Hedgehog blog

Check out this sweet lil’ site for Numo the "tube addict" baby hedgehog, owned by designer Brandy Agerbeck. Lil’ Numo is so sweet as he snorgles a Numo-shaped chocolate…


And a couple more shots:
Burrowing Numo! [i looooove this shot]
Numo eats a birthday cricket soufflé! [brilliant idea!]

Thanks for sending in, E to the Cee!



  1. the first to commment!!! Aww i love hedgehogs!! My annabelle would love a chocolate hedgehog (although im not so sure her digestive system would)

  2. oh goodness, hidgpig under collar! adorkable.

  3. Paiffie says:

    Look at his little tippy toes. So daity.

  4. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” [slurp slurp]

  5. Ahh!!! He’s smiling! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  6. Ha! Just checked out the “Hedgehog Blog” at http://www.loosetooth.com/Numo/numo.php3

    Note the entries for November 05, 2005, and then October 25, 2005 (in that order).

  7. theo, your YAY graphic NEEDS this:


  8. NUMO!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My bunny used to put her head in a giant paper Coca-Cola cup and try to walk around. I think she’s been coming to Numo in his dreams…

  10. you know wot you got doncha, jaypo? a succubunny.

  11. Awww! This website is SUGAR!!! I haven’t known that hedgehogs are so cute!!!

    Only that soufflé – mega gross!!! Is she going to prepare her own food in that pan??? Yikes!!!

  12. finn, only Numo knows for sure.

  13. SilvorMoon says:

    Yay, more hedgies! I love hedgehogs! I want one so much, but I’m not allowed pets in my apartment. Y’know, there are a lot of pictures of hedgehogs on this site – how come they don’t have their own category?

  14. fawn lust says:

    ohhhhhhhh, his little feetses. ahh!

  15. I’m still wondering how bitty little feet like that can hold up a big puffball. Relatively speaking of course.

  16. chets momma says:

    so fun to think of lil’ animals snorgling each other!
    according to numo’s website he purrs a little! delicious!

  17. Oooh!!

    “A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing. . .”

    SO CUTE!!!!

  18. I cannot tell a lie – this is my favorite site, after C.O., that is… 😉

  19. Theo & Meg, Thanks for the numo blog! That was quite a great find! Being new to this site, I didn’t know hedgies could be pets!

  20. Theo didn’t find that blog – I did.

    E 2 C

  21. Err… no offense, Theo!

  22. E.C. — none taken. I just copied the link from the top of this page.

    Finn — here we go! New version…

  23. No, ’twasn’t you, ’twas faint’s comment that got my quills up.

  24. *giggles* (to theo, not EC)

  25. Ooooh, oooh, oooh, I discovered that blog over the weekend and was blown away buy the cuteness!!! I knew it would show up here soon. Cricket and egg souffle anyone??

  26. hedghog says:

    Im going to eat myself!

    Faye says :

    NOOO!!! but your so adorable!!

  27. Well, Youtube.com is down right now, *but* if anyone wants to see the hedgehog/tube addict phenom, go to the site and search on either “toobin'”
    or “hedgehog/tube.”

    You’ll like it, I promise. (The music is perfect.)

    And Theo, props for your latest version of the YAY! pic.

  28. Isn’t that cannibalism… or something?

  29. Lynne and Nellie says:

    Oh the tiny paws! Too cute.

  30. Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Such a cute hedge hog!!!! Yey!! More hedge hogs Meg! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee!

  31. Subhangi says:

    Meg, its time for a new category – HEDGIES & HERSHEYS!!!


  32. Jan Spencer says:

    Am I the only one who can’t resist the “Finding Numo” reference here????


    numo is numero uno…

    Oh, please, somebody stop me.

  33. Jan’s sssssssmokin’.

  34. OK, stop Jan! We all can’t resist the cuteness of that movie title!!!!!

  35. Theo, I see books and games in your future: “WHERE’S NUMO?”

  36. Burrowing Numo! [i looooove this shot]

    Hey! That’s my photo!

  37. The cuteness of every hedgehog pic on cuteoverload have convinced my gf and I to add one to our family 🙂

  38. Jan Spencer says:

    Numo Overload…

    Oh, man, I kill me.

  39. BenPanced says:

    What a funny little sweetheart!

  40. Okay, there’s something about that 3rd picture w/ the cricket souffle that’s just insanely cute. I think it has something to do with the placement of the legs – they seem kind of far back from the head. Any evidence w/ other photos that this might be a new rule of cuteness?

  41. Hedgehogs look like big blobby things on teeny-tiny legs. That’s one of the things I like about them!

  42. Hello everyone – Numo is now donning rock star sunglasses from his new found fame.

    Jan – I (heart) “numo is numero uno.” I never thought of that!

  43. Haha! He’s flirting with his “sweety”.

    I have a really stupid question but I know nothing at all about these—-Are their (quills(?) sharp or can you easily handle them? I’ll have to check that site out later on. Very interesting!!!

  44. They may both be “cute enough to eat” but I’d think twice about eating one of them…

  45. Carlisa,
    I think their quills are pretty sharp looking, but as long as you pet them from the head down to the rump, I think the quill deal will be fine.

  46. Hammy- that makes sense, Thanks!

  47. Carlisa- You’re welcome, now you know not to pet a hegehog the other way around, or you’ll get a quilling you’ll never forget!;)

  48. little miao says:

    oh, my! All the pictures of Numo are so adorable! He has such an inquisitive little nose.

  49. If you take a look at some good hedgehog sites, you’ll find out all about how to handle them and more.

    You guys can Google them for yourselves, OK?

  50. E to the C—brilliant follow up with your:



  51. Oh, thanks, Meg – but you have to read Brandy’s captions for full enjoyment.

    (That’s one of my fave photos of Numo.)

  52. the feet are outrageous, so dainty

  53. Carlisa
    Most of the time, hedgehogs arent hard to handle. Thier quills are sharp, but they lay flat when the critter is relaxed, so you don’t get stuck. If the critter isnt used to being handled, or is scared/moody he can tighten up his skin, and cause his quils to stand up. Picking him up at this piont is rather more difficult (though not impossible). This works well for the hedgehog, because it keeps other critters, like dogs, from being able to comfortably grab a mouthful. I think a lot of people like to wear a pair of work gloves when handeling Hedgies.

    I wish I could have one, but I read somewhere recently that they arent allowed in the state of PA (or you need a license, I forget which)

  54. They’re illegal in PA.

    All you have to do to pick ’em up is slide both hands under their bellies (gently!) A lot of owners say gloves are a no-no, because the hedgers don’t become accustomed to their peoples’ scent. Makes sense to me.

    I’ve not held one (yet), but folks who have have told me that they’re about as “sharp” as a hairbrush – i.e., not very!

  55. Carlisa says:

    Nyte and E.C.— Thanks! I never seen one so close up. they made me think of porcupines but evidently they’re way more cuddly. I’ll have to do some browsing on the little fella. Quite interesting!

  56. yummy hedgie coco! i just wanna snorgle his widdo tummy

  57. Gary Fixler says:

    Adorable! Do hedgehogs have mouths, or do they just put their noses on things they like? ‘Cause that would be extra awesome. It would mean their snoots act kind of like magic wands.

    I feel the magic.

  58. I adore hedgehogs(and their belly fur!), I had the pleasure of owning several over the last 10 years, and I loved every minute of it. Enjoy your little Numo, he’s WAY too cute for words!!!

  59. Very Clever!

  60. Jillianne says:

    aww!! how cute!!! my hedgehog, Aszuna would probably lick the yummy chocolate one a few times and then just look at it! haha.