Oh! Helloooo Dahlink.

No, you are not bos-er-ring me. I was ey-specting you.

No, no, come seet overr here.

Zere. Zat’s betterr. Now, tell Madeleine what’s on your mind, ahn?


Madame Madeleine brought to you by Stephanie S.



  1. WOW. What *gorgeous* blue eyes.

    And what a gorgeous cat.

    This is my dream kitty. . .

  2. Isn’t that the most gorgeous siamese kitty ever?

  3. chets momma says:

    i wish she was my fuzzy therapist! what a beauty!

  4. prettiest kitty in the worlddd.

  5. Oooooh, pretty kitty!

    CO, you make my day better!

  6. She is beeaauutiful! She is now my background on my computer. I generally have a different background everyday and I always get the pics from CO.

  7. Expertly executed, Meg. And Stephanie. And Madeleine.

  8. adorababy says:

    the cat is almost too gorgeous to be cute

  9. Beautiful eyes!!! You have stolen my heart!!

  10. Stephanie S says:

    That is my cat “Maddy”. She thinks she is “America’s Next Top Model”. 🙂 I love this picture of her!

  11. adorababy says:

    she’s very lovely… but would she let me snorffle her belly? she looks quite ‘come-hither,’ but also coy…

  12. She reminds me of the Gabor sisters (Zsa Zsa and Eva in particular), who were gorgeous, but not too snorgle-y…

  13. Ok, maybe I missed it, but what rule says that cute animals talk like Christopher Walken’s Continental?

  14. LOL AdoraBaby — she’s a cat. You just roll the dice & take your chances.

  15. adorababy says:

    I’ve played that game before, Theo. Once my ex’s cat Francis hooked a claw in my nostril and pulled. It was like Polansky & Nicholson in Chinatown, but I bled more….

  16. blondiemae says:

    the eyes are incredible!
    but the accent needs standing ovation! hahaha

  17. you guys r silly says:

    *look at that sultry come-hither pose and those mesmerizing blue eyes……dear lord help us allllll………..*
    And Stephanie — Madeleine’s NOT a Siamese, right? Burmese? Ragdoll???
    She’s GORGEOUS!!! (Dahling!)

  18. brownamazon says:

    I think it’s a Himalayan, not a Siamese (if you please).

  19. Lillith says:

    E.Collison, I thought of the Gabor sisters as well. But this gal is prettier and snorg-able!!

  20. She’s from the same region as Master Fluff, clearly. ^_^

  21. I’m not a cat expert here, but it looks siamese to me.

  22. ladykiss says:

    she is siamese if you please
    she is siamese if you dont please
    she is a gorgeous siamese. beautiful blue eyes.
    highly doubtful she is snorgly. i have one and she isnt very snorgly. perty to look at tho!

  23. Ladykiss! That was great, it reminds me of… that movie “The Lady and the Tramp” when the siamese cats come out and try to half kill the Lady dog.

  24. mejezabel says:

    Mike G! THAT was perfect! I couldn’t place but you nailed it.

  25. Michelle says:

    Beautiful icy blue eyes. Nice contrast to the warm sun in that ultra-soft coat. Purrrrrr…

  26. The Cat Herder says:

    Delicious ragdolly goodness! She looks like my Castor.

    See: http://www.katisha.com/Users/castor/ElegantCastor.JPG

  27. Michelle says:

    She looks like a Ragdoll or Balinese. Gorgeous!

  28. Michelle says:

    She looks like a Ragdoll or Balinese. Gorgeous!

  29. The Cat Herder- You’re Castor is a very elegant cat, beautifully colored, just like this one, with a very, very, long tail.

  30. The Cat Herder says:

    Thank you, Hammy. The bestest part about Castor is that he was a rescue kitten. I got him when he was a baby from the Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue. They bailed him out of a high kill shelter in Sacramento and I drove two hours to schnozzle him and kiss him and take him home. I love him to pieces.

  31. Only one word for this cat…


  32. She is absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic blue eyes.

  33. “Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

  34. Bless you’re soul, The Cat Herder, you’re cool, rescuing animals from shelters, what happened to Castor that made him end up in a rescue shelter?

  35. ladykiss says:

    cat herder, castor is awesome! whatta beauty. kudos to you for rescuing castor! wih my siamese was snorgly. but alas, she would rather shred me than snorgle with me.oh well.
    yes, hammy, i love lady and the tramp, the siamese are funny!!! 😉

  36. Ladykiss- And yet, they are soooooooo evil, I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. OMG! Hello Sexy Kitty!

  38. ladykiss says:

    OH YES, HAMMY, someone truly knows their siamese to make them so evil!! my siamese is about as evil as they come. sneaks up and grabs ankles from under the bed. she knows i have issues with the under the bed monster!!!! not funny.

  39. oh, wow those eyes! she’s gorgeous!

  40. You have monster under bed issues? I used to have that, noises, bed sheet lumps and creeky floors do
    *not* mix!

  41. Stephanie S says:

    Maddy is a Ragdoll. She is somewhat snorgly, but on her terms. She loves to be pet, but runs away mid-petting and wants you to come after her to pet her some more. If you don’t go after her, she meows until you do. Here is a pic of her sister Murphy:


    Castor is so beautiful! Very regal looking.

  42. Stephanie S says:

    Maddy is a Ragdoll. She is somewhat snorgly, but on her terms. She loves to be pet, but runs away mid-petting and wants you to come after her to pet her some more. If you don’t go after her, she meows until you do. Here is a pic of her sister Murphy:


    Castor is so beautiful! Very regal looking.

  43. Stephanie S.- The cat link, the cats eyes are soooo mesmarizingly beautiful..

  44. Beautiful cat.

    Chris, you’ve got some mighty adorable kitty pics on your blog!

  45. Pretty Kitty, it was so good of you to allow Cute Overload to publish a photo of your exotic self.

    “Dahling, goodness had nothing to do with it.”

  46. ladykiss says:

    glad to know that im not the only one with creaky floor, bed monster, sheet lump issues!!! whew! he hehe
    stephani, omg, your cats are absolutely beautiful. the eyes, so gorgeous and definately mesmerizing! could get lost in the pools of blue that are your kitties eyes!!

  47. The Cat Herder says:

    I suspect Castor was the product of some backyard breeding. He could be Birman. He has lots of the breed characteristics. The milk mustache, however, is a flaw that would keep him out of show. So, a mill or backyard breeder would drop him off the minute the “incorrect” markings manifested in his coat. (I suspect they waited till he was weaned, however. He was an owner surrender and they did fill out a card.)

    Their loss, my gain.

    If any of y’all live in the CA Bay Area, we have some great kitty rescue groups that have some wonderfully schnorgly anerable qats to adopt.

  48. Ladykiss- remember, post in the rock site too! And yes, many people have the creeky floor problem! I’m in there with you all the way trust me.

    Pretty kitty! Mesmerize my brain!

  49. The Cat Herder says:

    By the way, Maddy has eyes like the Chinese turquoise that is so popular with Navajo jewelers. Just a touch of green. It really stands out.

  50. I’ll remember that The Cat Herder, I can’t believe some one will just give up a cat like that, just sad, but at least now he’s with you.

  51. martha in mobile says:

    ooohh, ragdolly goodness! My baby Opal will look like that when she is grown. I can’t wait.

    Here is what she looks like, now:


  52. martha in mobile- Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Your kitty is soooooo cute!!!!!! Its blue eyes are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Its soooooooo purrfect! Opal is a good name for it, is it a boy or a girl?

  53. Tiffany says:

    Is it me or is that cat giving a sort of “come hither” stare? Yeah those eyes are so pretty it’s sort of disturbing.

  54. Ladykiss, gets a 110 from me! Yep this little mouser its a chocolate siamese. A wee bit fluflier than most. They can be cute if rather special kitties, if you know what I mean. Smart to boot!

  55. martha in mobile says:

    Hammy, thanks for the awwwwwww! Opal is a little girl. She is prosh, but she is also quite the ambush kitty. And being a ragdoll, she is getting quite heftical so she packs quite an oomph when she tries to mow you down.

  56. Ahhhh that has to be the most beautiful pair of feline eyes I’ve seen!


  57. martha in mobile-Your Cat Is Very Cute martha in mobile, AND I wanted to ask, does your kitty mess with your feet? Like Ladykiss’ cat?


  59. Stephanie S says:

    Opal looks just like Maddy when she was a baby! So cute!!

  60. So cute! Opal is the cutest Ragdoll ever!!!!!!!!

  61. martha in mobile says:

    Yes, Opal is a toe-killer extraordinaire. I give the sofa and the bed a wide berth when I don’t have shoes on. I hope she will be as pretty as Maddy!

  62. You can see that Castor is trying to establish his imperial, masculine side, lest he be confused with lovely, coquettish cats like Maggy and inadvertently get snorffled.

    My ultra-fluffy tuxedo tom (no photos, alas) is very indignant if I ever imply that his tiny, perfectly-white, tufted paws are adorable. They are manly and threatening, never adorable. Rrrrrr!

  63. Himalayan. Definitely.

  64. This Blue Angel is clearly channeling Marlene Dietrich:

    “I’m tired
    Tired of playing the game…”

  65. beautifully backlit, looks Robert Redford inspired ; )

  66. Reminds me of my Sassy Girl… 🙂 LOVE this cat.

  67. anmlvr21 says:

    The most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen!!!!!!

  68. Don’t forget to click her for a bigger pic! She’s a great cat.

  69. gnatish says:

    gorgeous. absolutely breathtaking. but not cute.

  70. An elegant adult, but still cute.

  71. Subhangi says:

    Oooooh la-la. Charmed, mademoiselle!

  72. CatHerder–is that a little bust of Bastet on the shelf behind Castor? He knows he’s a God, doesn’t he?

    What a beautiful cat, and what a look on his face; very wise and knowing. That soul’s been around the block a few times.

  73. Those eyes…I am hypnotized by those eyes…must buy lots of strong catnip and give it all to gorgeous Maddie…

  74. This is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen! Stephanie, do you have any more pics of her at a place like Flickr? If so, give us a link, please!

  75. She is former resident of Si-am,
    There are no better cat than she-am!

  76. A cat with sex-appeal…it sounds very wrong…but wow

  77. Stephanie S says:

    Hi Julie, thank you! Here are a few more photos of her, along with her sister Murphy. I just got a new camera and having been driving the cats crazy with it. But they are my best models! 🙂


  78. Whoa!!!!! That is one gorgeous kitty StephanieS. I love them!!!!!!!!

  79. Stephanie S says:

    Thanks Hammy! I am quite proud of them 🙂 Now if I could just find a way to make my eyes the same color as theirs…..

  80. I have no idea, unless you wear contacts (can’t spell it!).

  81. moptopmouse says:

    Tahlulah Bankhead “dahling da dada dahling” WALTZ WITH ME!

  82. what a gorgeous kitty

  83. beau-ti-ful animal

  84. Kimmypage says:

    the most gorgeous cat/fur/eyes, everything.
    She’s doesn’t have six toes, does she? Jealous.
    I want that baby too. (or one just like her)..
    kp 😉

  85. Kris, in New England says:

    OMG – just LOVE ragdoll cats. I’m allergic to cats, but we tried ragdolls due to the hair not fur thing. Had 2 of them for one week – Emma and Mo. Little fuzzballs of love and affection. Had to give them back to the breeder though – allergies wouldn’t give me a break.

    **sigh** – Now I live vicariously thru the pets of my friends.

    Madame Maddy – glorious.

  86. Oh my gawd, he looks like my beloved kittie Nickie (who is waiting at my mom’s house for my return)! He looks so relaxed…

  87. Thanks Stephanie! 🙂 Beautiful pics!

  88. Undercoat, CHECK, points, CHECK, long fluffy fur, CHECK, sapphire eyes, CHECK

    Yup, defilitely a Ragdoll!! 🙂
    Beautiful kitty!