Meggie the Vicious!

(actual photo title) Someone’s asleep on their Kitten Killer jooooooooob! [singsong]


Thanks, CuteTwacker!



  1. jmarguerite says:

    first comment, woot! Everybody looks so sleepy…

  2. martha in mobile says:

    No, no — you’ve got it all wrong. Meggie is just lulling them into a false sense of security before she licks them senseless.

  3. That grey one sadly reminds me of my cat Harry Potter (it wasn’t my idea for a name…), which is no longer with us..

    And he look very much like me at monday morning 🙂

  4. Subhangi says:

    Snowy kitty + tabby kitty + chocolate dog = PRICELESS.


  5. Nonsense. Obviously the vicious, dog-murdering kittens are resting after a job well done….

  6. It is like a pet turducken!

  7.’s like the wolf and lamb..together they sleep.. 🙂

  8. And how carefully Meggie places her arm away from the kittens, so’s to leave them room and not squish them… priceless.

  9. See… this is why pets are the best.

  10. Wuzzzzz!

  11. Soo sqweet!!

    Those kittens don’t look all that small, but when you think that the dogs ear is probably just a little bigger than your computer mouse.

    that thought made me try and snuffle the kitties through the monitor.

  12. Sweet picture – looks like the tabby is kneading.

    Off-topic question: Has anyone had trouble accessing the comments section lately? I find I have to click on the link several times before it works, both here on my work computer and at home.

  13. arbed, I noticed it seems to be taking a longer period of time loading than usual.

  14. Meanwhile, over at kitten daycare:

    White Kitten:”Momma? Momma?

    Brown Lab:”I’m not your momma, now go to sleep, it’s napity time, she will pick you up real soon.”

    Tabby:”But I don’t wanna, I’m so tie-tie….”

  15. Arbed — I’m pretty sure it’s the Vizu poll (for the next T-shirt design) causing the latency in the page-load times, here. It comes and goes. The poll won’t last forever, though. (Right, Meg?)

  16. oooooooh< I'll turn the poll off and we can see if it helps—what say you now?

  17. Thanks jaypo and Theo. I thought it was odd that the comments link was the only slow-loader.

    Meg – I just tried and it went to the comments presto-zoomo! Of course, we know the poll is only temporary so now that we know that’s all it is, it’s not a huge deal.

  18. lol thats so cute. lol harry potter is a cute name for a cat. my brother used to keep a fish named ron weasley (lol NOT wanda if anyone gets that)

  19. a-ha—so it’s faster now sans poll… OK! Good to know! Thanks, bros.

  20. Christine says:

    oh, does this mean that the poll’s over…and therefore that Bunny in a Dish has won :D? *hopeful look*

  21. Lady_Douji says:

    OMG!!! My cats used to do that with out chocolate lab Woody. Our kittens are now big and we lost Woody several years ago. So freaking cute!!

  22. harmony! now this is what i like to see ^_^

  23. sadie_asher says:

    Peace and love and sleepiness…. the world could learn a lot from these sweet little critters!

  24. Meg==much more zippity doo dah. Thanks!

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Shoot! That means I can’t keep stuffing the ballot box for the Yin Yang Kittens. (The bunny was cute, but the kittens were just…dang!)

    Vicious, dog-murdering kittens. LOL!

  26. owwhw thats just so adorable

  27. AWESOME!



  28. Wee balls o’fluff: *love*
    Dog: “Oh dear, maybe if I close my eyes they’ll go away. . .”

    Seriously, any dog I’ve ever seen in this situation is tolerant but slightly disturbed, whereas the cats are in bliss. Strange.

  29. Aww…that is so sweet! *sings “Ebony and Ivory”* Two species sleeping in harmony…

  30. adorababy says:

    the tabby & lab’s ears are touching I think

  31. I have a feeling that moments after this photo was taken, Meggie woke up, “What the… hey, you kids can’t play here, this space is only for grown ups, yawn, step off, yawn, my ear…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

  32. Dog:*YAWN* ah, hey, what are you doin’ here, huh? Little punks I’m gonnna….

    Kittens:*purring and rubbing on dog*

    Dog: Cuddle with ya, aww, such cute lil’ evil kittens!

  33. AWWWWWW. This is absolutely adorable! *squee*

  34. You can see the dog’s inner lip! So cute!

  35. Cuteness is obviously incendiary. My head has just burst into flames.

  36. You know, I look like that grey kitten *every* morning!

  37. Me too! My hair is messed up and every thing, Its sooo creepy how cats can relate to us like that.

  38. Looks like Meggie’s going to tear their arms off any minute now.

  39. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner! says:

    That dog is so sweet and gentle with those wee kittens!