Yeah, I’m wearing a wristband—

you got a problem with that?!


Thanks, Tiia O, for sending in Lil’ Lexy.



  1. AWW!!! I’ve been lurking for a while, but this is too cute… and also I was first!!!

  2. Isn’t that cute or what???????????????????

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Is that a wristband or an ankle sock? 🙂


  5. hahahaha!

  6. AuntieM, I was thinking the same re. a sock…

  7. Spring me cute litle fuzzy butt!

    It’s cold out there!

  8. My parents make me wear silly things too!

  9. no f'in way says:

    of all the wrong things on this site, that is the wrongiest mcwrongster of them all.

  10. no f’in way :There’s nothing wrong with this site, you’re just a hater.

  11. it’s hard to get clothes for puppies that come in sizes that small! that’s such a genius way to retain the necessary heat for the puppy~

  12. i want it! says:

    what kind of doggy is that??

  13. Kristin says:


  14. Woods walker says:

    The pup looks lilke it is about ready to get into some mischief!-Woods Walker

  15. Ahn.

  16. Subhangi says:

    3-do you mind? I wanna do my push-ups in peace.”

  17. Oh, this lil pup is perfect for a follow-up photo that applies Rule #14!

  18. *squeeeel* Thats soooo cute!

  19. My name is LEXIE! so its kinda cool that a dog so cute has my name…even if its spelt differently. 🙂

  20. AuntieM and E.C. —it’s BOTH (wristband over sock) it’s the “layered look”! lol

    faints—–that is true. My grandmother had a miniature Chihuahua that she use to sew clothes for that MATCHED hers! I have GOT to see if I can get a hold of some of those pics. You guys would die laughing!

  21. i hear ‘maniac’ in the background and suddenly i want to weld.

  22. This little girl here is one of the cutest I’ve seen but I haven’t seen a post answering what breed this is(?)

  23. *Puppy looks back* ~ “Oh geez mom… what if the other puppies see me in this???”

  24. Geez. Is this Cute Fluffy Puppy Overload or what??

  25. Little Poofling looks kinda like she’s in a body cast. Poor Poofling.

  26. shut up… shut up!
    ohhhhhhh… it’s needs to be SQUISHED!!!! leg puff out of wristband/sock… TOO cute

  27. scubrat says:

    I do believe that’s a pekingese pup right there!

  28. The cute. It hurts. Sooo cute.

  29. Jan Spencer says:

    Too adorable…I want one!

  30. LOl

  31. Yeah, I got a problem with that: Why are you not in my possessionn??
    Wait, did I just ssttuutteerr?

  32. Has anyone started belting out Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” yet? Cause I think now would be the appropriate time…

  33. “Lets ge physical, physical….”

  34. I meant “get”, whoops!

  35. This has to be one of the cutest pups I have ever seen! What breed is that?

  36. Snorg!

  37. I made this picture my desktop background and it’s even more hilarious and adorable big!!!

  38. she looks angry…

  39. gnatish says:

    The head is so big compared to the body! what rule of cuteness is that? adorable wittle guy

  40. Marianna says:

    I think this is a white pekingese pup if I’m not mistaking. And the name of the file is “lexy_peke_pup” so I’m guessing pekingese is the answer.

    She is really too cute for words!

  41. so cute~
    give me~hoho

  42. P Patten says:

    What kind of dog is this? Too precious!!! How would I go about finding one similar?

  43. Ohhhhhhhhh…

  44. i love this dog what kind of breed is it where did u get her? A pet shop or a person who was just selling her!

  45. i love this dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog!