Splendor in the grass

Leviathor was cutting the grass when he saw a teeny bun dart under the mower deck! Aeii!


Thankfully, the little guy escaped unharmed. With this teeny little tail intact. 😉



  1. Erica E. says:

    Eeek! Pooooor little bun bun!

  2. rosasharn says:

    SQUEEEEEEE! That is the teeniest bunny I have ever seen! SO CUTE!!! Good thing he/she is so littleand was able to avoid the big nasty lawn mower blade.

  3. Oh my goodness – what a charming little guy/gal. Those tiny ears!

    ( )
    ” “

  4. Such a cute little bunny, its so small, a hand held!!!!!!!! Awwwww!!!!! I might have survived the lawn mower, but its in such a shock, it fell asleep!

  5. Nice red frog says:

    Good argument for an electric lawn mower. Those things STOP fast when you let go of the handle. Never thought I’d need that feature for bun-avoidance, but now I’m glad I have it.

  6. *sings in Elmer Fudd voice*

    POOOOOORRRR widdle bunny!

  7. zachary Carlsen says:

    oh no! future “fiver”.

  8. Poor terrified weenie-bun.

  9. The bunny’s explenation as to what happened: I heareded dis noise and I ran and hided under the 1st ting I see, but then it try to KILL me! I was sooooooo scared I pass out and next ting I know I warm and safe in dis hand…I swear! *Glee*

  10. sadly, now that it smells of human touch, it’s unlikely to be accepted by its mother. bye bye, cute bunny!


  11. gimmmmmeeeeee! i neeeeeees it!!!!! *ahem* yeah, i guess it is cute.

  12. Yes yes, very cute… but maybe picking up the bun-bun with bare hands wasn’t such a grand idea… lots of mums won’t approach their babies if they’ve been touched by humans.

  13. Why must someone come on here and insist that the bunny is now going to die because a person touched it?

    I get that that sort of thing happens, honestly. But what was this guy supposed to do? Just let it get eaten by the mower?

    Someone made the same comment about the baby hammies on the mousepad the other day.

    This site is about cute! You say things like that, and it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  14. This whole subject has been addressed in responses by other folks whose wild bunnies have been featured on C.O.

    In all cases, they werent back to the wild and were accepted by their moms and…

    So I wouldn’t be too worried.

  15. Meg, I think as title we want “Splendor. . .”

    Poor wee bun is so terrified his eyes are shut. “Make the human go away. . .” I once found one of these guys unharmed that my cat had dragged from the field across the way. I returned it but no way to know if it made its way back to its mummy 😦

  16. punkpie says:

    I want to snorgle the wittle fuzzy ears!

  17. Oops – “went” back to the wild.

  18. kookiemaster says:

    That whole thing about the mother refusing to care for the baby if it smells like humans is a load of c***.

    Seriously, I wonder what it will take for people to get that oh so very silly idea out of their heads.

    If you keep the baby away from the mother for several days yes she will lose interest, but not if you just pick up / put back down.

  19. Leviathor took the bunny to a facility which took care of it.

    Also, because baby bunnies are such good prey, they mature very rapidly and leave the next at 3 weeks of age.

  20. oops, I meant “nest.” But you knew that.

  21. Did anyone notice its cute little hind leg stick out? Pure genius!!!! And it looks like the bunny has a tail too, but its just fur, right?

  22. The Cat Herder says:

    The story abt. animals rejecting their young because of people smell has been disproven. All the baby animal has to do is pee or burp and mama will know its their baby.

  23. >Good argument for an electric lawn mower. Those things STOP fast when you let go of the handle.

    Not fast enough. Trust me on this.

  24. Perfect for my Easter Basket! I’ll take 2 of ’em and some jelly beans, please!

  25. As someone else pointed out, the whole “mothers abandoning their young because they’re touched by humans” thing is a myth – probably created by parents to keep their kids from touching wild animals (which isn’t a bad idea in itself since it’s possible for certain diseases to pass from animals to people).

  26. Paiffie says:

    Look at his not-a-big-boy-bun ears! He looks a little traumatized- hopefully that nice cut grass smell will lure him out of lawnmower-coma.

  27. Yikes. Now that’s one lucky little fella.

  28. Hey, why do some animals, like hamsters eat their young? Is it because they reject them? I wanna know because my sisters friend has hamsters and they had babies, about five, and then the mother ate two of them.

  29. i hope that the little guy will make it. he looks so small!

  30. So lucky. So tiny. So cute


  31. oh…one more thing…i hope we get an update on this little guy.

  32. Yes, please keep us up to date on how this litte fella is doing.

  33. Leviathor (who found the bunny), talks about this on the Flickr page that meg linked to above…

  34. Has anyone ever read “Rabbit Hill”? One of the swellest bunny books ever.

    Perhaps this bunny savior should contact a rabbit sanctuary? They do exist. And they would know what to do about bunny rejection.

  35. Here’s what Leviathor wrote as a caption to this photo:

    “I was cutting the grass in the back yard last year, when I saw something dart under the mower deck. This little guy was what I found after stopping the mower.

    I checked him out, tickled his feet and belly, and he seemed to be okay. He had a cut above his eye, though, so I took him to the county’s pet facility. They said they’d take care of him.

    He’s really quite fortunate, because I didn’t cut the backyard grass for the duration of summer, so the grass was very tall (upwards of a foot in some places), and it bedded down on top of him, and acted as protection. Due to the length of the grass, I was forced to cut in two passes, one with the wheels off the ground, and then one level cut. The little guy went un-noticed for the first pass.

    I’m sure he needed the luck of both his little bunny feet.”

    See http://www.flickr.com/photos/leviathor/114789927/, or use the hyperlink that Meg put right above the pic, OK?

  36. Hey, why do some animals, like hamsters eat their young? Is it because they reject them? I wanna know because my sisters friend has hamsters and they had babies, about five, and then the mother ate two of them.

  37. similar thing happened when i was a teen, my family lived out in the country and the riding mower scared Mama Bunny off completely. she abandoned her nest of 6 babies. we took them in and raised them and let them go back in the yard when they were big enough. they were the sweetest little things

  38. Hammy, rodents eat their young for a variety of reasons… sometimes the baby dies, and the mother eats them to keep the smell of death from attracting predators to the nest. if the baby has a problem (which the mom can usually tell a lot better than we can) then she’ll kill and eat it so she can put her energy to raising the healthy babies. and if environmental conditions mean that the mother will likely not be able to raise any of the babies to healthy adulthood (due to lack of food, water, or something) then she will kill the entire litter so she can use her energy to keep herself alive, and have another litter sometime in the future. it’s shocking to us, but that’s nature for you. pet rodents do it more often than other pets because they’re not domesticated, just tamed, and in many things, especially reproduction, they behave and think as they would in the wild.

  39. Thanks Leigh, that is really weird, but I guess it is nature huh? Now I know that it was just for the animals own good.

  40. ladykiss says:

    teensy widdle bun bun, teensy widdle bun bun!!! eeeeeeiiiiii!!!

  41. Ladykiss- Remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rocksite!!!!

  42. i wonder if the county facility let him back into the wild….if that happened last year and he’s still alive, he might be making new bunnies this year since it’s spring! ^_^

  43. adrianna says:

    holy cow, that was a close call!

  44. The bunny’s cute, sure, but is this Leviathor guy as pink as that?
    That hand of his is rather pink, yo.

  45. His hand is pink because grass cuts you’re hands ever so slightly, but when you rub your hands on grass, if you’re that light skinned, your skin will turn a light shade of pink, but this guy’s hand is reddish, I wonder what he’s been doin’.

  46. oor adorable bunny–he must have been absolutely terrified. Rabbits go into a petrified trance-like state if they’re traumatized, so the fluffball in the picture may be doing just that. Luckily, they are pretty resilient once they get over the initial shock. Leviathor is awesome for doing just the right thing under the circumstances and taking the bunbun to a sanctuary.

    Once again–mother rabbits do *not* reject their young if they’re touched by (or smell of) humans. The reason it’s not recommended to handle baby rabbits unnecessarily is because they are very fragile and delicate. Taking them out of the nest may injure them or lower their body temperature.

    Oh, and it’s perfectly normal for a mother rabbit to spend long periods of time away from her babies. They do it to detract potential predators’ attention from the nest.

  47. The Guy Over There says:

    Nature is harsh, but natural selection isn’t called “survival of the fittest” for nothing.

    This little guy, for example, is definitely on the fighting ladder for “survival of the cutest” I bet he’ll grow up all fluffy and with big velvety ears and a waggly little cotton tail. :O

  48. Wow! He must have eaten Lucky Charms instead of Trix.

  49. Yes, yes, we will definetly need up dateson this little guy. 🙂

    PS: Carlisa, LOL!!

  50. i think this one clearly works also in the ‘cute or sad’ category.

    too sweet!

  51. I’m pretty sure that the whole “its mother won’t take it back if you touch it” is just an old wives tale that parents tell their kids so they won’t try to grab/touch wild animals (that might bite or have germs or the kid might hurt it by accident)!

  52. bunny bunny bunny!!!! cutie! i want to pet it and hold it and keep it! give it to me!!! awww my hammies will love it! <3

  53. sadie_asher says:

    Buns and Hedges and Chocolate…. OH MY! I think I’m in heaven!

  54. Michelle says:

    My family raises baby rabbits – I don’t know if it’s true, but my mom used to always put a dot of vanilla extract on the babies if we had to handle them (if they fell out of their cage or needed to be bottle fed for a day or two) before giving them back to mom. The mothers never rejected them; my mom said it “covers up any human smell” so that when the baby does burp/whatever, the mom won’t question that it’s the baby.

  55. Christine says:

    aww. cute little guy.

    it is indeed normal for mother bunnies to spend a lot of time away from the nest…I believe they only feed their babies once or twice a day. also, I don’t know about rodents, but what I have read about the cannibalism of babies thing with bunnies is that it pretty much only happens with starvation.

    now, off that topic. love the cute bunnies!

  56. Stephanie S says:

    He is much too cute! It hurts to look at him…. my eyes! My eyes! They burn from the cuteness! AHHHHH!!!!!!

  57. http://www.snopes.com is a great site to check out just about every myth or fact question you can imagine. With so many bogus emails circulating it’s a great site to bookmark. I’ve been dubbed Detective Cluso by my friends because I’m always checking their emails out before I forward.

    The mother will not reject the babies if you pick them up like we’ve been told for years.

  58. Maybe it was bun-illa extract.

  59. Woods walker says:

    Well it looks like having four rabbit feet for luck helped that bunny. I’ve seen a lawn mower slice a snake into sections.-Woods Walker

  60. Must have disturbed the nest on his first pass and the bunny tried to escape. I lived around MSU for three years and the place was chock full of rabbit warrens, although the tended to dig a litle deeper into the hard earth.

  61. Carlisa- Thanks for the website, sounds interesting, I’ll definetly bookmark it!

  62. little miao says:

    So cute it melts my heart. I agree that it belongs in the “cute or sad” category, too.

  63. Please put him on the next T-shirt! Please, please, please!

  64. Christina says:

    Awww.. cutesy teensy weensy widdle bunny wabbit! *melts*

  65. Holy cripes…lots of posts here… I was just gonna say he’s a cute little critter!!!!!!!!!!

  66. oh my its da easter bunny’s lil helper……i want da lil bun bun……..

  67. Ohhhhh!! His li’l toes are all kerfuffled!!!!

    AIEEEEEEE! Smooches.

  68. Tony James says:

    “All the baby animal has to do is…burp and mama will know its their baby.”

    Sorry, just had a vision of tiny bunny in nest suckling, then burping before going back to sleep with a slightly embarrased “Oops, ‘scuse me” smile. Ack!

  69. oh my god. love.

  70. perfect bun

  71. Subhangi says:

    Mel – I LOVE Elmer Fudd.

    “Poor widdle waaaaabit. Pretending he’s a cawwot, hahahahaha.”

  72. That’s fake.
    A normal person would brush off the grass from the bunny.
    AKA he had a litter, made up the story and sprinkled grass on ze bunny.

  73. That is just too darn cute. I think I had an aneurism from the adorability of it all.

    We don’t get bunnies because our cats chase them all away or eat them. =(

  74. Hammy, rodents and other creatures will eat their babies for any number of reasons. Sugar gliders (I have 2) will eat their babies if something is wrong with them, even if we don’t know what it is. Sugar gliders can have up to 4 babies (4 is VERY rare) at one time, and normally the mother will eat 1 or so to make sure that she has enough milk for the remaining ones. If the mother is inexperienced, the baby may die after it is out of pouch, and gliders will eat the babies to prevent the smell of death and decay where predators will search for them. Sometimes stress does it too, a lady took her gliders in the car to take them to a baby sitters for the weekend, and the mother ate one of the babies. These things so happen, which is why most smaller animals are capable of having multiple litters, or large litters, frequently.

  75. HOORAY for Leviathor for being observant and scooping that baby rabbit out of harm’s way and BRAVO for taking it to people who know how to care for wildlife!!

  76. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    And he lived hoppily ever after!Thankfully…

  77. don_quixote says:

    It’s good to see that Leviathor took the rabbit to someone trained in how to take care of wild babies.

    I hope it will heal fully and be able to return to the wild.

  78. I’m still stuck on the wonderful concept of vanilla baby bunny… I would have to love it and snorgle it and call it George… snorglesnorglesnorgle

  79. aww lucky baby bunny honey!!!! fyi, my sisters bunnie had babies and we held them all the time, and it was fine

  80. Sweet bun. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be feeding dozens and dozens of bunnies at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (St. Paul, MN). Once they can make it on their own, we release them back into the wild. Baby squirrels, too. We handle them as little as possible and don’t talk to them (it’s tempting, but they’re not pets!). Oooh, I can’t wait to start!

  81. Um, is that really a bunny? It looks more like a vole to me. I agree that it’s cute and all. But surely it’s ears are WAAAAY too small for rabbitness?

  82. Rachel — they do grow. Baby cottontail.

  83. Bunnies are so vulnerable. Lawnmowers can do terrible things to a warren full of baby rabbits; I have seen it. Always check your yard for little furries before cutting your grass.

  84. WolfGirl115@hotmail.com says:

    Is he going to keep that bunny baby!!!???

  85. That person with the lawnmower should watch what his doing or he could of killed that BUNNY!

  86. Carlisa says:

    faye—-Their nests are burrowed and very hard to see. Click the name (top were Meg put title) and you will see the story. Compare it to a deer darting in front of a car.

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