kittens are warm, indoors, and will be adopted soon.

    The reason behind the snibbling? Dog owners, when was the last time your doggies snibbled themselves? I bet those babies have fleas.

  38. Just watching them get cleaned was a hilarious indication of how different the cat and dog approaches to grooming are. Rather than the sandpapery licking they’d be getting from their biological mom, Ramona was really chewing on those little guys (see ‘snibbling’ comment above)! It was kind of startling to me, but the cats obviously didn’t seem to mind much. I wonder if being raised by a dog is going to have an impact on those kitties’ behavior later on?

  39. This is indeed very cute. The kittens look like their about to have their bobbly little heads licked off. I wonder how they’ll react to dogs when they’re full grown, though? Will they lose their sense of caution? Maybe not, since cats are cautious around strange cats in general, but still, I’d keep those kitties indoors and away from the neighborhood dogs.

  40. Michelle says:

    Snibbling doesn’t mean fleas. Our old dog used to snibble us and our other dogs affectionately. If I snibbled her with my fingernails, she would immediately start snibbling me back with her teeth. ::scritchscritch:: Neither of us have ever had fleas, and none of our dogs have either. Snibbling doesn’t hurt in the slightest, btw. Good thing CO doesn’t show dogs and cats carrying their young. We would be inundated with wailing posts about how cruel and abusive it is to allow animals to use their teeth to carry around their young by the head or scruff. OMG SUM 1 INTERVENE!!!!!!1!1one

  41. Pretty animals… kittens and dog. Pit bulls are heavily misunderstood__ some of teh sweetest, most intelligent dogs I’ve known have been Pitts.

    At the end of the video, the owner is trying to force the dog to get back in the bed with the kittens, and the dog refuses, understandably, then the video goes black. I think the owner is pushing things a bit… that 15 minutes of fame is a real lure.

  42. I think nature and nurture both play a part in a dog’s temperment. As humans who have brought dogs into our space, we have to be responsible in how we harness that power. People who *aren’t* responsible make me madder than just about anything in the world. Any dog can be dangerous. But I can’t think of any pet I’d rather have.

    As for worrying about the kittens and the snorgling-snibbling, newborn puppies are just as delicate (though they do seem to sturdy-up a lot faster). Momma will be adequately gentle, I’m sure.

  43. Cats: My nine lives, slowly draining away!!!!!!!!

  44. I actually find nothing wrong with this, Sylvia, obviously Ramona’s owner wouldn’t allow the kittens near the dog if it showed any signs of cat aggression.

    But then again…her licking the kitties affectionately might suddenly give her a taste for kittens…*rolls eyes* afterall pits are nothing but blood thirsty monsters.
    /end sarcasm

  45. AuntieMame says:

    “As humans who have brought dogs into our space…”

    ElfOwl, I saw a TV program once that suggested it was the dogs who originally cozied up to humans, to take advantage of the companionship/food source that humans provide.

    (Translation: Dogs are smarter than they look. LOL!)

  46. The Cat Herder says:

    Every dog is being called a pit right now. That said, she looks to have some border collie or pointer in her. The nibbling was bizarre. It looked like, “Hm, tastes like corn cob, only hairy.” I don’t think anyone will get hurt, but the woman trying to force the dog to cuddle up with the kittens when she was done cleaning them was kinda strange. Its like, “Hey, they’re clean already. Now let’s go toss a frisbee. Sheesh!”

  47. “…to take advantage of the companionship/food source…”

    I’m with you on the “food source” part for sure. 😉

    See previous post (under “Pups”) of “crafty puppulence” just beggin’ to be fed. 😉

  48. “…to take advantage of the companionship/food source…”

    I’m with you on the “food source” part for sure – see previous post (under “Pups”) of “crafty puppulence” just beggin’ to be fed. 😉

  49. Pit Bulls ARE wonderful animals who have been over-bred, abused, and exploited. There *ARE* good pit bulls – as many have already stated they are absolutely not supposed to be afraid of or aggressive towards humans. Animal aggression is actually in every breed of dog and if you have a clue you can manage your pit bull’s. My pit bull, Lola, is 2 years old and has never even curled her lip at another living thing – including my cat who BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF HER. She lays down on the ground for 3 lb Yorkies and lets them trample all over her. If you read the breed standard you will find what a true American Pit Bull Terrier is and, trust me, they are not monsters.

    Love the video, thrilled that it’s been all over the internet for a few days now. It’s about time they get some deserved press.

  50. I’m with you X-girl. Great to see some good news for once.

    My Buster is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier–one of 2 or 3 breeds commonly referred to as pitbull.

    A vast majority of pitbulls are wonderful dogs. It’s just the few poor unfortunate bad apples–who are absolutely in the minority–that we have have to hear about on the news. Sort of like us humans. A vast majority of us are decent caring people, but it’s always the bad guys that get the media’s attention!

  51. BTW, I love the name Lola. When I get my next pit, who will probably be female, that’s my first choice for a name.

  52. an old yorkie's mom says:

    my ole yorkie’s pretty vicious for her lil 3.5 lbs… :]
    she’s getting old and bitter bout this world not giving her enough attention that she deserves~

    “Play with Me, grrrr, grArwl graWohl…”

    that’s only when I bring her to the atelier where we would hang out with the crowd for a couple of hours; she afraid yet still demanding on some good fuzzy wuzzy play…

  53. I have a pitbull mix and she is precious. The so called “vicious breeds” are so the trainers faults. Any dog from a vicious breed I have ever met has been the sweetest dogs ever. I’ll take a dovermon over a chiuauah any day….even though I’d probably take both.
    Had to get that off my chest, I get very protective of doggies.
    Anywho, the dog and the kittens are precious and I’m glad that they get along like an adorable family.