The Chiptacular Adventures of Chippy the Flying Squirrel

The name’s Tacular. Chip Tacular. I live in a sweet burgundy, velvety, tubular pad.


I’m what you might call "on the prowl". I show up when you least expect it—the company Holiday party for example… You thought that was punch? guess *hic!* again…


I need a wingman for this gig. How about that Dude over ther—EHN! [jumps from cup]


Wot up bro?

[Pup: speechless]


The hors d’ouevres aren’t bad this year, Huh? Nice sushi station, too. Now if only I could talk to that buh-lond…woo! H-O-double-T! [takes swig of liquid courage]

Dude, Nice chattin’ but gotta bounce. Late! Ehn! [jumps]

[Land’s on blond’s head]

Pupette: [Muffled] Baroo?

Chip: Listen, Blondie, I know what you’re thinkin. What’s Chip Tacular doing at a party like this? I’d be askin’ the saaaaaaaame thing. It’s just your lucky day.

Pupette: [Gulp!]


Moochas gracias to Lisa P.



  1. That first dog looks scared to death! Love the bow+cup+squirrel pic though. eeeee! 🙂

  2. Both pups are doubtless wondering what that snack is doing on on their heads… thus the hands. Steady as she goes, poochies!

  3. Wow. There should be a rule that cuteness spanning different species is to be considered, like, cuteness SQUARED. So cute its qute(cyute/cyoote/etc.)!!

    P.S. The word Baroo is so perf!

  4. Hahahaha!!!!

    Seriously, this is more fun than most webcomics I’ve ever seem.

    Love the “holy crap what’s moving around up on my bean” pic.

  5. er… “ever seeN.”

  6. Chip Tacular, flying terror of fluff and DOOM!

    Thats faboo!

  7. sleep all day. party all night. never grow old. never die.
    it’s fun to be a flying squirrel.

  8. Is it just me, or does that dog look absolutely HORRIFIED!

  9. If either dog reacts like a lot of dogs would, when faced with a squirrel, cute or not, one of chomped down it an did the typical predator head shake to break its neck.

    Hope that didn’t happen but those photos show a tragedy waiting to happen.

  10. I’m…reeling from the cute. I love squirrels, I love chihuahuas and I love drunken parties…oh man. Awesome.

  11. Tom (or Saddy McKilljoy or Donnie Downer. Take yer pick)

    why bring that up? Couldn’t the dogs be TRAINED not to do that? And are you familiar with Strong Sad? ‘Cos you sound like him.(name link)

    I mean, I could go to Sexy Chicken pic and tell everyone how dogs die if they eat chicken bones.

    But I don’t.

    Keep on truckin’


  12. and remember, don’t really put squirrels in cups, because someone might drink them!

  13. Svenster says:

    Quite right Glovy!
    In cute-universe nothing but cuteness exists, so naturally the dogs are trained to merely cuddle with the squirrel no matter how annoying it gets.
    And in cute-universe noone ever chokes on anything – unless the outcome is safe and the choking itself is cute.
    (BTW I doubt that a rubber chicken has any bones at all 😉


  14. bones we have not.
    boners are another story.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Cute squirrel, but geez! Do they have to throttle the dogs to keep them from eating it?

  16. aww those puppies look way scared “wtf is on my head with little claws!” i love him with the bow on his head

  17. I’m with AuntieMame. I think forcible human restraint does lower the cuteness levels jeeust a tad. But all three animals are still tres adorable!

  18. Such a lonely day, and its mine, some days I’m glad I surviiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! The most loneliest day of my liiiiiiifffffeee….. oh look, a dog!

  19. okay this was kind of cute, then i saw the pics where he’s on the dogs’ heads. hahahaha that first dog pic is the best. lol

  20. Love squirrels, hate chiguaguas, why? Because of that perenial, eyes going to explode out of their eye sockets look they have. These two seem to be scared to death!


  22. OOOOH! I want one.

    The dogs’ expressions are priceless.

    Maybe there should be a new category: “Animals in food/drink containers” (phrased more catchily, of course). Why is that so cute?

  23. Perhaps the dog expressions had to do with the pair of human hands wrapped firmly around their necks! I like the first picture best – a flying squirrel (or anything, for that matter) inside an empty toiletpaper roll spells Kodak moment to me!

  24. “Pets in Cans” How does that sound, I don’t think there’s anything catchyer, help us out Meg!

  25. Clearly this squirrel has a drinking problem – can this be the first time he was found ‘in his cups’?

  26. Those dogs don’t look like they are having fun…

  27. BuggerAll says:

    Sheriously, Meg…
    Your captions will be the DEATH of me! Yes, DEATH!

  28. I put the bow on my head ’cause a lampshade’s too big fer the likes ‘o me (hic hic hic hic…).

  29. tordosan says:
  30. “H-O-double T” indeed! The captions are, as ever, one of the best things about this site.

  31. The dog and squirrel pictures are creepy…woah…

  32. The Guy Over There says:

    I’d love a hat like the ones those doegies have.

    And I think cuppa squirrel could hang out with the cuppa hammy we had earlier. They could have rodent coffee talk!

    Heck, they could be superheroes! Flying Squirrel and Hammy! Fighting crime as they leap from doggy to doggy in the elusive hunt for wrongdoers and objects to nibble.

  33. Jessica says:

    the pictures on the dogs’ heads and the commentary were priceless!

  34. Hey Jessica, I know I’m asking a dumb question, but how did you add that heart at the end or your sentence???!!!

  35. kikileo says:

    Hm, this looks more like the domain of cute overlord! Strangling the dog! Dog torture!

  36. there should totally be a rule of cuteness concerning noses, either being the focal point or something else. i’m not sure what though.

  37. Ok… on the subject of animals in cups how about a “cup o’ fluff” section? We have enough now…

  38. “Pets in Pots,” I’m telling you, we’re *so* already there…

  39. moptopmouse says:

    CELEB PARTYPIX: #1 unknown; #2,#3 miss anna nicole smith; #4 mister jude law & mister john waters; #5 mister brad pitt & mister mel gibson.. ( 4)

  40. BenPanced says:

    Go, Chip! Go! *waves Chippy the Flying Squirrel Fan Club flag*

  41. Lick My Pickles says:

    Laughing out loud at the look on the dogs faces!!

  42. those doggies look sooo unhappy :[

  43. Gary Fixler says:

    Everyone’s wrong! That’s not 2 dogs! It’s one dog that had the dark brown scared out of it!

    I think the medical term is “blanching.” Or that’s the cooking term. I forget.

  44. Nope, those are definetly two dogs, and ‘blanching’ is a cooking term.

  45. AuntieMame says:

    Hammy, it was a joke. You don’t need to be so literal.

  46. OK, I know, but I like pointing things out.

  47. Chippy's Mom says:

    Wow, I didn’t notice the hands around the little doggie necks. Oops! I promise though that no choking was involved. What kind of heartless monster could choke a cute litte Chihuahua? I swear their eyes were already buldging, really. Actually, the dogs are kinda scared of little old 1 ounce Chippy. They like to pretend he doesn’t exist. They won’t even make eye contact with him. Of course I know if I turned my back he would be Chippy the eaten squirrel. Its all in good love though. They share the same house and I’m sure when I’m not home they have wild parties.

  48. Subhangi says:

    OMG! Meg, your captions are prrrrrrrriceless!!!

  49. Tiffany says:

    Poor scared dog…

  50. don_quixote says:

    that’s all cute and Walt Disneyish except neither the squirrel being posed) nor the dogs/props look very happy. In fact, the one dog looks pissed (not scared).

    The human doing that seems to think cyoot squirrels and cyoot doggies all get along, just like in Walt Disney.

    Pretty vacant.

  51. Still tilting at windmills, I see.

  52. Are we sure that isn’t a sugar glider?

  53. Chippy's Mommy says:

    NO ONE WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THE PHOTOS! Ok so there are hands around the little doggie necks but that was just to hold them still.

    Nothing Disney about it. they all live in the same house and have to see each other. The dogs are not happy with Chippy and as I said earlier, they don’t even make eye contact with him. The dogs were not choked and the squirrel was not velcrowed on. They are all very well taken care of and happy animals.

    By the way, it not a sugar glider although many people has asked that in person. He is a Southern Flying Squirrel and they only get about 1 ounce and 5 to 6 inches in length. He was rescued from a sidewalk and has paralyzed back legs. The vet said he wouldn’t survive in the wild. Despite his handicap he can run like heck and climb great (he just drags his legs behind him).

  54. No worries, ChipMom. Mostly, we get it.

    (Paralyzed back legs??! That’s heartbreaking!)

  55. So cutesy-wootsy!

    I have 5 flying squirrels.

  56. this offends me.