Brilliant Krispy Kreme Marketing idea

Bostoncreamdonut_1Introducing Boston Cream Doughnut, Jelly Doughnut and Strawberry(???) doughnut (even Strawberry himself looks a little confused. Maybe ’cause he has two mouths.)

Krispy Kremeshould scoop up these delights and sell them in their stores STAT. Theyare delectable. Oh, and they should all be sold by a dog in a Krispy Kreme outfit (optional.)



Please forgive me, but I cannot find the original site—can you help a sister out?

\\ THIS JUST IN! \\ These are the brilliant work of Heidi at!



  1. oh, no… again, Oh, no.

    Bring on the knitted robots, Meg!

  2. GOOFY!! Sooo goofy… fab.

  3. Are they all from the same litter?

  4. Actually, they all look a little confused. . .

  5. These are so cute and so is the stuff at that site!

  6. She also has her products available to view at her flickr site:

    I wish I could buy one of everything!

  7. Krispy Kreme? Damn Meg, now you made me hungry again!

  8. “GOOFY!!”

    Which is exactly what makes them so chic. 😉

  9. JessJess says:

    Hehehe, modly bread never looked so cute XD

  10. Looks to me like that’s strawberry filling leaking out at the top of the strawberry donut.

    Damn, now I’m hungry.

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Awww, why is the poor little ice cream crying? C’mere, little ice cream, I’ll lick your tears away!

  12. Wow, those are awesome. I love her fly agaric mushroom with the white-polka-dots-on-red.

    AuntieMame, that’s such a sweet—yet sick—sentiment.

  13. Ya *gotta* see the cupcakes:

    I also like the buck-toothed cauliflower and the glass of milk…

  14. meg,
    haha, you are Brilliant.

  15. mwaha! awesome.

  16. I really like the lettuce. Who knew lettuce could be cute?

  17. OK, all us COers are making her site very slow. 🙂

  18. oh! i so want ALL of them!

  19. could it be?
    KKs for me?

    oh frabjous day!

  20. Poor finn. The GF lifestyle sucks.

  21. Poor finn. The GF lifestyle sucks.

  22. Yea, so im feeling kinda scared of the felt food…

  23. jaypo, yes it does. esp when u luv donuts as i do. did. do.

    i take it u hv personal experience?

  24. does anyone know if shes sells her products????????!!!!!! they are freakin adorable!

  25. Hey! Finally a calorie free donut!

  26. Emily –

    She does sell her products on – I so want one!

    So prosh!! 🙂

  27. I do, finn. For 15 yrs but with the help of a local naturopath (healer by natural means) I went on an 8 month program of supplements and stuff. I’m ok now, but still have to be moderate.