<Glurp!> UCLA tastes sooooo good goin’ down!


Neal of Everett, WA, SWEET shot!



  1. loving it.
    heh, never been first before. i should probably go to bed.

  2. Go to bed? I just got up… This little fella reminds me of a Caiman we got here at our local aquarium. (He was found peeking up of a toiletbowl)

    And yes, he was someones pet, its not like they would survive our lovely local (norwegian) climate.

  3. lol hes like “mraaaaghhhhh!” like godzilla

  4. almost as good as my ‘Peace in the Middle East’ Extreme Pitza. ordered online – b4 the midnight cutoff. all went smoothly. niiiice.

  5. Gillian says:

    I love these little guys.

    I especially love when some idiot gets the notion to get one of these cute little things to bite their nipples. Especially when they can’t get it to let go.

    🙂 Human Stupidity + Cute Animal = Wins Every Time!

  6. Lacrossedragon says:

    Cute… To bad a baby bear like BRUIN a is cuter…

  7. I love tiny crocs, especially love the tiny noises they make.
    Wonderful creatures! (David Attenbrough voice)

  8. Saint Stryfe says:

    “Hey folks, just want to let you know, we hope your enjoying the show! Now, back to our feature presentation!”

  9. I find him kinda scary!

  10. * or her 🙂


  12. Jan Spencer says:

    Jan in Tampa.
    (So if my Wisconsin Badgers had won, would you have posted a baby Badger?)

  13. Congrats Gators !!!!

  14. You just made my day!!

    It’s Great to be a Florida Gator! *chomp**chomp*

    Go Gators!!!

  15. The Guy Over There says:

    It’s one of the frat gators from “Pearls for Swine”!!

    “me gunna eet yuz!”

  16. Mmmm…there are no fluffy pink hairy sweet little tail..only scary theeth and wild starring eyes. An alligator is not cute!

  17. i hate crocodiles, however the baby ones make the cutest little noises.

  18. I **LOVE** baby alligators!! Whoever thinks they are not cute has never seen them in person. They’re about a foot long and so teeny! They can’t float very well–their butts constantly drift downward & they have to paddle their little back feet to lift themselves up. They make these little chirping sounds to talk to their brothers and sisters.

  19. Did you know that the babies talk to each other while they’re still in their eggs? They synchronize when they’re going to hatch!

    Baby Allie: It’s getting cramped in here! Ready to get out?

    Baby Gator: No, it’s so warm and cozy…can’t we wait a little while?

    Baby Allie: Well, ok..maybe tomorrow…zzzzzzz

  20. Oh! So cute! Look at the wee little teeths!

  21. chunkstyle says:

    GO GATORS!!!
    Baby gators are super cute, if only (new rule maybe?) that they think they’re all man-eating monsters, when in fact they are mere fingernail clippers at this stage.
    Sort of a variation on this large thing accompanied by a smaller version of that same thing…large animal behaviour exhibited by a teeny tiny small animal :>)!!!!

  22. The_Dude_Abides says:

    “I’m the best damn lookin’ mamma-jamma in the whole swamp!!!”

  23. They had a baby gator at Brazos Bend State Park when I went there, and I got to pet him. They’re actually soft and smooth, amazingly so. And so tiny and perfect! Definitely cute!

  24. an old yorkie's mom says:

    Jes, reminds me of a national geographic show where the baby sharks begin their feeding while inside its mom’s belly, eating up all the other baby sharks – survival of the fittest
    of course i prefer the synchronized alli talks

    impressed meg has such an extensive taste of what she considers to be cute; thus making her a great editor to please such a diverse crowd. Good going everyone!

  25. It’s great to be a Florida Gator! Thanks for the acknowledgement of how great UF is! 😉 Like I needed another reason to LOVE this site!

  26. AHHHHHHHHH! Sweet goodness, that’s slightly scary…

  27. Gaaah! That’s not cute! That thing will bite your fingers off in one snap!

  28. If you think this is cute, wait till you see the purse they make out of him–Run baby gator, run! (To be filed under “Sad but True”)

  29. Awwww! Such a loveable lil’ gator!!!!!!!!!

  30. I find it sad that some people cannot open their mind beyond the ‘fluffy squishy’ version of cute. this babygator is scaly-cute to the MAXTREEEEME!

  31. He looks like a hand puppet.

    “Hello, my name is Gator. . .”

  32. yeah…UCLA was gator meat.

  33. Cool, a hand puppet with scales… a beautiful new invention…

  34. Thinker — it could be worse.

    “Hello, my name is Claria…”

    (any /. left around here?)

  35. Not cute!

  36. I’m with you, hashi. Everything about it says BABY and how can you not love a baby?!

  37. Baby gators are CUTE. Who woulda thunk it? But darn, I was rooting for the Bruins. Anyone have a cute lil’ baby bear cub pic?

  38. WOOOO! GO GATORS!!!! We destroyed UCLA!

  39. Theo: ha ha. I am obviously not geeky enough to get that on my own, so I had to google it. . .yes, that would def. be worse. DIE SPYWARE!!!!


  41. heh…now i’m a huge FSU fan, but i still think this little guy is cute. 🙂 we had a baby alligator once (until it grew a bit too large) that we rescued…the only thing that was bad about it was no matter how clean it was kept (and it’s aquarium) it always smelled!